6 Top Winch Makers Of 2022 [Who Is The Best Brand Of All]

Winches are an essential piece of equipment to carry with you especially when you are off-roading. You can never really know what situation you might get stuck in when you go for some off-track adventures.

Your truck or Jeep might get stuck in a ditch, swamp, or muddy trap and it can get really tough to get it out from there.

Since the market is flooded with options, you have to have a good idea about the top winch brands, so that you can pick up the right one for you and suggest others as well.

So, in this article, we have assembled a list of 6 top winch makers that make the best winches for your adventurous off-roading experience.

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7 Top Winch Makers Of 2022

#1. Smittybilt

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The journey of Smittybuilt winches is quite interesting. The company was established by a man called Basil Smith.

Smith had the nickname of “Smitty,” and he was really into four-wheel drives. He had this goal to make equipment and parts for four-wheel drives such as trucks and jeeps.

Smitty started with a little machinery shop that he called “Rock-ett Products” back in 1956. This shop was eventually renamed and turned into the company Smittybilt.

Since the beginning, they kept providing efficient products and amazing customer support and thus won the hearts of users all around the world.

Smitty’s son Tom had created different products such as front and rear bumpers with the Jeep. Tom was the one who came up with new ideas for products that were not just new but also innovative.

The products made by Smittybilt have left many off-roaders impressed, and it has also gained the name Smittybilt quite some popularity when it comes to the world of winches.

Winches made by Smittybilt are known for their sturdiness and the power that they provide. Not only are Smittybilt winches durable and long-lasting, but they also have a wide-ranging capacity for pulling.

It’s precisely why you can always rely on Smittybilt to find the right category of winch with the suitable ability to get your job done. Just make your pick based on your requirements, and choose the best one that you will love.

Featured Products From Smittybilt

  • Smittybilt 9500 XRC
  • Smittybilt X20 Waterproof
  • Smittybilt 97695 XRC

Special Note: Don’t forget to read our comparison article – Smittybilt XRC vs X20.

#2. Warn Winches

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Founded by Arthur Warn back in 1948, this company is one of the most well-known and legendary names in the industry of winches. Warn Winches started their journey by creating locking hubs for the Jeeps in World War II.

In the year 1959, Warn Winches also made their recreational and high-speed winches even better. Since then, they have been among the best ones that hold the ability to compete with any product of any brand. Read our comparison of Smittybilt vs Warn.

Given all of their solid features, this company became one of the best winch-making companies loved by many off-roaders.

Warn Winches has a very innovative leadership and design that makes the company quite popular. Their top-quality products have earned them a ton of awards as well.

They don’t just offer you premium quality winches to work with, but they also produce parts for cars, jeeps, trucks, and even ATVs. Warn Winches also introduced a lot of new products to the winch industry back in 1980.

Since the beginning, Warn is making winches and equipment for off-roaders designed particularly for specific models of cars.

Meanwhile, they established a good relationship with the automobile manufacturer Ford, and they started making hub sets for Ford as well.

Of course, they still do offer a wide range of products that can be compatible with many different models. The most technically advanced winch out there in the market right now could easily be the winch lineup by Warn called the ZEON Platinum.

ZEON Platinum was launched back in 2014. You should keep in mind that just because the ZEON Platinum is one the best products from Warn, it is not the only lineup of winch that you should buy.

Warn has many other products that offer the same level of durability and reliability as their ZEON Platinum.

Winches from Warn are almost always considered a good investment because of the efficiency, power, and durability they offer you. While their products can be a bit expensive, but you can easily believe the fact that it is worth your every penny.

Not only their products are excellent, but also they have a good reputation for providing excellent customer support as well.

From this, you can easily guess what makes this company so reliable and well known.

Featured Products from Warn Winches

  • Warn M8000
  • ZEON Platinum 12
  • ZEON Platinum 10

#3. Champion Winches

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Champion Power Equipment has always delivered when it came down to using a winch that has power. You can find some of the best winches for taking care of your heavy-duty applications without a sweat with Champion Power Equipment.

This company has been in the business of making power equipment for the last 17 years with trust and credibility. Not only winches, but also they have products like lawnmowers, pumps, wood chippers, and generators too for their wide range of customers all around the world.

You don’t need to be complicated to be the champion, you just need to simple and efficient. That’s what Champion winches are all about.

Even though most of their winches do follow a simple overall design in order to make your experience with using their winches a lot less complicated, however, they still make sure that the winch is able to deliver when you need it to.

A great thing about Champion is that they have been around in this game for years now and they know what you need. If you are looking for power in your equipment then you definitely cannot go wrong with Champion Power Equipment.

All of their products are power efficient and durable. The products are all engineered and designed in the US.

Featured Products from Champion Power Equipment

  • Champion 10000 lbs. Truck SUV Winch
  • Champion 11,000 lbs. Truck SUV Winch
  • Champion XL ATV UTV

#4. Mile Marker Winches

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If you are having trouble relying on a winch company, you should feel safe going for the company that manufactures winches for the US Military.

The only winches approved for the HMMWV (also called Humvee) of the US Military are winches made by Mile Marker.

So, if you are interested in some hardcore off-road driving, then you can trust Mile Marker to have your back. Mile Marker has been in this industry for more than 30 years.

Their lineup of products also includes electric and hydraulic winches of high quality, locking hubs, recovery kits, mounting systems, snatch blocks, and many more.

