Best Champion Winches Review 2022 [Top 6 Picks]

Ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere because your vehicle was experiencing some problem, and you did not have the right tools at hand to fix it?

Well, most people have. So how to avoid such a situation? By buying a Champion winch, of course. Among all the other winches out there, champion winches stand out the most due to their sturdy build and durability.

To know more about why we love this product so much, read our champion winches review guide right now!

We have also compiled a buying guide and some frequently asked questions to help you with all your queries.

Top 6 Champion Winches Review

Since there are many champion winches in the market currently, we thought we would review our top six choices with detailed pros and cons to help you make a decision easily.

The winches are reviewed below.

#1. Champion Power Equipment 10427

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The first item we are going to review today is the Champion synthetic rope winch kit. The best thing about this kit is undoubtedly its inclusion of a synthetic rope that is lightweight and flexible.

Besides, the rope does not curl or kink at all and can even float over water, minimizing the risk of water damage. With the help of a hawse fairlead, the kit operates quite efficiently with a line speed of 9.8 minutes without any load.

Even when it is operating with load, the speed is substantial – 3.3 per minute. The hawse fairlead, as opposed to a roller fairlead, also contributes to the lightweight nature of the winch.

Another thing that users love about this model is the remote control, which allows them to operate the device from a safe distance.

Besides, the remote is very easy to use due to its large buttons. The free spooling clutch is also a huge source of convenience for its users.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a flexible and lightweight synthetic rope that floats on water
  • Operates efficiently with a line speed of 9.8 minutes without any load
  • Offers convenience with a remote control that has large buttons and a free spooling clutch
  • Hawse fairlead mechanism helps to pull the rope smoothly without damaging it
  • 30 feet wire included with the remote control makes the winching process safe

This Champion winch kit is also very easy to install. Moreover, there is no reason to worry about its durability, especially considering how robust its synthetic rope is.

All things considered, it is a great buy as long as you are not planning to tow super heavy loads.

#2. Champion 3000 lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

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The next model on our review list is the 3000 – lb winch kit from Champion. We love that this one includes aircraft cables as opposed to ordinary ones.

These cables are strong, flexible, and can stand any wear and tear, thus contributing to the durability of the overall kit.

With the help of a 3-stage planetary gear system, this kit can operate at a line speed of 4.3 per minute with a full load and a speed of 8.9 per minute with no load.

The dynamic braking system included in this device helps you to stop the kit at any given time without the risk of injuring the vehicle or yourself.

A large-sized remote control helps you to stand at a safe distance from the vehicle and still be able to activate it. As it is compatible with many vehicles, you do not need to worry about ensuring whether you need a different brand when you go to buy a winch.

Key Features

  • Incorporates a dynamic braking system for stopping power
  • Equipped with strong aircraft cables that can withstand wear and tear
  • Liked for its practical nature and simplicity
  • Features a 3 stage planetary gear system to ensure smooth pulling
  • Large-sized remote control offers ease of use
  • It has an efficient line speed of 4.3 per minute with loads
  • Compatible with a lot of vehicles
  • Easy installation with the help of a mounting bracket

The practical nature and simplicity of the model make this very popular among consumers. Although the pulling power of this winch might not seem like much, it has other features that totally negate this con.

#3. Champion Power Equipment 12003

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The champion 2000 lb model uses ropes that have been galvanized to withstand all extreme weather conditions.

Besides, galvanized ropes do not need much maintenance either, saving both time and money. The ropes go through a four-way roller fairlead mechanism, ensuring a smooth pulling.

The remote control that comes with this model offers a whopping 30 feet long cable, which means you can stand 30 feet away from the vehicle while winching and still operate the whole process. This is a huge plus point compared to other kits that offer only 10.3 feet long cables.

With a line speed of 10.5 per minute with no load, this device is very efficient. Besides, it comes with all the necessary equipment needed for its installation and can be set up very easily.

Overall, this is a great choice for those casual users who need a small winch to tow light vehicles.

Key Features

  • Galvanized rope can be used under extreme weather conditions
  • It has a substantial line speed of 10.5 per minute with no loads
  • 4-way roller fairlead mechanism gives way to a smooth pulling system
  • Easy to carry around due to its compact size
  • The remote control is equipped with a 30 feet cable to ensure safe operation

Do not be fooled by seeing the pulling power of this winch kit because its other characteristics make it an actual asset for many users. The whole kit is relatively compact yet powerful enough to make lightweight winching vehicles a much easier task for you.

#4. Champion Power Equipment 18890

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The Champion 440/880 lb. winch kit is great for everyday garage use and powerful enough to lift any load under 880 lbs.

What caught our eye is that, unlike other kits, this model comes mostly preassembled, so you do not need to invest a lot of time and energy into which part goes where.

The installation process is pretty straightforward as well, and all the instructions are detailed in the book. Moreover, any extra gear that you might need is included in the kit, saving you a lot of trips to the shops.

Even with all these convenient features, the model is quite affordable, and it offers the same basic features as a more powerful model would do.

It also integrates one of our favorite features of all winch kits – a handheld remote control that makes operating the model easier.

Another new feature to consider is the stop bracket, which helps to shut down the hoist automatically to minimize the risk of any damage to the kit.

Key Features

  • It comes equipped with all the required mounting gear
  • Written instructions are provided to make installation smoother
  • Handheld remote control offers ease of use and assurance of safety
  • The stop bracket feature helps to minimize any risk of damage to the spool or kit
  • Simple and easy to use as it is preassembled, making it the best for small engines and light loads

If you are looking for a winch kit that can be used for small light workloads and are not willing to spend dollars on a heavy and cumbersome model, then this is the perfect choice for you.

