How to Start a Car With a Bad Starter

Many car owner face this problem a lot. All of a sudden their battery wares off or their cars do not get the power that needs to start the engine. Some of them have a faulty starter that can be the main culprit there. So there is who many ask how to start a car with a bad starter.  Well answer is not that simple there are many teachings that you can follow to start a car with bad starter.  But I will give the solution of this problem. If you ever face this problem then you can get out of this by following these instructions.

How find out that my car has a bad starter?

It is quite easy to find out the problems in starter. Before that you must understand that sometimes car does not start because of bad connection. In this case these instructions will not help you. So please before jumping into any conclusion you must check the connection of the starter. So here is the instruction for you to start your car with bad starter. Sometimes the problems can the be the spark plug. So do not forget to check that too.

There are different kinds of situation with different kinds of problems, but 1st let me tell about how diagnosis your car starter problems. In this case the best weapon is your ear and eye. If you notice any of the following signs than you can say that you may have problems in starter and act according to it.

  • Hear a whirring sound.
  • It’s a buzzing sound.
  • Hear a loud click.
  • It’s more like a grinding noise.
  • Don’t hear anything.
  • My headlights don’t work.
  • Cranking the car makes my headlights dim or goes out.
  • My headlights are fine, but my car still won’t start.

Try tapping with a hammer

If your car has a bad starter sometimes all they need is a bit of tapping by any hard object. The after tool for this will be a hammer. You may ask why you need to do that. Sometimes your car starter is not bad at all but your car’s battery and may be battery is drying up quickly. I have done this couple of times and get good result but it is not a permanent solution and I suggest you to get profession help.

Help from another car  

Sometime you may need help form another car to start your car. Bad starter means that your car is not producing the power that can start the engine. But you can get the power to the engine from another source. If there is any other car nearby you can use it to get the power to your vehicles. You will need cables to execute this. Keep both the car in front of each other. Use the cables to power your car engine form the other car.

The jump starter

The most useful solution is to have jump starter in your car. . You can face this problem anywhere in these worlds. There will not be car or any help all time around you. So having jump starter is a good choice. Using it quite easy but you must use it with proper protection.  You must wear goggles to protect your eye and also gavels to protect your hand from any the spark of the jump starter.

Hope this may help you to solve the problems with the the bad starter. But you need to change it cause these are not permanent solution. But these trick and tools you can get out  of the problems.

There are lot of problems in an auto. But you can keep a car in good condition by maintaining the car in proper way. So please visit us more for more information about the cars and how to keep them in a good condition. If you have any question feel free to contact us or you can comments here . We will try give a solution to you.

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