10 Best 35 Inch Tires For Off-Roading Trucks & SUVs

Did you know that you can get a substantial driving performance increase just by changing the tire?

Yes! We were capable of getting a smooth daily driving experience by just changing the tires.

The thing is that most of the Jeeps and trucks will ship with a set of typical all-terrain tires. And the problem with those is that they offer typical overall performance on the terrains.

Their tread blocks are not that impressive, neither are they capable of delivering good off-road driving performance.

That is where the best 35 inch tires step in. They boast excellent traction power and have rigid tread blocks, ensuring a proper daily driving performance that all vehicle owners seek.

And you will get to know ten models that are exactly that in this article.

10 Best 35 Inch Tires Review

best 35 inch tires

We must admit it was not easy to find a proper set of bigger tires capable of offering a smooth ride. And we believe it will be exceptionally hard for you too.

That is why we tested out the top-rated models extensively. And in our intensive tests, these are the models that stood out the most:

#1. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 121Q 35 Inch Tire

Getting a smooth off-road driving experience is what most truck drivers dream of.

And that dream can indeed become a reality if you install these off-road tires on your four-wheeler.

But what does this offer to become the best tire for off-road driving? Well, the manufacturer has integrated an aggressive off-road tire design.

That makes it capable of offering exceptional traction in off-road terrains. There are earth diggers that are basically large tread blocks that can dig deep into the soil.

Additionally, the best part is that you will not sacrifice one bit in terms of on-road performance. There will be considerably less amount of road noise on those terrains.

Also, the brand offers a free 45 days test drive, which is not that common with other tire manufacturers.

The design of the tread will prevent the retention of stones. Also, it has a load capacity of 3195 pounds with a load index rating of 121.

And the shoulder features mud scoops and soft surface cleats to provide a smooth ride on mud terrain.

  • Offers stellar off-road performance
  • Provides praiseworthy on-road driving experience
  • Offers 45-day free trial
  • Aggressive tread design
  • Boasts soft surface cleats
  • Not that easy to balance
  • Snow performance is not that great

It provides a stellar performance in off-road conditions. The performance on-road is excellent too. Overall, it is a perfect pick for hybrid terrain tires.

#2. Toyo Open Country 35 Inch Tire x 1250R20 121Q

Regular tires are not simply capable of offering good off-road performance and have longer tread life at the same time.

Well, that is where the best tires, such as this one from Toyo Tires, step in.

As we have mentioned above, the tire features a good tread pattern for off-roading. It will make sure that your truck does not struggle that much on deep mud terrain.

The tread deeper treads will also be capable of offering an excellent deep snow performance. Also, it is capable of providing stellar performance on paved roads.

The tread longevity factor of the 35-inch tire impressed us. And the tire has an aspect ratio of 12.5 with a load index rating of 121.

Also, the design of the tread will ensure that rocks and stones do not get stuck in the gaps, which is something most 35 inch tires suffer from.

In addition to that, the manufacturer has opted for high-quality materials for the overall construction.

As a result, it will be able to withstand the stress that rough terrains usually exert. You will be basically signing up to get a smooth ride in most of the road conditions.

  • Tread pattern is optimal for off-roads
  • Offers good snow performance
  • Can provide an optimal ride on paved roads
  • Has higher tread longevity
  • The treads are pretty deep
  • Might ship with some defects
  • Not that quiet on regular roads

The Toyo Open Country is another great pick as one of the best tires that are 35 inches. It has a lot to offer, and the performance on rough terrains is great.

#3. Federal Couragia M/T 35 Inch Tire

While there are plenty of 35-inch tires out there, only a few are a good enough pick for mud-terrain tires. And this one from Federal Couragia is one of those few.

Unlike the other available 35-inch mud-terrain tires, this is one boasts a tremendous load capacity.

That means it should be compatible with most of the trucks and most models of jeep wrangler. Also, it will be possible to carry a good amount of cargo in deep mud with these 35-inch tires installed.

The model even has the right amount of block stiffness. And that is not that common on other average mud tires.

The SRG design increases the durability of the blocks and makes them achieve a higher overall lifespan. Also, that design will ensure that this mud terrain tire offers impressive performance on rough terrain.

In terms of rim size, it is 20 inches. And it has an aspect ratio of 12.5 with a load capacity of 3195 pounds.