#5. Champion Power Equipment-14560

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What makes the 4500 lb champion winch kit the best, in our opinion, is the fact that it is very easy to operate, despite the heavy power it runs on.

An included wireless remote control lets you supervise the whole winching process from 50 feet away, with no risk of being harmed in the process.

The ropes in the winch are made from steel and do not curl or fray in water, thus a great option for muddy terrains. Their galvanized exterior certainly provides a lot of assurance in terms of durability.

In addition, an automatic shutdown mode on the remote helps the device to conserve energy when it is not being used, thus ensuring a longer lifespan.

We are also delighted by the free spooling clutch and dynamic brake system that lets users control each operation’s stopping power.

Installing the model is a piece of cake, considering the instructions are clearly written in the manual for convenience.

Key Features

  • The wireless feature offers more convenience than wired counterparts and helps operate from a distance of 50 feet
  • To conserve energy while not in use, the remote shut down automatically
  • Steel rope ensures higher durability
  • Free spooling clutch and dynamic braking system gives you enough control over each operation
  • Installation is made easier by fully detailed wiring instructions

In case you need to cross some rocky terrains and want to be prepared beforehand for any emergency, then this winch kit is your safest bet.

This model can tow all sorts of loads that are in the range of 3000 lb. to 4500 lb., thus making any obstacle disappear seamlessly.

#6. Champion 10,000-lb. Winch Kit with Remote Control

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The last model on our list – the 10,000 lb Champion Winch kit has one great feature. The first one we would like to discuss is the ropes of the kit.

These have a thickness of 3/8 inches and are galvanized in order to be protected in all sorts of terrain, no matter how harsh or abrasive.

As a result, you can use them on sand, mud, rocks, or anywhere else you want. Like the other models, this device too can be operated by a remote as long as you are standing within a distance of 12 feet.

Since the clutch has an integrated auto spooling mechanism, you will not have to physically load it, which in turn will save a lot of valuable time and energy.

The model also scores high on efficiency. It can operate at a line speed of 15.7 feet per minute without any load and almost 4 feet per minute with a load.

Moreover, the equipped 4-way fairlead mechanism makes way for a smooth pulling with minimum to no damage to the cable.

Key Features

  • Offers efficiency through a line speed of 15.7 feet per minute without any load
  • 85 feet long heavy-duty cable can withstand all sorts of terrains
  • Equipped with a 4-way fairlead mechanism to create a smooth pulling system
  • Remote control offers convenience, while the auto spooling mechanism of the clutch saves a lot of time and energy
  • The mounting handle makes the whole mounting process relatively easy

Among all the models we have reviewed so far, this winch kit with its 10,000 lb. pulling capacity is definitely the most powerful.

Trucks, heavy-duty SUVs, trees, you name the load, and this device will take care of it in an instant with the help of its heavy-duty features.

What to Look for Before Buying?

In order to buy the best champion winch for your needs, you first need to consider a variety of factors. All those factors are briefly summarized below –

Pulling Capacity

Since you will use the winch to pull or overhaul products, the pulling capacity is the first thing you should consider.

Winches can have pulling capacities ranging from 440 lbs to 12,000 lbs, and the best one for you would depend on the kind of task you are using it for.

If you are only going to use a winch to pull small loads and do garage work, it makes no sense to buy a winch with a pulling capacity of over 4000 lbs.

Therefore, you first need to decide what task you will be using the winch for and then fix a pulling capacity.

Cable Construction

The winch’s cable needs to be sturdy enough to sustain severe terrains and changes in climate for an extended period of time.

In this regard, galvanized aircraft cables are the best, as they can withstand all harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions. Besides, they do not fray easily, even on water, thus earning more points.

Cable Length

The length of the cable needs to be such that you can use it to operate the winch from a safe distance. It usually also depends on the size of the winch, with the longest cables attached to the largest winches.


The whole model needs to be solid and durable, particularly as it will be used to overhaul large or small loads on different terrains.

Make sure the quality of the construction is good enough to protect the unit from damage.

The durability is also impacted by the quality and construction of the cable, how safely it can be operated, and the way it is used.

Winch Weight

If you get a winch whose weight cannot be sustained by your vehicle, then it is of no use. Therefore, make sure the weight of the winch is enough to complete your operation, but not too much either.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of winches?

The main difference between winches is usually in the way they are powered. It gives rise to different types of winches, such as electrical, battery-powered, and hydraulic.

Should I opt for a wired or wireless remote?

A wireless remote is usually preferred by most, as it is easier to control. Besides, you can stand at a longer distance from the vehicle while operating it. That makes the whole process much safer than it is with a wired remote.

What kind of budget should I set?

Your budget should depend on the kind of model you are looking to buy. The higher the pulling capacity of the model, the higher the price usually. So, if you are looking for a kit for small loads, there is no need to invest in a pricey model.

Do I need to take any safety precautions?

Safety precautions are always mandatory when operating a winch. You should definitely wear some heavy-duty gloves and keep your hands away from the drum.

Are champion winches worth the price?

Champion winches actually have quite an affordable price range. Besides, with all the features they have to offer, they are an excellent investment in all sorts of weather on all kinds of terrains.

Final Words

After reading our Champion winches review guide, we hope you have understood how these tools will never let you down. Now you only need to find one that meets all your needs, and your life will be much easier for it.