10 Best Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch Extension Of 2022

Whether you work in a towing company or travel a lot, the importance and perfection of these small attachments are always overlooked.

Not anymore! These items are essential and shall provide you with all the required perks you need to have a good journey while carrying a heavy load.

In this article, we will be introducing you to ten of the finest heavy duty receiver hitch extensions, and we can really say that you will love each of them after you use them only once.

Other than that, you will find several assistive information in this composition.

Keep reading, and you will become a guru on the topic in a matter of minutes!

Benefits of Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch Extension

So, before we introduce you to the best of the best in the market and any other information regarding the topic, it is necessary that we tell you why you should have such a thing.

Now to do that, we composed this section, which comes with all the necessary info on the topic. So, if you think this item is a waste, this section should do the trick.

  • Less Stress on Your Vehicle

The very first thing about having a hitch extender is the fact that it relieves the burden on the hitch.

The closer the hitch is to your truck, SUV, or any vehicle, the more difficult it should be for the machine to pull the weight. Allow us to explain why!

The closer an object is to the center of gravity, the more troublesome it is carrying it.

Hence, the hitch extension would reduce the stress your car has to go through by increasing the distance from the hitch and should enable the automobile to carry the hefty loads more efficiently.

  • Ground Clearance

Also, the hitch extension improves the leverage of the system. By that, we are implying that the ground clearance provided by using this accessory is improved.

Because of that, you can move freely without having to worry about bumps or any other rough roads.

10 Best Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch Extension

We’ve reviewed ten of the best in the business, and we can certify that having any one of them is going to guarantee a wonderful experience.

#1. CURT 8-Inch-Long Trailer Hitch Extension

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Are you looking for a durable and dependable, long trailer hitch extension? My friend, we might have found the perfect item for you.

The carbon steel construction of the unit gives it that extreme sturdiness and longevity that you have been looking for all this time.

To further enhance the longevity of the merchandise, it comes with a powdered coating, which makes it impervious to rust, scratches, and numerous other earthly damages.

In short, once you have installed this unit on your car, you will have a satisfactory experience.

Speaking of installation, the unit is very easy to fit. It has typical dimensions that allow you to use the hitch extension for almost any type of trailer.

Plus, installing the extension on your car is a very straightforward task.

All the necessary accessories will be provided on the first day, and you just need to bolt or screw them on.

Thanks to its mighty weight, the unit can withstand the most extreme stressful loads easily.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 3,500 pounds (roughly 1,500 kilos) and a tongue capacity of 350 pounds (approximately 160 kilograms). Hence, we can assure you the unit can pull any weight.

  • Has very sturdy and long-lasting edifice
  • The unit can endure almost any weight and will let you pull the heaviest items
  • Installing the unit is a very effortless task
  • Gives you top-notch ground clearance
  • The depth might not be adequate at times

It is a very easy to use and highly dependable hitch system. You can purchase it at affordable pricing and enjoy all the exceptional perks it has to offer. Try it out; you won’t regret it!

#2. HITOWMFG Dual Hitch Extension

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Why go through the hassle of purchasing a receiver and extension separately when you can come to have both of them at the same time?

Yes, this one comes with both. Therefore, you can now have a receiver as well as an extension hitch at the same time. However, that is not the only thing that it has to offer.

It has one of the toughest constructions in the business. The product has a steel alloy build, which grants the item extreme robustness and the ability to withstand extreme stress.

Speaking of extreme loads, the unit can handle weights up to 5000 pounds, which is more than enough for you to pull any type of trailer.

Besides, the contraption has a very straightforward installation. So, you don’t need to go through any drilling or welding process.

All you need are nuts and bolts. Apart from the extremely easy installation, you can use the item without much effort.

By the way, the merchandise ensures that you have a hitch system that can be used for multiple purposes.

Starting from pulling a trailer to towing a car, you can use this apparatus for almost any type of reason. In short, if you have this beauty, then you won’t have to worry about anything else.

  • Installing the unit is a very effortless task
  • The hitch system can withstand outstanding pressure
  • You can practically use the product for almost anything
  • Was build to ensure everlasting service
  • You might not be able to use the product for all vehicles

If you are looking for a dependable hitch mechanism that is reasonable, effective and offers you a wide array of operations, we suggest that you try this bad boy out.

#3. Fullwatt 18-inch Trailer Hitch Extender

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There are few hitch extensions in the business that can rival this bad boy. Do you want to know why? Well, firstly, installing the unit is a very undemanding task.

