Best Winch for Jeep [All Jeep Models | Top 10 Picks of 2022]

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Are you planning to take off-road driving to a whole other level of fun? We say give it a shot with your Jeep and see where that reaches. Be sure that you’re going to love that part.

But the problem is, those tracks come with a nasty history of making rides stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t worry; when you’ve got the best winch for jeep then there’s nothing you need to take about.

With huge load capacity, awesome line speed, strong rope, and of course, great control, you’ll have all the conveniences.

Hold on a second! You don’t have that?

Well, then it seems our list of the finest winches for jeep is going to be a help. Would you like to give it a try? We bet you do.

That’s what we’re here for after all, right?

Benefits of Jeep Winches

Will you ever think of getting anything that can get you zero benefits?

Your answer is probably “No” if we’re not wrong then. So, it’s kind of obvious that you’ll expect the same when getting a jeep winch too, right?

That’s why we think before you check out the top options it’s better to have a check on the benefits that jeep winch can bring in for you.

  • Pulling Heavier Objects

The prime duty of a winch is pulling out heavier objects, and the first one on that list is your own ride.

So, whenever you see your ride is getting stuck in the middle of an off-road track, you can always rely on the winch for helping you out. Plus, with it, you can help other riders who have fallen in the same situation.

  • Additional Power

Not every time the engine power of your ride will be enough to take you out of a muddy trap. In such cases, a winch can get you all the torque, power, and leverage you need to at that moment.

  • Reducing Damage

When two vehicles are tied to each other with a cable or towline, there’s a high chance that both of them might get damaged in the process. But a winch can terminate that possibility by terminating that chance.

  • Improving Maneuverability

It’s nothing impossible for your jeep to break down in the middle of a road. But when you get the ride tagged to other vehicles to be dragged, the higher distance can make you compromise on the maneuverability.

In that situation, a winch can help you to stay closer to the mother ride without sacrificing maneuverability.

10 Best Jeep Winch Reviews

Clearly, you don’t have unlimited time on your hand. So, let’s jump to the first one of our top 10 winches for Jeep.

#1. WARN VR EVO 12

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What can be the worst-case scenario while taking an off-road route? Well, if you ask us, we’ll say getting stuck in a place that you can’t get out of without the help of an extra hand.

Don’t worry; that’s what the first winch on our list, the 103254 VR EVO 12 Electric Winch from WARN, is all about.

When it comes to a winch for your Jeep, we call capacity the king here, and this one surely has a king-sized capacity, which is 12000 lbs.

So, no matter if you’re driving one of those 3/4 or 1-ton pickup trucks, for this heavy-duty winch, it’s going to be a piece of cake to pull out. By the way, it’s compatible with large frame rigs of all types too.

But in a winch, the slow line speed can simply be the game spoiler.

As team WARN doesn’t want you to go through that part, they’ve given the 103254 a series-wound motor filled with power.

With the help of its planetary gear train, you’re going to get nothing but a faster line speed.

Wait a minute! Who said it can’t do that under load?

The truth is it can, and by drawing a lower amp, of course. Plus, to maximize the reliability, the makers have given it the Albright contactor, and its performance is definitely going to awestruck you.

As the control packs are open for relocation, you won’t have to take any headache about a low-profile installation.

And yes, it comes with waterproof construction. So, getting out with it in the stormy season won’t make much of a difference. Come on! What else can you expect from it? After all, it’s IP68-rated.

Another aspect of this WARN tech that will amaze you is the two-in-one remote. It doesn’t matter if you like it wired or wireless, the remote can go in both modes.

  • Very good pulling capacity
  • Decent motor with a voltage detection system
  • Free spooling for increment inline speed
  • Great for trucks and SUVs
  • Does not offer anything special and does not seem worth the price
  • A bit expensive

#2. Smittybilt X2O Steel Cable Winch

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Sometimes you need a monster to pull another monster out. For a Jeep, you need a beast-like winch. Something like the X2O Steel Cable Winch from Smittybilt that got here to play that role.

We know it’s the weight capacity that pops in your head as the first priority. So, the makers thought of pushing that higher first and gave it the ability to pull 12,000 lbs. with the highest torque.

But that didn’t come out of the blue. Thanks to its amphibious 6.6HP motor for pulling that off.

But what if it fails you in the middle of a stormy day? Well, we don’t see that happening will be possible when it’s got the IP68 rating for being waterproof.