Also, the bar it has will provide improved traction on off-road terrains. Your four-wheeler will not struggle one bit on mud terrain after getting it hooked up with these 35-inch tires.

  • 3195 pounds load capacity
  • Features Sloped Radius Gradient block design
  • Reasonably durable
  • Blocks are reasonably stiff
  • Has a groove clearing bar
  • Outputs a good amount of noise on paved roads
  • Does not balance properly

These mud tires are a perfect pick for Jeep and truck drives that like to carry a good amount of load on rough terrains. Also, it has a bar on the bottom.

#4. Nitto Trail Grappler All Terrain 35 Inch Tire

If you have a bit of knowledge regarding the tire market, you might already know that proper all-terrain tires are pretty hard to come by. But we did manage to stumble upon one that is worth recommending.

Unlike the smaller tires that are all-terrain, this 35-inch tire one features a 3D tapered grooved tread.

This tread design brings additional biting power to the table. That means even if the condition of the road is not up to the mark, your Jeep or truck will face no problem treading on it.

The center sipes are pretty deep. As a result, the tires are going to get exceptionally high traction on wet surfaces. And the tire has a section width of 12.5 inches. It even has an up-to-the-mark load capacity, which is 3195 pounds, along with a tire aspect ratio of 12.5.

There is a good amount of reinforcement on the shoulder groove. It increases the overall stiffness of the block.

Also, it sports a stone ejector system, which will efficiently reject stones and make it act like a good mud tire.

  • Sports 3D tapered grooved tread
  • Biting power of the edges are exceptionally high
  • Features pretty deep sipes
  • Efficiently rejects stones
  • Reinforced shoulder blocks
  • Treadwear is not that praiseworthy
  • Might not balance on some of the Jeep Wrangler models properly

These all-terrain tires provide excellent traction in most types of road conditions. Also, the treads are pretty deep and have proper reinforcement to keep up with constantly changing weather conditions.

#5. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All terrain 35 Inch Tire

All-terrain tires are the perfect tires for a truck or jeep driver who has to venture through different road conditions.

However, only a few larger tires have proper temperature resistance capability. And this 35-inch tire is one of them.

First of all, it integrates heat diffuser technology. That makes it capable of properly dissipate extreme heat.

Also, there is 3D canyon sipe technology, which will provide the extra traction that ice-covered roads require. So, you will not have to worry that much about fuel economy when the terrains are full of snow.

The 35-inch tire even has rigid tread blocks. Those rugged treads will offer the amount of support required for the ramps.

Also, there are step-down features that will increase the overall rigidity of the tread pattern. And the load index rating on this one is 121. The section width is 12.5 inches, while the rim size is 20 inches.

Apart from that, the all-terrain tire has a pretty aggressive sidewall. There are offset-shoulder blocks. So, you will not have to worry about sharp rocks while off-roading.

  • Sports heat diffuser technology
  • Can tread loose soil properly
  • Has rugged tread blocks
  • Features aggressive sidewalls
  • Boasts extra gripping power
  • Might not be that wide for specific Jeep Wrangler models
  • Overall design is a bit too aggressive

This reliable tire offers stellar performance as an all-terrain tire. Also, thanks to the proper tread design, the gas mileage will be amazing too!

#6. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire

Want to get a quiet and comfortable ride on the highway but do not want to lose the mud-terrain tires’ benefits bring to the table?

Well, then this 35-inch tire from Mastercraft is what you need!

The thing that makes this mud tire stand out the most is the unique tread block pattern.

That will keep the overall riding noise minimal. There are circumferential grooves that are going to channel the water away from the gaps. As a result, the tire will be able to grip water-covered roads properly.

Additionally, it has reasonably deep tread grooves. The depth makes it perfect for both roads of colder climates and muddy terrains.

Also, the traction of this 35-inch tire is higher than what the average-sized tires are capable of offering. So, you will get redefined riding experience on the highways too.

There are traction edges on each of the alternating shoulder elements.

Combined with the additional biting power that the mud-terrain tire has, you would be looking at something that will provide enhanced lateral grip.

Lastly, it has an aspect ratio of 125, with a rim that is 20 inches in size. The load index rating is 121.

  • Makes reasonably low noise on highways
  • Has wide circumferential grooves
  • Provides excellent traction
  • Treads are pretty deep
  • Flaunts tremendous biting power
  • Tread wears out relatively fast
  • Might be a bit hard to install on a Jeep Wrangler

Even though it is not one of the all-terrain tires, it provides good overall performance on most terrains. And the good part is that it makes low noise.

