How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner in Gas Tank

When we buy a car, we want it to look perfect and perform to its best levels all the time. We take much care of its cleaning and timely servicing. However, if the car is taken in the garage every time, the mechanic suggests some unavoidable measures and we end up spending huge amounts of money.

Therefore, many of us look for solutions that can help us to balance the performance of the car and save us from burning the big holes in the pockets.

Motivated by this approach, various companies have introduced their fuel injector cleaners at very affordable prices. While some people have started using these fuel injector cleaners regularly and have realized their benefits, there are others who are new to this product.

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner in Gas Tank

Here we are going to address some of these doubts that will help the new users to ascertain their knowledge on fuel injector cleaners.

The fuel that we use in our car produces a lot of dirt particles and impurities that deposit on the fuel injector outer walls and throttle plates during the course of time.

Such a deposit may hamper the performance of your car and its efficiency of fuel to a great extent.  We use fuel injector cleaners to get rid of these deposits from the fuel injectors.

Know the Injector First

First of all, we need to know how do we choose the right fuel injector for our vehicle? There are basic differences in the functionalities of all the cars. These can be understood by the fact that some work on gas, while some use petrol and diesel as well.

The best people to suggest to you on this topic can be your car mechanic or the salesman in the car store from where you bought it. You can also call the customer care of the brand of the car to seek this information.

If you are sure of which fuel injector cleaner is going to work for your car, then let us move to the next step.

Pouring Injector Cleaner In Gas Tank

As a second step, you need to read the instructions as guided by the fuel injector cleaners company. Although the fuel injector cleaners have the same aim i.e.” cleaning the fuel injector” but the functionality is often varying.

For example, some of the fuel injectors have to be used directly into the gas tank while others need to be diluted first. So it is suggested that you go through the reading manual and follow the instructions thereby. In most cases, it is one ounce for one gallon.

Just before you are going to insert the fuel injector cleaner in your car, make sure that you empty the fuel tank entirely.

empty fuel tankAfter putting the fuel injector cleaner into your car, now you can add the fuel in the car as proportionate to the fuel injector cleaner that you have added.

These are some of the simple steps that will not only help you increase the performance efficiency of your driving speed but also raise the fuel economy in the car.

You are ready to go for a drive and realize the smoothness in the vehicle from the very moment you have put the fuel in it.

As a matter of advice, we would suggest you that always buy the “premium gas” for your car as you are taking all the measures to ensure the effectiveness of your car.

At times the users complain of clogging of the fuel injectors. The main reason for clogging mostly happens due to the high amount of impurities in the gasoline used.

Check the Injector Regularly

You can check on the work function of the fuel injectors by opening the hood and throwing in some light at the combustion chamber. You will get to see the spray pattern releasing from the fuel injectors. If you are not able to notice a uniform spray pattern, it indicates clogging.

check fuel injector regularly

Image: Fuel injector from Honda Civic.

The problem of clogging is quite common in the vehicles. Especially after a certain time period, when we do not pay attention to its cleaning, then the thick layers of clogs get deposited on the throttle plates.

The role of fuel injector cleaners is to clean that unwanted timely dirt and dust.


The fuel injector cleaners are most often not very expensive. You can buy a good quality fuel injector cleaner within your budget very easily. The best way to buy is to either check in your nearby store or order it online. Online you can even see the reviews of the fuel injector cleaner and place your order accordingly.