To get it more of a weather-resistant attitude, its makers have given it the matte black textured finish with UV resistance.

The long-lasting performance of a winch also depends on how good it is at reducing the heat.

So, to let you keep it for a longer period of time, team Smittybilt made a smart move and added the inductive braking system to it to keep the heat low.

For calling the X2O one of the best Jeep winch, it still needs to have some more useful features in its bucket, and that includes having easier control.

Well, the integrated remote control with its wireless mode is ready to fill in that gap.

On top of that, its larger clutch will add the extra feather of convenience on control at the time of gloved operations.

Plus, its control pack has multiple mounting options too. Hold on a second! Are you thinking about strength maximization? Well, let its oversized tie rod struts handle that.

  • Capable of pulling 12,000 lbs.
  • Multiple mounting options on the control pack
  • Powerful 6.6HP motor pushes the torque higher
  • Waterproof with IP68 Rating
  • Comes with UV resistant finish
  • The installation guide is a little complicated

#3. Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC

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Do you have any idea how brutal an off-road track can be when you’re trying to pass through the pile of mud on it?

But we bet it won’t stand a chance if you’ve got a winch tagged to your Jeep like the 97495 GEN 2 XRC Winch from Smittybilt.

When a winch comes with a higher load capacity, its price stays at the peak too.

However, you won’t have to spend that much cash here as the pulling capacity of this one is 9500 lbs., decently high enough to pull your ride out.

But what if it gets rainy all over in the middle of the road?

No problem at all! With the IP67 rating, this waterproof winch won’t be letting you down no matter how harsh the weather out there is.

For being so tolerant to the weather, you’ll have to give some credit to its Textured Black finish with UV Resistance too.

To bring in all the power it needs, the makers have given it the 6.6HP Series-Wound motor.

So, we hope you’ve got no confusion about where this bad boy is getting all that power from. On top of that, the 3-stage planetary gear train makes things smoother than ever.

By the way, a lot of the heavy-duty winches take hours to get installed. But compared to them, you’ll feel like this one is a breeze as it’ll take just an hour of your time for installation.

  • Comes with a load capacity of 9500 lbs.
  • Has a powerful 6.6HP Series-Wound motor
  • Takes less time in installation
  • Hawse fairlead
  • Has Textured Black finish with UV Resistance
  • Waterproof with IP67 rating
  • Not made for heavier vehicles

#4. Champion Power Equipment Winch

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A winch is always subject to power, strength, and reliability.

But some of the winches have taken those aspects to a whole other level, and one of them is 100427 Synthetic Rope Winch from Champion Power Equipment. Perfect for Jeep drivers, this winch is one of a kind.

As having a greater load capacity represents what kind of strength a winch holds, team Champion pushed that part to the peak with 12,000 lbs. load capacity.

So, calling it the perfect winch for your truck or SUV won’t be anything wrong for sure. But for reaching that level, a powerful motor was the first thing the makers had to take care of.

So, they’ve installed one of the finest in it, which is the 6.0HP series-wound motor. Plus, its awesome line speed will equally amaze you as it’s 2.3 ft. per minute, and that’s with the full load.

In case you’re interested to know how it’ll do without any load, then it’s surprisingly 15.7 ft per minute.

With the help of its Speed Mount 2″ hitch adapter, not only will the mounting become easy and quick but also its storage and transportation.

There’s always a chance of getting injured while using a winch, under unfortunate circumstances, of course.

But the absence of wire splinters/burrs has taken that chance way down. By the way, if you need some boost in the winching power, the snatch block it comes with can be a great help.

Its synthetic rope is capable of preventing kinking, but that’s only because it’s amazingly high in flexibility and low on weight. And fraying or curling? Not a chance!

Now the question is, how good is it with the control?

Well, when a winch has three-stage planetary gear, a free-spooling clutch, and remote control with quick connect ability, we don’t see any reason for it having bad control.

  • Ability to pull 12000 lbs.
  • Rope prevents kinking
  • Convenient to mount and store
  • Impressive 2.3′ per minute line speed
  • Minimizes the chance of getting injured
  • Some hardware has scope for improvement

#5. BULL Synthetic Rope Winch

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We know there is a pile of brands that have made it tougher than ever to find out the right winch.

But there’s one name that nothing could stop it from climbing on the top, and that is the 12V Synthetic Rope Winch from X-BULL.

