5 Reasons F150 is A Perfect Off-Roader

When it comes to listing down America’s most influential vehicles of all time, the Ford-150 would be hitting the top without a doubt.

When former president George Washington was even seen driving it, it gained notoriety. It’s all about perfection in this automobile that kept attracting people from the very beginning to this age.

If you have ever ridden in it or heard about the truck, you know it’s capable of taking on any challenge you throw at it. F-150 has always been the hype when we talk about off-roader trucks.

So, what makes F-150 such an off-track beast? This is what our today’s article is all about- 5 reasons F-150 is a perfect off-roader!

5 Reasons F-150 Is A Perfect Off-Roader


For driving on off-roads, it’s quite dangerous to use a vehicle that can’t endure the adversities of rough and tough terrains.

However, that’s not the case with the F-150. No matter what you want for safety and comfort, the F=150 has it all!

#1. Four-Wheel Drive with a Short Range

When we talk about an off-roader, we’re just referring to a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The engine torque is uniformly distributed between the front and rear axles in four-wheel-drive cars.

When it comes to the 2016 Ford F-150, the addition of a four-wheel-drive improved traction, making it ideal for driving in emergency scenarios.

This is one of the greatest four-wheel-drive trucks with a 4×4 automatic transmission if you have a limited budget. It’s a fantastic feature because it allows for more torque multiplication at lower speeds.

There isn’t a better four-wheel drive in your area than the Ford F-150. When it comes to the 4×4 automatic transmission setting, it allows you to go at a considerably faster rate—at least three to five miles per hour.

Although it isn’t ideal for muddy terrain or icy roads, its tremendous torque makes it ideal for towing hefty trailers. And, definitely, you can install a truck winch to make the vehicle invincible.

#2. Electronic-Locking Rear Differential

A rear-wheel with less spin would be ideal for a four-wheel-drive truck like the F-150. This is because it contributes significantly to the truck’s forward-wheel momentum.

The included electronic-looking rear differential, on the other hand, may easily lock the rear wheels so that you can gain momentum.

You can also effortlessly handle the vehicle in low-traction conditions, thanks to the incorporation of electronic stability control.

How is this accomplished? This feature, combined with an electronic-locking rear differential, prevents one of the rear wheels from spinning faster than the twin-torque engine allows.

Reach the dash knob to engage the electronic-locking rear differential. It’s also available on some full-size pickups with two-wheel drive.

#3. Camera System with 360-Degree View

Off-road driving necessitates constant attention. Otherwise, you may encounter problems such as a gouged tire or other hidden dangers. The Ford F-150, thankfully, is equipped with a 360-degree video system that allows you to keep a watch on the edges and rocks.

This function can help you park, and the other three cameras mounted on the side mirrors, tailgate, and front grill provide a greater view of the road. However, we recommend installing a modified grill on your F150 for better protection and view, see more.

The camera system isn’t ideal for off-road driving, it does allow you to get a good view of the surrounding environment. LCD screen in the center console, you can see what’s going on around you.

Consider the system to be a digital spotter who is always one step ahead of you on the route.

#4. Hill Descent Control

Even if your vehicle has low-range gearing, it won’t be adequate to keep the vehicle moving at a consistent speed and in a safe manner while traveling along, descending off-road sector.

Even though this is not a pre-built package, you may get an upgraded variant with a decent control system.

When triggered, the hill descent control can take over the braking system, allowing you to focus on safely directing the car to the intended place rather than on keeping your foot on the pedal. The off-road cruise control will enable you to apply brake pressure at any speed up to 20 mph.

This option is also available for forwarding and backward gear that can assist you in escaping dangerous circumstances.

#5. FX4 Off-Road Package

The FX4 off-road package is another option for the Ford F-150. It has a robust suspension system in addition to hill descent control and an electronic-locking rear differential. On uneven routes, it provides the most comfort.

On the other side, this Ford option gives you extra ground clearance that you won’t find on other F-150 models. It also contains skid plates to protect the front differential, transfer case, and petrol tank from damage.

As a result, you will have no trouble keeping your vehicle secure on the route.

Ford F-150 and Its Modification

modification for off-roading

If you already possess an older version of the F-150 and want to upgrade, you should read this section. Because of the aftermarket parts available on the market, you may now upgrade your truck for a low cost.

Cold Air Intake

The air becomes denser as it becomes colder. More fuel equals more bang, hence the denser the air, the more bang. The benefit of this feature is that you can experience a better engine sound because the factory-installed air silencers must be removed.


The availability of aftermarket parts is one of the reasons why the F-150 outperforms other truck types.

Installing exhaust can provide you with the ideal off-road experience by producing a roaring sound. When it comes to buying one, though, go for the wider and constructed titanium. A titanium exhaust system can help you lose weight, which is a positive.


Upgrade your shocks and springs if you want to get the best off-road performance out of your last F-150 truck. Installing a raise kit will also improve your suspension. It not only gives you stability, but it also gives you ground clearance.

Furthermore, you can get away with improved suspension on your truck if you swap your tires with off-roading tires wrapped around Beadlock wheels.


The Ford F-150 has long piqued the interest of truck enthusiasts. After all, why not? It comes with everything a truck needs for a pleasant off-road journey.

Ford has always been a master at designing the greatest off-road trucks available. And we hope that these five reasons F-150 is the best off-roader convince you to get one even more!