They are mainly popular because of the hydraulic winches that they manufacture. However, they don’t just stop there. They have a great lineup of industrial, electrical, ATV, and utility winches as well.

If what you are after is excellent reliability and quality from the products, then you can trust Mile Marker. The company has won thousands of hearts through its cost-effective winching solutions.

Featured Products from Mile Marker

  • Mile Marker SEC15 (ES) 15000 lbs.
  • Mile Marker SEC12 (ES) 12000 lbs.
  • Mile Marker PE3.5 (ES) 3500 lbs.

#5. X Bull Winches

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X Bull Auto is a company that has been around for over eight years now. It’s an Australian company that was able to earn quite a good attention and reputation in recent years for themselves even though they are relatively new in the industry of winches.

They might not have been around for the longest time, but they do offer you quality winches at the best possible prices when compared to some of the leading brands. X Bull winches are long-lasting and durable due to their robust build quality.

X Bull Winches have proven that they are not just here in the winch-making industry as contenders, but as competitors that can go toe to toe with the leading brands. They did all that in just a little while of their winch manufacturing career.

Of course, they were only able to do so, because they offer compelling and amazingly reliable products.

X Bull Winches’ achievement is worth the applause, given the short time of eight years that they took to make a name for themselves and their products.

Featured Products from X Bull Winches

  • X BULL Synthetic Rope Winch 12V
  • X BULL Steel Cable Electric Winch 12V
  • X BULL Synthetic Rope 12V Electric Winch for ATV Towing

#6. Superwinch Winches

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Last but not the least, we can’t but help to mention one of the most reliable and biggest winch manufacturers named Superwinch.

This winch-making company is situated in Tualatin, Oregon, and they have been in this business for around the last 45 years now.

Rather than stuffing their winches with a bunch of extra features that most general people won’t even necessarily need, this company focuses more on its products’ quality, simplicity, and reliability.

Doing this has allowed them to understand what their customers want the most and satisfy their needs.

It’s why you can get winches and other products manufactured by Superwinch at quite an affordable price. The company produces quality products and sells them at a reasonable price.

This company manufactures and designs its products and markets its products around the globe by itself. Superwinch also takes on the job of making different accessories and parts for winches as well.

Another great thing about winches produced by Superwinch is that they are also constructed with military-grade materials.

It means that you get a product that is not just tough and rugged, but it also makes sure that you are safe and well protected from any dangerous situations when you go outdoors.

Featured Products from Superwinch Winches

  • Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35
  • Superwinch 1145220 Terra 35
  • Superwinch Tiger Shark 15.5

#7. Ramsey Winches

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Ramsey winches are known for the quality, dependability, and endurance of their products. When it comes to planetary gear winches, electric winches, worm gear winches, planetary hoists, and hydraulic winches, Ramsey is one of the top manufacturers.

The company is very reliable since they make the best use of their competence, high-quality materials, and advanced techniques of making quality winches. Their company was initially called “Ramsey Brothers Tool and Die,” situated back in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They started their journey by manufacturing dies, tools, and parts for the Douglas Aircraft Company. Because of World War II, at that time, aircraft parts were high in demand.

As the war ended, the need for aircraft parts also declined. Claude designed a front-mounted winch- ‘Model 101’ back in 1945.

The crankshaft is what provided this winch with the power that it needed. Claude especially engineered this winch to work with passenger cars and pickup trucks.

Ramsey winch ended up becoming a backbone to the towing and recovery industry. When their products started getting a good amount of success, they decided to rename it to Ramsey Brothers Winch Company.

Featured Products from Ramsey Winches

  • Ramsey 111036 Winch
  • Ramsey REP 5000
  • Ramsey PATRIOT 6000

3 Must Things To Consider When You Are Getting A Winch

You need to consider and keep in mind some important things before you get yourself a winch. Since it can be a significant investment, you will definitely want to get something worth your money.

Also, money is the last thing that you should consider here as your life could be at risk if you don’t have a good winch.

When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, it’s even hard for professionals to locate you and help you out of your adversity.

This is why having a winch during emergencies like that can be a lifesaver. However, not every winch out there gives you the same efficiency and power as some particular ones.

To make the most of the winch you are getting, you must ensure that a trusted brand manufactures it.

#1. Loading Capacity

If you want to prevent accidents related to winch overload failures, then you should make sure that you get yourself a winch that has a loading capacity of at least more than 1.5 times the overall weight of your vehicle.

#2. The Type Of Winch Rope

There are mainly two types of winch ropes available to use, steel cables and synthetic cords. While steel cables are easier to maintain, offer more durability, and are great for abrasive terrains, synthetic ropes are easier to handle, more flexible, robust, and lighter.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both of them. This is why you should look into what you would need the most and choose accordingly.

#3. Motors for Winches

If you are getting an electric winch, you need to know that they come with two different types of DC motors. These motors are series-wound motors and permanent magnet motors.

The series-wound motors work by generating magnetic fields by using the field coils. They are great to be used in cold weather and heavy-duty operations. While they do provide you with great power, and they are also expensive.

Permanent magnet motors, on the other hand, provide great help in medium and light operations. They do come in at a lesser price than the series wound motors.

However, since they cannot handle heat that much, they can take some time to load. Read our winch buying guide to learn more details.

Final Words

So that’s it! We have talked about 6 top winch makers in the winching industry. They are reliable brands and are also highly trusted by many off-roaders and four-wheel drive enthusiasts.

We hope this helped you find out what you want and which brand you want to go with for your off-road adventures!