The first reason for that we believe is its humongous load capacity, which is 13000 lbs. So, if you’ve seen the earlier ones from our list, this one has surpassed them all on the capacity part.

But if you’re thinking this is the only good thing it has to offer, then that’ll be a big mistake as its bag is full of features.

As it comes with the IP67 rating, water is nothing but a harmless liquid to it. Plus, the high-tech wireless remote has made controlling it nothing but a piece of cake.

So, what are you driving lately – any two-door jeep or light SUV? No matter what it is, the orange devil can pull all of them.

Thanks to its synthetic wire for making that too convenient. Its 80 ft length will simply be enough to tie the ride up with any distant bolder or tree.

With its tough construction, this X-BULL can sustain harsh environments. On top of that, the 3-stage planetary gear system makes the pulling quicker, in case you’re in a little hurry.

This means even if it’s under full load, it still can push the speed up 7′ per minute. And for no-load? That’s 25.3′ per minute.

By the way, if you’re feeling the 13000 lbs. capacity is low or high for you, you’re free to try the other variants with higher and lower load capacity.

  • 13000 lbs. of load capacity
  • Line speed can reach 7′ per minute
  • Sufficiently long and strong synth rope
  • Comes with different load variants
  • Can sustain harsh environment
  • Comparatively heavy

#6. X-BULL Steel Cable Winch

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Team X-BULL knows that not everyone is going to be a fan of synthetic ropes, as some love relying on something more solid and sturdy. So, keeping that in mind, they’ve come up with 12V Steel Cable Winch.

X-BULL is not a brand that believes in making a product sturdy without putting some emphasis on performance. So, they’ve at first ensured a humongous load capacity of 12000 lbs.

But it needed something perfectly strong for pulling that off. That’s why the makers have added high-quality steel cable.

Don’t think it’s just any random-sized steel cable, but the one with a size of 26 meters filled with pulling force.

Now comes the motor. Indeed, the makers have prioritized positive load control here. Putting the Power-in and Power-out motor in there is the proof.

The major advantage here is it hasn’t ensured smoother operation only but also maximized the overall safety.

Rather than going for any cheap materials, team X-BULL wanted to make it a hell of a durable piece. So, they’ve used high-quality steel construction.

Wait, there’s more to it. The free-spooling clutch the winch comes with has been proved quite useful for improving the speed of running of its wire rope.

Besides, as there’s no guarantee on what kind of route you are going to take, this winch is built to resist mud, sand, and water.

Plus, its wireless remote control will help you with easy hands-free operation. So, when are you getting it for your Jeep, eh?

  • Has strong and long steel cable
  • Capacity of the winch is 1200lbs
  • Powerful motor for strong pulling force
  • Ensures maximum safety
  • Resistant to mud, sand, and water
  • Wireless remote control for easier operation
  • Using covers for terminals and screws are recommended

#7. ZEAK Premium Electric Winch

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Looks there’s a race going on among the top brands on who can make the winch with the highest load capacity. It seems team ZEAK has decided to be a part of that with their Premium Electric Winch.

No matter what kind of ride you’re rolling, this ZEAK creation can handle that easily with its 13000 lbs. capacity.

But for taking it to that stage, the makers had to put in something extraordinary like the 3-stage planetary gear, which is highly efficient and quite powerful.

Wait a minute! Who said it could’ve pulled that off without the 6.2HP series electric motor?

Thanks to that bad boy, now you can get out of those muddy roads like slipping your feet through a pair of socks.

The makers have thought of using synthetic rope for this winch; and to be honest, we think that was a smart move.

This rope is lighter than all those regular steel cables out there. Plus, its flexibility and crush resistance make it a hell of a rope.

But can all these features make sure that the winch will last long enough?

The answer is – NO. For that, they’ve added the all-weather solenoid along with all-metal Waterproof construction that has the IP68-rating. So, clearly, rain or heat of summer, nothing can hold it back anymore.

To add some extra drop of durability, they’ve also given it the corrosion-resistant finish. This means, once you put it on your jeep, it won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

For easing up the control, it can go for both wired and wireless mode with the remotes. All you need to do is choose your preferred option.