#7. NITTO Ridge Grappler All-Season 35 Inch Tire

All-terrain tires are good and all, but most of them fail to deliver the right amount of traction in off-road conditions. However, that is the case for this all-seasonal 35-inch tire.

So, what makes this tire unique? The direct answer would be the shoulder lugs. Those offer the right amount of traction to ride on different types of terrains.

Even the wet-road performance is stellar for this hybrid tire. The water evacuates adequately from the grooves, and they can grip the roads properly.

Apart from that, the tread design of the 35-inch tire is optimal. For that reason, it achieves the ability to offer good overall performance on muddy terrains.

Also, the off-road performance is quite stellar too. Rocks and stones don’t get stuck to the grooves that quickly as well.

The sidewall of the 35-inch tire is pretty rugged. This rugged trait will enhance the overall durability and make it last for an extended amount of time.

Also, the load capacity is 3640 pounds. And it has a load index rating of 125. The rims are 20 inches in size, and the aspect ratio is 12.5.

  • Offers a good amount of traction
  • Evacuates water properly
  • Lateral grip is perfect
  • Has rugged sidewalls
  • Sports a non-aggressive design
  • Sipes are not that deep
  • Snow performance is pretty average

With installing these tires to your truck or Jeep, you will sign up to get proper traction on most terrains. And the great thing is that the terrain amount will not degrade that much in harsh weather conditions.

#8. Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 35 Inch Tire

On the lookout for 35-inch tires that have an exceptional load capacity? If that is the case, have a look at what Yokohama is offering here.

As we mentioned, the load capacity of this tire is 3197 pounds. That means it will be capable of loads of heavy-duty trucks.

Thanks to the overall design, the treads will not wear out that fast, even when the tires are going through an extreme load.

Additionally, the off-road performance of the tires amazed us. It utilizes stone and mud ejectors, which work exceptionally well in terms of keeping the grooves clean.

Also, there is dense sniping to provide solid off-road traction. And as there is advanced variable pitch, it will not make that much noise on the highway.

The aggressive armor on the sidewall and the treads will ensure that the tire does not wear off that quickly. And the rubber compound will evenly distribute the road stress to ensure that the wear occurs evenly.

  • Has a high load capacity
  • Utilizes stone and mud ejectors
  • Features dense siping
  • Provides strong off-road grip
  • Stays quiet on regular terrains
  • Overall design is a bit aggressive
  • Does not come with lug nuts

This 35-inch tire is up there with the best 35-inch tires when it comes to overall load capacity. Also, there is dense siping to provide higher traction on different roads.

#9. BFGoodrich All-Terrain 35 Inch Tire

While looking for new tires, you might want to get something that has bruise-resistant sidewalls. And this all-terrain tire from BFGoodrich is a great pick in that regard.

To start with, it integrates CoreGuard technology. That makes the sidewalls resistant to bruises and splitting.

Also, the increased amount of rubber on the sidewall will properly deflect pointy objects away from the terrains.

Additionally, it has a reasonably high load capacity, which is 3195 pounds. The rim size is 20 inches, which makes it highly compatible too.

Additionally, the tires utilize a serrated shoulder design. That will offer higher traction on muddy terrains.

Also, the traction on snowy and rocky roads will be pretty praiseworthy as well. And due to that design, the pressure on the tires on rough terrains will be reasonably low.

There are 3D sipes on the surface. Those will make these all-terrain tires enhance the overall handling of the vehicle. Also, they will improve the traction of the tires on wet roads.

  • Boasts CoreGuard technology
  • Sidewalls are split-resistant
  • Can deflect pointy objects properly
  • Sports serrated shoulders
  • Utilizes 3D sipes
  • Some tires might not have white wall letters
  • Might include low-quality lug nuts

Firstly, it is built like a tank. Secondly, the all-terrain performance of the tires is just perfect.

#10. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35 Inch Tires

In terms of providing good quality all-terrain tires, the brand Kenda is a go-to option for many. And this 35-inch tire is an ideal example of how good their 35-inch tires actually are.

The brand did not focus on mimicking hybrid terrain tires for this model.

Instead, they have opted for deep siping, which allows it to provide a good amount of traction on off-road and harsh road conditions. Also, the tread pattern is optimal for regular roads.

