How to Pick the Right Adjustable Hitch for Your Trailer

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  • Post last modified:January 24, 2022

Trailer hitches are multi-functional tools that add value to your vehicle.

It’s used for hauling trailers behind the car or accommodate outdoor essentials like steps, managing cargoes, or taking your bike racks along your journey.

Though hitches are traditionally used for towing, their usability is beyond that. Finding an adjustable hitch ideal for your vehicle is vital.

If it’s your first time doing so, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins & outs, and everything in between to help you find the perfect hitch ideal for your preference and needs.

Finding The Right Hitch: Comprehensive Buying Guide

Finding the perfect hitch for your vehicle is not as easy as it may sound due to categories and designs associated with these powerful tools.

Luckily, breaking down information and checking for guides and walk-through will help you decide the most suitable hitch to match your high-end needs.

One of the best ways to check for the high-quality adjustable hitch is to read detailed and expert, unbiased recommendations.

Product insights coming from experienced people who know the pain points of purchasing one can give the best advice just right when you need to.

Find the best adjustable hitch for your vehicle with this complete buying guide, whether for beginners or professional campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Essential Features You Must Consider

  • Ball Type

The size of the ball is vital. There are three types of hitch trailers to select. The ball size must be compatible with the receiver hitch or arm.

For you to effectively tow is to recognize the fit size to use. Adjustable or multiple built-in ball size allows you to use it in a variety of options as needed.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your tool depends on the class it’s under width. The ball hitch states its weight capacity.

For safety, make sure that the maximum weight capacity of your hitch is higher when compared to the GTW (Gross Towing Weight) of your trailer hitch.

  • Protective Coating And Finish

The right finish protects your tools from rusting or corrosion.

It’s vital to keep this in mind as most hitches are installed underneath your vehicle, which exposes them to soaking, mud, snow, and other elements that degrade their quality over time.

Power finished hitched prevents rusting or corrosion and enables longevity of use.

  • Class

Trailer hitches come in five types to select and depend on your frequency of use and the kind of vehicle over what you will be towing.

Class 1 types are designed for compact cars, with 2000 lbs GTW weight capacity.

While Class 5 hitches can attach a full-size vehicle, SUVs, Pick Ups and can accommodate up to 18k lbs of GTW.

Choosing the perfect class for the size of your vehicle and load capacity helps to haul more comfortably and safely.

Types Of Hitch And Their Usability

  • Bumper Trailer Hitch

These are straightforward tools that you can install or attach to your vehicle’s rear bumper. These trailer hitches have a lower weight limit capacity.

  • Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

When it comes to heavy-duty types of trailer hitch, you can rely on these. They can handle a variety of weights compared to the receiver and hitch extension. Though it has a complicated installation procedure, it’s ideal for pick-up vehicles.

  • Trailer Receiver Hitch

It’s the type of hitch that provides ease of use and installation. The receiver hitch is the most popular type due to its convenience and flexibility.

Knowing all of these critical features allows you to decide on the best adjustable hitch compatible with your vehicle and will provide the perfect hauling from several trailer types.

Frequency of use, flexibility, ease of installation, and load capacity are some of the most significant characteristics that you need to keep in mind as you move forward.

With a variety of balls and hitches, it enables you extreme versatility for all your hauling needs.

Lastly, the quality of your hitch will also depend on the amount of money you are trying to spend.

The standard hitch is not as tight, secure, and constructed in durable materials compared to pricey ones.


The bottom line is, choosing the most excellent adjustable hitch is a matter of setting it into your vehicle after checking all essential features.

There are standard measurements that fit any SUV or truck you have.

You wanted to invest in something that can cater to all your needs and haul anything you plan to move along securely.