13 Reasons You Should Buy A Diesel Car

Diesel engines are known to be dirty and are the primary source of loud noise on our roads. However, the number of diesel cars continues to increase despite this.

In the United States alone, the number of cars that use diesel has doubled since 2017. This is so despite the noise coming from the media and the government.

Diesel cars are known to pollute the environment by emitting carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere hence the noise.

But diesel cars are not all that bad since they offer plenty of benefits to man. They help motorists achieve better fuel economy for long distances.

Besides, they have a higher torque meaning that the engine can transport more load compared to the petrol counterparts.

So, if you are considering buying a car, here are the reasons you should buy a diesel-powered one.

buy a diesel car

10 Solid Reasons To Buy a Diesel Car

#1. It Consumes Less Fuel

A few years ago, the cost of diesel was lower than that of gasoline. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. The refineries realized that diesel consumption is always low and enables cars to haul more load.

They also know that diesel engines are efficient and will travel a longer distance on a liter of fuel. So, they increased their price to maximize profits. Also, unlike gasoline, diesel has a lower evaporation point.

Therefore, a negligible amount gets lost to the environment. So all these factors allow diesel-powered cars to consume less fuel.

That aside, there are more reasons why diesel is consumed in a lesser amount. Firstly, diesel is combustible compared to flammable gasoline. It takes time before combustion is completed.

Secondly, diesel requires both heat and compression to function. Thus, it propels the car more than gasoline. Thirdly, diesel is denser than gasoline hence very little amount is consumed per mile compared to gasoline.

Lastly, the combustion of diesel generates more power than gasoline so the car will do more miles on a liter of diesel.

#2. Diesel Cars Have Better Resale Value

The prices of a brand new diesel car will always be higher than that of gasoline cars. The buyer is expected to make a difference through fuel consumption.

Also, manufacturers are aware that buyers do not intend to hang onto a car until the end of its useful life. They sell the less depreciated diesel vehicle at a higher price compare to the gasoline one.

Diesel cars attract more buyers compared to gasoline-powered ones. So buying a diesel car guarantees you better resale prices.

#3. Reduced Cost of Ownership

By choosing gasoline cars, it means that you will spend more money on fuel and receive less money when you dispose of it. So these two factors give the diesel-powered car a winning combination.

It allows the diesel-powered car to offer a lower cost of ownership compared to a gasoline-powered one. The cost may be calculated by looking at taxes, repairs, depreciation, and insurance.

Therefore, owning a diesel car will reduce the cost of ownership. It will also help you to save more compared to its gasoline counterpart.

#4. Better Diesel Technology Makes Them Better

In the 1980s and 1970s, diesel cars were considered dirty and smoky. This was because the technology for refining diesel was less advanced, so the vehicles emitted a lot of smoke and carbon dioxide.

Therefore, very few people wanted to associate themselves with diesel-powered cars. But things have changed a great deal. The advancement in the refinery process has led to cleaner fuel than what was there in the 1980s and 1970s.

Also, there have been improvements in diesel engines. As such, it is becoming difficult to see the difference between the gasoline and the diesel versions.

So, diesel-powered are preferred because they consume less fuel and have more torque. Also, they ceased being the slower, smelly, and loud diesel cars we knew a few decades ago.

#5. They Last Longer Than Gasoline Cars

A gasoline engine has a lifeline of about 200,000 miles. This is lower than that for the diesel engine, whose lifeline is about 350,000 miles.

Thus, there is a difference of 150,000 miles meaning that the diesel engine is likely to last for more years compared to the gasoline version. The explanation for this difference is that the diesel engine operates on the direct fuel injection principle.

The principle allows the fuel to be pushed into the cylinders designed to withstand heat and pressure. Also, the diesel engines do not have spark plugs that ignite when fuel is pushed into the piston.

Diesel parts are more durable than gasoline car parts. You can use a diesel car in a tremendous condition where a gas-powered car can’t survive.

#6. Diesel Engine is More Powerful

One of the reasons why heavy load trucks run on diesel is that it provides more torque. So diesel gives the truck more towing power.

On the other hand, the gasoline-powered engine has more speed but cannot match the diesel engine in rotating the crankshaft.

Besides, the diesel engine experiences higher compression that allows it to produce more twisting force. The force is extended onto the crankshaft to produce more torque.

It explains why you will feel more power even when driving at lower speeds than you will do when driving a gasoline car. Also, if you are driving a diesel car, you will be able to accelerate uphill more than you would do gasoline.

The higher torque allows you to speed up faster and makes you get pushed into your seat when starting the car.

#7. Less Dangerous Emissions

According to environmental regulators, diesel engines produce more emissions compared to gasoline-powered ones. They emit more carbon dioxide into the environment but fewer hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide compared to gasoline engines.

Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are dangerous to human health. Also, the new diesel engine models are better and are less pollutant than the 1980s and 1970s diesel engines.

#8. Allows One to Switch to Eco-Friendly Fuel

One of the reasons why people choose diesel vehicles is that it is flexible to switch to the fuel of your choice. It allows people to choose between eco-friendly regular diesel fuels.

For instance; originally, the diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oil, but it is currently running on fossil fuel.

The switch was made without the need to modify the engine. It means that the engine is flexible and can run on renewable energies even without changes.

#9. It is Cheaper to Operate

Although diesel’s pump price is higher than gasoline, diesel fuel will cost less. 5 liters of diesel can cover more miles than 5 liters of gasoline.

Diesel gives the car more mileage meaning that you make fewer trips to the pump. The ultimate result is that you spend less on fuel if you drive a diesel engine.

#10. Filling it is Easy

Unlike electric cars that have fewer charging points, diesel vehicles have many filling point options. Notice that it is when the electric car charging points are being established.

It means that one must travel more kilometers before they can get and access the charging point. This is not the case when driving a diesel-powered car. There are plenty of filling stations in any given area.

#11. Easy to Maintain

Diesel engines are easier to maintain compared to gasoline-powered ones. Also, they do not make use of distributors, and so there is no need for ignition tune-ups.

All you need to do is to keep the engine oiled and change the filters often. Also, you will need to empty the water separators manually. You can do this at home without the need to hire an expert. It saves money and time.

#12. Smooth Ride

The level of noise and the comfort of a ride between the diesel and gasoline car cannot be compared. But it is far better than the traditional diesel engine that was clattery and noisy.

However, the modern diesel engine is smooth and will allow one to enjoy the ride over long distances.

#13. Reduced Car Insurance

The cost of fuel and insurance are sensitive and are factors you will need to consider before buying a car.

Diesel cars are less classy and will cost less to have them insured. This is vital since it helps to reduce the cost of operating a car.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a new car, you will have many things to consider. The car’s capacity, the color, the type, and even the model are among the things you will need to look at.

However, a decision on whether to buy a diesel or a petrol-powered engine must be made before you buy your dream car. A decade ago, diesel engines in the United States were used in trucks because of their ability to haul a large load.

However, things have changed, and diesel engine cars are becoming popular. This can be attributed to the advanced technology used in making the engines.

They are economical in fuel consumption and could do more mileage on a liter of fuel than gasoline cars. Also, the vehicles are easy to maintain and are environmentally friendly compared to yesteryear diesel engines.

Lastly, more diesel cars are produced each year to match the ever-rising demand for the car. Thus, you may find it beneficial to buy a diesel car because it is economical to run and maintain.