Talking of which, the hydroplaning ability of these 35-inch tires is just right. Due to that, you will not face any problems while driving on wet roads.

Also, the sidewall is triple-layered. As a result, it would be pretty natural to expect these all-terrain tires to have an exceptionally high durability level.

Other than that, it boasts an all-weather compound. Because of that, it will offer proper off-road traction, which most of the smaller tires cannot provide.

It even has a good speed rating. So, you will not be sacrificing that much for installing such a giant tire.

  • Has deep sipping
  • Design of the tread is optimal
  • Boasts proper hydroplaning ability
  • Flaunts all-weather compound
  • Features durable sidewalls
  • Noise on the road is a bit loud
  • Can not effectively deflect rocks

The fact that it is an all-terrain tire that offers respectable performance on all terrains was enough to make us recommend it. Also, the tread compound is pretty durable.

What To Look For Before Buying?

Before purchasing one of these tires, you would need to keep a couple of things in your mind.

If you just rely on the reviews and do not consider these factors, you will have a high chance of ending up with a tire that is average at best.

So, without further ado, let us talk about the factors we are talking about here:

Tread Compound

First and foremost, you would need to consider the tread compound. It is the most crucial aspect of a tire. And this factor will dictate the overall lifespan of the tire.

You will have to check if the compound is capable of handling a good amount of stress or not.

If you get something that is of average grade compound, you would only be able to use the tire for a short amount of time.

And once you go off-roading with it, you will notice that the tread is wearing up exceptionally fast. So, give the tread compound the most priority.


As you know by now, there are different types of tires available. Let us briefly discuss all of them:

  1. All-Radial

Firstly, the all-radial tires. They are well-known for being capable of gripping paved roads properly. Also, they tend to have better handling and good durability if you are treading on regular roads.

  1. All-Seasonal

Secondly, there are all-seasonal tires. These are basically ideal for all the seasons. Whether you are talking about winter, rain, or summer, they will offer excellent overall traction on all road conditions.

  1. Mud-Terrain

Then there is the mud-terrain tire. But what are these tires suitable for?

Well, just like the name states, these will be ideal for muddy roads. Also, due to the aggressive design of the tire, they will generally make a load of noise on normal roads.

  1. All-Terrain

Finally, there are all-terrain tires. They are fit for most of the terrains. Whether on-road or off-road, you can rely on these tires to provide good overall traction, and handling will be better too.

  1. Hybrid

There is another type, which is not that mainstream. That is the hybrid tires. These tires are a mixture of an all-terrain and the mud-terrain.

And that is where the hybrid name comes from. However, not all manufacturers can design these tiers properly.

Nonetheless, when you are choosing one of these, consider the road you want to ride on. Upon keeping that in mind, choose the tire that is perfect for your riding style.

Tread Design

Just like the tread compound, the design of the tread is also pretty important. Without a proper pattern, the tire will not provide the right amount of traction.

And if there is not an adequate amount of traction, it will be pretty hard for you to handle the vehicle, no matter which terrain you are on.


Last but not least, consider the overall noise that the tire makes on different terrains. The ride will not be that comfortable if the tire makes loads of noise.

And the tires that have a soft but durable compound on the tread are usually the ones that make lower noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Ground Clearance Do I Need To Install 35 Inch Tire?

Proper clearance for 35-inch tires would be 2.5 inches or more. For lifting up the vehicle, we would highly recommend using a good lift kit.

The chances of accidents occurring will be exceptionally high if you use an average lift kit.

Are Off-Road Tires Worth It?

It depends. If you are an adventurer or need to commute through off-road terrain from time to time, off-road tires will surely be worth it.

However, for regular roads, these tires will simply make too much noise.

What Are Hybrid Tires?

Just like the name suggests, the hybrid tires are a mixture of all-terrain and mud-terrain. That means these tires will be able to act like both and provide adequate overall performance.

What Does 500 Treadwear Mean?

The 500 treadwear is the uniform tire quality grading. It means that the tire is tested to take about 5 times longer to wear out.

Do All Tires Make Noise On Regular Roads?

Generally, the tires will make a little bit of noise no matter how soft the tread compound is.

However, the tires that are categorized as mud-terrain and off-road will make the loudest noise on paved terrains.

Final Words

As you can see, getting the best 35 inch tires is not that tough. All you need to know is the models that are worth getting and things to consider before purchasing.

And we hope that you got all that knowledge from reading this article.