You do not have to go through any complex procedures to fit the unit on your car, and after you have done using the bolts and screws, you are good to go.

Except for the very undemanding installation process, few other things make it one of the best options. It has an incredibly strong exterior.

It has a carbon alloy build, which gives this unit pinnacle endurance as well as longevity. Ergo, we are confident that you should be able to pull any weight when using this.

Other than that, it has a scratch-resistant, dent-proof, and bend-free build. Hence, allowing you to use the item in any way you need.

Also, its exceedingly durable and everlasting build will enable you to use the product almost anywhere. Therefore, you should be able to use it for all sorts of roads and terrains.

If these are not enough, then there is more. It comes with numerous attributes like good clearance, extreme weight tolerance, and many more.

Overall, if you are looking for a heavy-duty hitch unit that will deliver you tons of beneficial features, then this is the right choice for you.

  • You can use the hitch for all varieties of on-road and off-road trips
  • Effortless to install and use
  • Has a build that confirms the unit will serve you for a long time
  • Provides a very substantial ground clearance
  • Might not fit all type of vehicles

There are loads of features and perks that this unit has to offer. And to enjoy them all, simply add this extension to your car and see how your life changes.

#4. HiTow Dual Hitch Reciever/Extender Adapter

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When you say dual hitch system, we hear HiTow hitch adapter. And there is a reason behind this.

It is one of the most convenient and beneficial hitch extenders in the business. Are you interested in finding out why? Well, keep reading!

Right off the bat, this hitch is a wonder when it comes to sturdiness. It has one formation, which was particularly made to grant you the best experience when using it.

The alloy steel structure of merchandise ensures that it can withstand the most extreme loads without breaking a sweat.

The unit has a maximum weight capacity of 4000 pounds. Therefore, you should be able to pull the heaviest of loads.

Plus, the unit makes sure that it elevates tires from the ground by a lot. Hence, you should be able to drive through the roughest of roads without having any issue.

Plus, the item has a scratch-proof build that is also impervious to bends and dents.

So, if you are a rough driver or like taking on tough roads as a challenge, then we are quite certain that you will love this unit. Lastly, you get to enjoy all of these at an inexpensive rating.

  • Fitting it on your vehicle is easy
  • Can wits and immense stress and loads
  • Will not bend or break when subjected to sudden impacts
  • Permits you to drive without any worry
  • affordable price rates
  • You might not be able to install the unit on all variants of vehicles

If you are someone who likes traveling to distant places using and take your trailer with you, then this is a perfect choice.

The product has a tough build, has superior operations, and all the necessary perks so that you can drive and carry heavy-duty stuff without a worry.

#5. HITOWMFG Trailer Hitch Extender

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HiTow is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to hitching extenders.

The company wants you to have the best experience with their products, and we assure you that once you try this unit from HiTow, you’ll get hooked to it.

For starters, it has one of the most durable and long-term build in the market.

It was carefully designed and crafted with steel, which is one is one of the most strong and long-lasting metals on earth.

Thanks to that, the unit is extremely robust and enduring, which is why you can pull extreme loads.

Thus, it should be a straightforward task to carry on with your drive without having second thoughts.

Another thing that improves the longevity of the unit is its powder coating. Because of that, the unit is impervious to scratches, dents, and corrosions.

Hence, you should be able to go almost anywhere that you desire. Also, due to this, the long-lasting attribute of the system is improved even further.

Moving on, the hitch extender also ensures exceptional ground clearance. Because of that, the probability of hitting bumps when you are on the go is reduced drastically.

If you want to find out more about the product, simply give it a try.

  • Permits you raise the height, which allows you to travel pretty effortlessly
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Resists scratches and corrosion, which makes it ideal for any weather
  • Can be installed on various vehicles
  • The installing process of the unit is a tad complex

The HiTow MFG is an exceptional choice if you like to travel a lot with your trailer.

Also, it assures superb durability and reliability and will have you back in any type of situation without a doubt.

#6. HITOWMFG Hitch Reciever/Extender for Trailers

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If you are searching for a top-notch option when it comes to hitch extenders, then HiTow is your man.

The brand is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to hitch extenders, and this specific product from the company might take the title of the best hitch receiver that HiTow has to offer.

The very first thing about this unit is that it has exceptional strength. It can withstand immense pressure, which is roughly 3500 pounds.

Such a high gross trailer weight tolerance should allow you to carry the most insane loads without much hindrance.