  • Can drag 13000 lbs. at once
  • Comes with the all-weather solenoid
  • The rope is crush resistant and flexible
  • Has Waterproof construction with the IP68 rating
  • Powerful motor delivers massive pulling power
  • The wireless remote has scope for improvement

#8. OFF ROAD BOAR Powersports Winch

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What would you think of a brand that has put 20 years of experience in techs? Will you be able to ask for anything but excellence there?

Well, that’s what the team OFF ROAD BOAR will bring in for you through their Powersports Electric Winch.

To bring out its monstrous load capacity, the makers thought nothing was a better option than the pure copper motor.

But how much load capacity can this High-performance motor actually put on your table? Get ready to hear the big number. It’s 13000 lbs.!

Usually, the high-end techs come with an installation process that is nothing but a hell of a complication.

But things are totally out of that league here as this one is among the easiest winches to install. Thanks to its complete parts kit, wiring tubes, and of course, detailed instructions.

But it all can go to the book of waste if the winch can’t even withstand its common enemy. Yes, we’re talking about the water. Thankfully, its waterproof design saved the day.

Plus, its high-quality synthetic rope makes sure you’re getting all the strength you need to pull out your monstrous Jeep. By the way, if you want the steel cable variant, then they’ve got one too.

For controlling this powerhouse, you’re going to get both wireless and wired remote control.

The best thing about having both of them is you can operate this 12V electric winch from a safer distance. Besides, it’s got an alloy forged hook as well, which is super strong.

  • Comes with a huge load capacity of 13000 lbs.
  • Has pure copper motor with high efficiency
  • The synthetic rope ensures higher strength
  • Comes with a strong alloy forged hook
  • Convenient to install with detailed instruction
  • A bit heavy

#9. Tool Offroad Electric Winch

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You won’t be able to find out any single Jeep owner who wants a winch but is ready to compromise on its power or versatility.

For them, team Tool Offroad has come up with their 12V Electric Winch, which is a perfect combination of both.

If so far you’ve only thought that winches with high HP can push the performance level higher, then this one is going to prove you wrong.

Its 6.0 horsepower series wound motor which is known for its efficiency has been able to take its pull rating at 12000 lbs. So, no matter how heavy your jeep is, you can use this winch there.

By the way, didn’t we mention the word versatility earlier? Well, that’s because not only is this winch ideal for your 4×4 vehicles, but it can also be used for utility.

With a mounting pattern of 10″ x 4.5″, you can fix it up to your bumper without much of a hassle.

But what usually happens with heavier bed winches is they add extra weight to the ride.

So, to keep that rise at the minimum, the makers have given it the rope cable, which has made the winch lighter than the regular one. Don’t worry; the pulling operation can be executed perfectly with it.

And yes, like some of the finest winches out there, this 12V winch also comes with the planetary gear train. But what will amaze you more is the gear ratio, as that is 265:1.

So, pulling the rope back quickly is simply easy as pie for this Tool Offroad tech.

On top of that, the rope length is 86 feet. So, clearly, using a distant anchor won’t be that hard. The whole thing can be operated through the wireless remote control.

This means you’re about to get safety and convenience on the same page.

  • Comes with a 6.0HP powerful motor
  • Pushes the pulling rate up to 12000 lbs.
  • Perfect for both vehicles and utility
  • Long rope for distant anchoring
  • The rope makes the winch lighter
  • The rope is not UV resistant

#10. WARN Zeon Winch

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Do you remember the first winch that we started our review with? Well, it’s the same name at the end as well.

Yes, we’re talking about WARN, and this time they’re back to conclude our list with their 92815 Zeon Platinum Winch.

Team WARN has tried to give this one an exceptional edge compared to their other winches. So, what they’ve done is given this model durability level 2X higher than other ones of them.

But what we loved the most, and we believe you will too, is its Advanced Wireless Remote.

Usually, in most of the winches, it’s used just to operate the winch. But this one can read the motor temperature as well, along with your Jeep’s battery strength.

Wait a minute! There’s more! For going off-road, you better be ready for almost anything. So, to ease that part up, the 92815 comes with an IP68 rating.

This means not even a pile of water can do any damage to this WARN winch. And yes, it deals with the dust too.

Like always, the makers have kept the pull rating higher though it’s not their maximum so far. This time it’s 10,000 lb. which is going to be more than enough for your Jeep.

To get the job done, they’ve covered the spool with Spydura Synthetic Rope.

As it’s 100 feet long, you won’t have to worry about covering distant anchors. Plus, the 162:1 gear ratio is clearly enough to get you decent line speed.

