How To Tell If Your Car is a Lemon

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  • Post last modified:February 17, 2022

There are many reasons why you might suspect that your car is a lemon. For example, you can’t get it to start, the lights don’t work, or maybe it’s leaking oil.

These are all signs that something may be wrong with your vehicle, and you should take it in for an inspection before driving any further.

How Do You Know If You Got Sold A Lemon Car?

A recent study shows that lemon cars will have issues after the first few months of driving.

The most common reason is that the vehicle has been in for repairs at least twice within a short period, and the problem remains.

In this case, you should try to get your money back or have it replaced with a new vehicle under warranty by going up against the dealer who sold it to you.

However, knowing the early signs that your vehicle is suspected to be a lemon can save you from going through this.

There are several telltale signs that your car might have been sold to you as a defective vehicle, and it would be worth getting inspected by an auto mechanic.

Hiring a lawyer or firm that specializes in lemon law can be beneficial. They will save you the headache and trouble of having to do it yourself by handling all the legwork for you.

The lemon law in California requires that the car have at least four issues for it to be considered a lemon. Those are:

  • The problem cannot be fixed within two or three attempts of having it repaired by the manufacturer
  • The issue poses a serious risk to health, safety and property
  • The vehicle is out of service for 30 days due to repairs
  • The car was bought brand new

The Telltale Signs of A Lemon Car

While buying a used car can help you save money, the risks of being sold a lemon are high.

There is more to buying a used car than just having a mechanic check it out for you before driving away with it. You need to know how to tell if your vehicle is a lemon from the following signs:

Strong or bad odors

If there is a noticeable odor coming from your car, it may be a sign of something wrong with the interior.

It could also mean that there are some leaks inside or outside of the vehicle, which can cause you problems in the future.

Stiff bumper

The car’s bumper should not be stiff but rather soft and flexible. A bumper that is too firm can mean there are issues with the suspension or alignment of your car, which means it will cause more problems in the future.

Leaks from engine oil or other fluids

Leaking engine oil or any other type of fluid-like transmission fluid could indicate a severe issue with the vehicle.

In addition, the leaks mean that you will need to spend more money on repairs, which could lead to a replacement of an entire part of your car if not done immediately.

Poorly constructed ad

Dealers placing ads for used cars can be helpful, but you need to know how to tell if your vehicle is a lemon from the following signs:

The dealer’s ad does not have any prices listed. The price being requested by the dealer cannot be justified when looking at the market value of similar vehicles in good condition.

If there are no pictures included with the ad, it may signify that the dealer is trying to cover up something.

Worn-out or mismatched tires

Worn-out or mismatched tires are a sign that your car needs to be serviced. It could also mean the opposite, and there might not be any issues with it, but you need to make sure by checking on site.

The problem may only require simple changes to look better than before, which is worth looking into if you are interested in keeping your car running smoothly for as long as possible.

Bad warranty

Check the warranty provided by the dealer and see if it matches what you were promised.

If there are any discrepancies or missing parts, then your vehicle may be considered a lemon which means that you will need to take legal action for them to give you your money back.

Issues with windows and locks

The windows and locks of your car should work correctly. If they do not, this could indicate severe issues with the electrical system, which will require you to spend more money on repairs for it to function correctly again.

Sloppy bodyworks and paint colors

Bodyworks that are shoddy or mismatched colors could mean that the car has not been adequately cared for.

It might seem like a good idea to buy it at first because you can get it for cheap, but this will lead up to more issues in the future if these things are left unattended after purchase.

Worn out car interior

The car’s interior should be in good condition if the vehicle is still relatively new.

However, if there are holes or tears on any of the seats, this could mean that they need to be replaced immediately, which means you will spend more money than what it is worth.

Shaky suspension

If the car’s suspension is shaky, then there are serious problems with it.

Unfortunately, this means that you will have to spend more money on repairs, which could replace a whole part of your vehicle if not done immediately.

Final Words

Learning the signs of a lemon car will help you avoid getting into any trouble with your vehicle. You must know what to look for to get the best service possible at all times, which will keep your automobile running smoothly.