Speaking of hindrance, I have to talk about the exterior of the unit. You see, a week surface that is prone to scratches, corrosions, and other earthly damages will reduce the overall life of the unit.

That is not the case with this one. It has a powdered finish that resists all the issues stated earlier and improves the long-lasting factor of the item.

In addition to all of these, the merchandise has a very robust construction. It has a heavy-duty steel build, which facilitates the system to endure any type of hardship.

Furthermore, it is very easy to use, and you can practically use it for almost anything that you need.

  • Can be used for a wide variety of tasks
  • Fitting the system us an effortless deed
  • Ensures long-lasting and reliable endurance
  • Affordable prices
  • Might not be compatible with all kinds of vehicles

In case you do not want to waste too much money on a hitch receiver and extender, but you do not want to enjoy all the top-notch perks, then this is a must-have product for you.

All you have to do is check the dimensions, fit it on your car, and you are good to go anywhere.

#7. Towever Receiver Hitch Extender

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Searching for a solid and robust hitch extender/receiver for your trailer?

If your answer is a yes, then we might have the right product for you. Give us the opportunity to tell you why you should give this item a try!

On the very first note, we can confidently tell you that the edifice of this unit is excellent. It was crafted from heavy-duty material, which ensures that the product is unyielding in any situation.

Due to that, we can assure you that the item will have your back in the direst times.

In addition to the sturdy build, the item’s hefty construction also allocates it with a very enduring and reliable build. It can tolerate approximately 5000 pounds.

Hence, whether it is a tire, a trailer, or another car, this masterpiece can pull them all.

Also, it has a very effortless installation method. All you need to do is bolt the screws and nuts, and it should be ready to tackle almost anything.

Besides that, it has a design that will permit you to fit the unit on any vehicle. All in all, you can enjoy all these perks in almost any car that you own.

  • Can be fitted in almost all variants of cars
  • Fixing the unit on your car is a very effortless task
  • Contains a very strong and reliable build
  • You can use the item for countless purposes
  • Might not be scratch resistant

In the world of hitch extensions, there are few that can match this baddie. It provides you immense weight tolerance, superb longevity, and a wide range of operations.

Briefly described, it is an exceptional choice if you are some who is frequently traveling and like to carry your home with you.

#8. Fullwatt 12-inch Trailer Hitch Extension

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It is not easy to find an effective and highly functional hitch receiver extension in the market.

Worry no more; you will no longer have to go through the hassle of looking up thousands of hitch extensions.

All you need to do is give the Fullwatt 12-inch trailer hitch extension receiver a try!

The extension is a universal product. You can fit the attachment in your car with extreme ease.

It was designed to ensure that it would fit any car, and also, the hitch gives superior ground clearance. Therefore, you should be able to drive without any issue.

Aside from these, the product assures you exceptional durability. You see, it was constructed from a highly durable and reliable build.

It contains A3 steel, which is robust and long-lasting. Thus, we can certify that the item should be able to withstand any hardship.

  • Is going to offer you a wide array of operations
  • You can very easily attach the merchandise to your car
  • Can withstand extreme weights without
  • Gives you superb clearance
  • Affordable price rates
  • Might not be ideal for a rainy day

Did you say you wanted to own the best hitch extension? Well, here is one of them. The unit can be installed in almost any type of car without any issue.

Also, it features a very durable, long-lasting, and enduring build and several other perks. Plus, you can enjoy all these at an affordable price rate.

#9. Blue Ox 12-inch Receiver Extension

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The blue ox is one of the new in the hitch extensions. Even though it is recent in the business, we can really tell you that it’s no pushover.

The masterpiece will assure all the excellent features without having you go through any genre of hassle. By the way, you can use it not only for cars, but you can use it on bikes as well.

Nonetheless, the unit is extremely strong. It has been constructed of steel, which ensures that the thing is going to have your back on the toughest roads.

Also, it has a very unyielding build. Due to that, we are confident that the product is going to have your back in the worst situations.

You should know, the powder coating prevents scratches, corrosions, and several other damages. Due to this, the longevity of the merchandise is going to be improved even further.

Now, it might be a tad expensive. However, all the excellent perks and features that this beauty has to offer to make this a world-class attachment that you must have.

All you have to do is give it a try to fall in love with it.

