Five Fiat Repair Services You May Need

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  • Post last modified:August 4, 2020

Despite careful and safe driving, your car needs repairs and maintenance at regular intervals. Whether you need to change the motor oils or recondition the engine, trust only the technicians with unparalleled expertise, high-quality standards, and value. When you need efficient services within a specific period, they can help.

Automoda has a team of experienced specialists passionate about Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars. At its repair centers, genuine Alfa Romeo and Fiat products are used with factory-recommended fluids, oils, and lubricants to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty.

Here are a few essential points if you want to give your Fiat a new look.

Rebuilding and Reconditioning of the Engine

Many times, oil pumps need to be stripped down, which is better done by a certified technician. If motor clearance is from outside the manufacturer’s recommended limits, the technician can replace the oil pumps. They will carefully inspect car engine blocks for any defect or cracks. Engine bores are cleaned and checked to allow efficient bedding in the new piston rings.

Combining machined components with the original manufacturer’s tolerance in the best competitive price ensures your engine’s safety and maintenance standards. If you need individual components, surface reclamation, or assembling diesel engines, the professional services will satisfy all requirements.

Modification And Cylinder Repair

For expanding your engine’s lifespan, you need a timely oil change and repairs. The conversion brings a massive increase in torque and drive-ability for Fiat’s legendary engine. The design and build of the forged piston are balanced perfectly for optimum performance and durability.

The head gaskets are made from the highest mechanism. From the machining work to the cylinder block and heads, specialists can repair and maintain every component. The cylinder liner gaskets seal the steel liners into the aluminium cylinder block. During the cylinder head reconditioning, technicians also do chemical cleaning and inspection of the valves.

Cambelt Replacement

The purpose of a cambelt is to ensure that your car engine’s moving components revolve in perfect coordination. It is one of the engine’s vital parts, ensuring that the camshafts and the crankshaft move in sync and effectively.

Typical signs of a Cambelt failing include a ticking noise coming from the engine; this sound is familiar as the Cambelt begins to wear out. For most Fiat cars, a cam-belt needs replacement every five years.

Upgrading Exhaust System

If you are facing trouble with your Fiat’s exhaust system, technicians can help you better. The exhaust system plays a significant role in your car’s performance, and upgrading it at the right service center is a good option.

If your exhaust system is making noise or emitting high fumes, mechanics at Automoda will repair its mufflers and exhaust system. The experienced technicians repair and service your vehicles, giving it a personal touch.

Upgrading Braking System

The car’s braking function is an essential component in its safety system. If you face any problem, your brakes might need replacement and upgrading.

The certified technicians offer complete brake system service and repair. All the brakes parts are available at reasonable prices as they are well-equipped and willing to provide the highest quality services.

The repair and up-gradation of your car will give it a new look, and you will enjoy driving with more safety.