  • Comes with 2x more durability
  • Has a decent line speed
  • The pulling rate is 10000lbs.
  • Water and dustproof with IP68 rating
  • Remote can read battery strength
  • Rope can get damaged by heat

What to Look for Before Buying a Winch for Jeep?

No matter what you’re planning to put in your purchase list next, whether it’s worth $1 or $1000, you just can’t take the features lightly that make it worth buying. More or less, it’s quite the same for Jeep winches as well.

But as the winches are usually worth hundreds, the whole process just gets a little tougher as a wrong move can spoil it all.

So, you better be cautious enough while making the purchase and check out all its ins and outs as you don’t want it to list it as another failed purchase of yours.

Now the question is, which are those features you’ll have to put under the X-ray to filter the best winch for Jeep out. Well, let’s start with –


First things first!

You can never think of getting a winch if that can’t drag your ride out of a mud hole. So, for that, you’ll have to make sure that it has sufficient capacity for your vehicle.

Now the question is, how will you figure that out if the one you’re looking at will be perfect for your jeep or not.

The easiest theory you can follow for that is to know your vehicle’s weight and check out if the capacity is 1.5 times higher than that or not. If it is, then go for it.

You might be wondering why not choose one that is equivalent to the jeep’s weight. Well, the reason is, when you’ll have luggage and passengers on your ride, the gross weight will automatically go higher.

If the capacity is the same as the vehicle’s weight, it might not be able to pull it out or cause failure.


Another major reason for getting confused while grabbing a winch is having two different types of winches. One of them is hydraulic, and the other one is electric.

If someone says go for the hydraulic, then it’s going to be nothing but a waste for you unless you’re driving an SUV, the heavier one, of course.

As it’s for your jeep, we say it’s better to go for the electric one. It’s easy to install, convenient to use, and perfectly compatible with your ride.

Mounting System

The most common style you’ll see in winches is they can be installed in the vehicle’s front bumper. That’s because installing the winch there makes it easier to use.

But what you need to count is if the winch can be mounted or unmounted easily or not.

It’s not that permanently mountable winches are any bad option, but if you think you’ll need to get the winch unmounted at times, pick one accordingly.

But the truth is, permanently mountable winches have been proved more powerful so far.

Motor Type

A huge portion of the performance depends on the motor alone. So, grabbing the right one matters more than you can imagine.

There are basically two types of motors where one type is the Series Wound, and the other one is the Permanent Magnet motor.

If you’re asking for a suggestion, then we’d say go for the Series Wound motor as they’re more reliable and powerful.

We would’ve taken the name of permanent magnet too, but their overheating issue is not something you’re going to like at all.

Rope Type

The two major types of rope that you’ll be seeing in the winches are synthetic and steel rope.

In the case of steel ropes, they’re abrasion resistant, heat resistant, and require low maintenance; but they can catch rust and are comparatively heavy.

On the other hand, synthetic ropes are crush-resistant and flexible, but not that much abrasion-resistant. So, before you make the final pick, decide carefully which one you want on your next winch.

Line Length

Clearly, the line has to be long enough to cover a certain distance. But having too much rope on the spool has its own disadvantage too.

Though you can reach further with a long line, pulling too much of the line and leaving it loose might lead it to jam or to kink. So, it’s better to get lines that are reasonably short.

Line Speed

Well, this part is all about getting the line back to the spool but with your ride, of course. So, there are mainly two parts of this line speed, with load and without.

But what matters the most here is one with the load. The ideal number there is 2-6 feet per minute. So, it’s better if you can get one within that number.

Types of Jeep Winches

While picking up your right winches, the first thing you’ll have to figure out is which type of winch can serve you the best.

Initially, a certain type might sound like the best choice, but that’ll depend on a few things like compatibility to your ride and your purpose of getting one.

So, to ease that part up, we think it’s better to let you know about the major types of winches. Basically, there are two types, and they are –


This kind of which is directly connected to the power steering system of the jeep and that’s how it works.

That’s how it delivers more of a higher pulling power along with extending the life of the winch. Compared to the other, this one is quite expensive. Plus, they’re not compatible with Jeeps that much.


If there’s any type of winch you’ll see the most, then this is it. They basically run on the battery of your ride. It limits their power and also sucks more juice away from your vehicle while being used.