  • Contains a very robust and everlasting contraction
  • Features a design that enables you to install the unit in both cars and bikes
  • Has a powder coating that resists rust and scrapes that prolongs the life of the item
  • You can purchase the item at a very low pricing
  • You might not be able to install the item on every form of cars

Do you want to enjoy an A-grade product that can be used for multiple purposes?

If that is the case, then you might have found your match. Apart from that, there are tons of other attributes this unit has.

#10. MAXXHAUL Dual Hitch Extension

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Finding a hitch extender is not an easy task. Let us make your life a little easier. If you get yourself this hitch extender, then we can assure you that you will have the best experience.

Are you wondering why? Well, firstly, the product has a very sturdy and dependable construction.

It has a superb ground clearance. Due to that, we are confident that you will be able to move anything without having to worry about anything. Also, you can enjoy this and any other perk at an affordable price.

Other than that, it has a sturdy and robust construction. Because of that, the item is unyielding and comes with extreme endurance.

Therefore, the hitch extenders should be able to pull almost any type of weight without any issue.

  • Has a very robust and long-lasting construction
  • Provides you with an excellent clearance, so the chance of damage is reduced
  • Can carry heavy-duty loads without any issue
  • Installing the merchandise is a very effortless chore
  • The price of the item is very low
  • You would be able to use for a wide variety of options
  • You may not be able to fit the item on every car

In short, if you are looking for a heavy-duty receiver hitch extender that assures you superb durability, longevity, outstanding functionality, and several other perks, then you should try this gem at least once.

So, if you are always on the move, then you are going to love this item.

What to Look for Before Buying?

When it comes to getting your hands on a first-class product, there are few things that you have to consider.

Now, that might not seem like a very effortless task at first. However, if you can remember these factors, then we can confirm, you shall be able to pick a good hitch extension for yourself every time.


Obviously, hitch extensions have to be durable. These contraptions are subjected to intense loads.

So, if the item is incapable of withstanding such extreme stress and yields whenever you attach something to it, then you would be pretty agitated, disappointed, and would have wasted your time and effort.

Therefore, before you go through such an unpleasant event, we suggest that you check what that apparatus is built from.

In this case, we would suggest that you opt for either steel or steel alloys. Also, the bulkier the object (the thicker the hitch extension), the better.

Plus, you need to check the coating of the item as well. It should have a powdered coating to ensure optimum resistance from scratches, rust, etc.


In this case, we can say that this is the essential thing that you have to keep in mind. You need to check the overall dimensions and see whether the unit is suitable for your vehicle or not.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that the installation process of the unit is not very complicated.

Taking help from a professional might be a tad costly in this place, and therefore, we would suggest that you choose something with easy fitting procedures.

Besides, it should come with all the essential pins and rings to guarantee an easy and uncomplicated installation.

Receiver Tube

The Receiver tube is a crucial factor that you have to account for whenever you are purchasing such an item. Now, for this specific feature, you need to check dimensions.

Firstly, you must ensure that the hollow square is of the right surface area, and for this, we recommend that you opt for either 1.25-inch or 2-inch receiver.

Next, the length of the receiver is another attribute that you need to consider. Since the hitch will pass through the extension all the way to the rear of your car, you must be careful about this.

Weight Capacity

This is either called the GTW (Gross Tongue Weight) and TW (Tongue Weight).

For the GTW, you should take the overall weight of your trailer into account. On the other hand, the TW should not exceed 10% to 15% of the GTW of the trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will a hitch system reduce the towing capacity?

Yes, it will be. It should be reduced by almost half. For instance, if the tongue weight of the trailer is 1000 pounds, then that will be reduced to almost 500 pounds.

  • Are hitch extensions a safe option?

Well, hitch extensions have a specific number. To make things easier, you have to make sure that you do not exceed 50% of the overall weight limitation of the hitch and vehicle’s load capacity.

  • What will be the side effect of exceeding the towing capacity?

Excess of anything is not a good thing. In this case, if you exceed the maximum towing capacity, then you would be putting a lot of stress on the brakes, engines, suspensions, and several other things of your vehicle.

  • How high should a hitch be?

A hitch should provide you with a ground clearance of roughly 11 inches. By the way, this rating has to be from ball mounting to the ground.

  • Is it possible to use a hitch extender as a weight-distribution hitch?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Final Words

Trailer hitch extenders are lifesavers. Whether it is for professional purposes or something personal, you can use this masterpiece for almost anything.

So, if you want to have a pleasant experience with this, then you need a top-quality heavy duty receiver hitch extension, which you will surely come across in our review guide.