Driving Test Cancellation – Things You Need to Know

There are lots of questions asked online about how to calculate driving test cancellations. That makes me think about this question and increased my interest to give an answer of some of the questions. I will start from the very beginning as I want to clear all the confusions.

What is Driving Test Cancellation?

Before going forward, you need to know what driving test cancellation is? Sometimes due to some reasons, people postpone their driving test. When it happens the DSA update their booking system. And you can get benefited by this. You can resubmit your application to fill up that void position. You will find that on the website of DSA.

Let’s Clear Some Confusions

Secret List of Cancellation 

No, there is no other list then DSA put on its website. We live in a digital age and there is less use of an analog system. So, there is no chance for DSA to use an old system.

Book by Call

No, you cannot. There is only one way of booking and that is through the website. Most of the time DSA’s phone remains busy and it will take a long time to get someone on the other side of the phone.

How to Book an Early Driving Test?

Now, I will share you some helpful information. After I have decided to write about it, I have done some research on the opening of driving test by time. I have collected the data from DSA and run through some algorithm to check it.

Here is the result.        

From the chart, you can see there are most of the cancellations happen in between 9 am to 6 pm. It is also the working time of everyone. Students are busy in schools and colleges. Most of the people are in their workplaces. So, this is the perfect time for you to get the reservation.

My result also shows that cancellation rate becomes high in the middle of the month and at the beginning. At end of the month, the rate of cancellation becomes low and also in the weekend the cancellation rate is low.

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Get Help from a Third Party

This is a common matter of fact to go for a third party help to find a cancellation. I cannot think you will spend all day to find the cancellation. But I suggest you try yourself first then try the third party. There are many websites nowadays that provide this kind of service. But when dealing with them you must be clear on some issue.

I will discuss them in here about the qualities that you will find in good service provider.

  • There will be a money back guarantee. The money back guarantees will take in place if they cannot manage the right time and place according to your choice.
  • There will be no hassle. No need to download an app to your mobile as you just have to enter all your details like the date and time you want. They will find a possible opening to that date or time or nearest to that.
  • The prices have to be reasonable. In my opinion, the price should be less than your $25 or in between that range.

The positive side of these services is that you do not need to set all day in front of the computer or mobile to find the perfect date for driving test. You can use your valuable time for work or entertainment.

Last Words

Surely, this will clear all your confusion and question related to driving cancellation date. And hope that my effort may help you in finding a good service.

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