But the best part is you don’t even need to make the jeep run while putting this one on the operation. Moreover, they’re too easy to use and don’t come with a big price tag.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

There are always going to be some top names in an industry, no matter whatever you buy. Count it the same for Jeep winches as well.

So, we thought of letting you know some of the top brands that have managed to bury their root strongly in the field of winches, and they are –


This brand first showed up in the game of developing 4-wheel drive equipment in 1956. Though their first appearance was under the name Rock-ett Products, they’ve lately renamed themselves as the “Smittybilt”.

Their prime objective was (still is) to bring up the finest equipment for small SUVs and trucks, especially the one made to be the off-roader.

With 2000+ different products servicing, this brand has established itself as one of the big names in the industry.


From the day of 1948 till now, they’ve literally converted themselves among the finest names.

They didn’t prove their excellence in a day, and the 600+ products with 110+ patents are the evidence that they surely can do it in the best way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking for reliability or durability; they can get you both at once.


Compared to the other top two brands, the rise of the X-BULL is a bit surprising as they’ve shown up just ten years ago.

But even in this short period of time, they’ve managed to slip in the topper’s list. With the motto “affordable toughness“, they’ve brought a pile of amazing off-road products with more professional features.

How to Install a Jeep Winch by Yourself?

If you’ve stepped into this part, then we’re assuming that you’re quite serious about adding a winch to your Jeep.

So, as a part of that seriousness, check out if there’s enough space for mounting the winch or not. That part mostly depends on your Jeep’s type and having the right bumper on it.

But just because you’ve got a bumper right, that doesn’t mean you can put any winch here.

You might need to pick the right model of the winch as well. Once you’re done with all these things, you better get ready to take the first step, which is –

Step One

First of all, take the drilling machine and put holes in the locations that you’ve fixed to mount your winch.

Make sure that you’re keeping the measurement right there. Usually, the space between the bumper and grill is considered ideal for the installation.

Step Two

Put the winch in place and keep it aligned with the holes. Then put the bolts in. Ensure that the winch is in a position where it’s not only being pulled towards your bumper but also resting against that.

Step Three

Now get the winch tightened. The next thing you’ll have to do is release the winch’s clutch and pull the winch cable out about 3″.

It’s important for fitting the ferret. Now get the ferret installed and bolt it. Once you’re done with that, get the hook installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major drawbacks of synthetic ropes used in winches?

There’s no doubt that synthetic ropes are amazing performers when it comes to being used in winches.

But they do have their share of drawbacks as well. For example, they are not immune to damages caused by chemicals or UV lights.

Plus, they are not as abrasion-resistant as steel cable. But what we count as their biggest drawback, along with being expensive, is getting damaged by heat.

How to figure out the required winch capacity for your jeep?

The best way to figure that out is to check if the winch is rated 1.5x more compared to the gross weight of your ride. For example, if the weight of your jeep is 5000 lbs., you have to go for something with 7500 lbs. capacity.

Is it possible to change the steel cable from a winch with a synthetic rope?

Yes, you can. It’s totally dependent on your preference.

How to use a winch safely?

Being careless with something as strong and powerful as a winch can cause you some serious injury. So, staying safe has no other alternative.

That’s why you’ll have to be at a safer distance while pulling the rope back, as a snapped cable can be extremely dangerous. You can also hop in the ride, as you can stay safe there too.

What kind of anchors are usually considered ideal for using a jeep winch?

The most ideal anchor we believe is strong trees with deeper roots. As they’ve got a stronger grip on the ground, they often work as the perfect anchor.

But it’s also true that you always won’t get a tree around. In such cases, you’ll have to use some other anchors, such as rocks.

Can chemicals or UV lights have a negative impact on steel cables?

No, they’re immune to the impacts of chemicals and UV lights. If there’s anything you’ll have to worry about for steel cables, then it’ll be the rust.

Which one is better for a Jeep – hydraulic winch or electric?

For Jeep, it’s better to go with the electric one. But when you’ve got a heavier SUV, then we think hydraulic winch will be an ideal choice there.

Final Words

Have you got your best winch for jeep already?

If not, then it’s probably too many options that have confused you. So, find your one out, focus on your specific needs too.

For example, you can pick X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch for higher line speed. But for all element resistance like mud, sand, and water, X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Winch is more ideal.

In case you want something like the maximum rope length, then go for the WARN 92815 Zeon Platinum Winch.