What Is The Easiest Way To Increase Horsepower?

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  • Post last modified:February 17, 2022

The term ‘horsepower’ is a common term among car lovers and owners, especially those who love car racing.

It refers to the unit of power a horse releases when pulling a load or chariot. This translates to about 33,000 pounds per minute.

The creation of combust engines brought with it new promises of faster cars. Modern vehicles come with a lot of horsepowers.

However, it’s only natural for this to reduce as your car age. After a while, your once fast car may find it a little more difficult to climb a hill.

If you’re currently experiencing this situation, or maybe you just want to increase how fast your car moves, then this article is for you.

Read on to find out the easiest ways to improve your car’s horsepower or, better still, to increase how fast your vehicle runs per minute.

6 Easiest Ways To Increase Horsepower

#1. Enhance Your Cold-Air Intake

The technique involved in enhancing the cold air intake of your engine is the same technique that allows the deflation of a balloon when it’s exposed to cold.

This means that if you enhance the cold air intake of your car engine, you’re literarily giving opportunities for an increased flow of air molecules to the engine.

This, in turn, will increase the rate at which your fuel is burnt and generate more power for your engine.

Your engine can be more alive and work faster when it can breathe in cooler air molecules more quickly and deeply.

The more the air, the more the combustion. An increase in combustion is an increase in horsepower. And, guess what?

You can increase your horsepower to about six to seven in your regular engine. That’s some speed for you!

#2. Replace Your Exhaust

If you’ve upgraded your cold air intake and you discover that your car is still not moving as fast as you want it, then you may also need to replace your exhaust system.

Your exhaust plays a significant role in how fast or slow your car moves. Both new and used vehicles can use a replaced exhaust. For new cars, you may not need to replace the exhaust immediately.

But, for used cars with exhaust all clogged up with accumulated old gases, you’ll definitely need to replace it fast.

Replacing your entire exhaust with a piping that has a wider diameter will allow the exhaust gases to expel easier and faster.

It also makes allowance for more free flow of dense air and fuel. The easier it can expel carbon monoxide, the easier and faster it can breathe in more oxygen to fan the fuel to more speed.

#3. Swap Your Air Filter

You may not know this, but your air filter could be the culprit of your slow car. To increase your vehicle’s horsepower, you could also change your old air filter for a newer and cleaner one.

The new filter will give more space for your engine to breathe in more air. And what do you have?  A few more horsepower is added to your engine.

#4. Use Forced Induction Systems

Using a forced induction system is an easy, if not the easiest, way to dramatically increase your horsepower, although this could be more expensive. It involves two methods: using a supercharger or a turbocharger.

Supercharger: It literarily charges your engine up by pressurizing more air to the engine. There’s a drastic increase in the fuel mix, which instantaneously produces more horsepower.

The supercharger is directly powered by being connected directly to the engine with a belt. This is also the exact reason why it’s more effective than six-cylinder engines.

Turbocharger: Unlike the supercharger, the turbocharger is powered directly by the exhaust. It gets its work done by recycling the power released by the exhaust to fire itself up.

This can guarantee an immediate 25% increase in the horsepower of your car. With the turbocharged engine, you can make 1400 miles run in a considerably short time.

#5. Get a Large Throttle Body

The larger your vehicle’s throttle body is, the more horsepower it has. You, however, have to consider your type of engine. Some engines can’t handle a large throttle body. And, instead of gaining more horsepower, such vehicles just lose more power.

You should also ensure that the throttle body is proportional to your vehicle’s injector size. The larger the throttle, the larger the injector size.

  • Tweak Your Tires

Leaving the engine alone for a while, there are also a few tricks and tweaks you can do to your tires that will increase the speed of your car.

One such trick is to ensure your car’s tires are properly aligned. Proper tire alignment means that your wheels are straight.

This ensures your car can run in a straight line. Another tweak you can make is to opt for smaller or relatively shorter tires instead of your regular tires. With shorter tires, you can cover more distance in far lesser time.

#6. Re-Flash Your Car’s Computer

This may not be necessary if your car isn’t supercharged or turbocharged. It may also not be required if you’ve guaranteed that the car’s sluggishness has nothing to do with the factory setting of the vehicle.

However, if you have a supercharged car and you suspect that the factory setting could be worked on to improve the speed, then go right ahead and flash the car’s computer memory.

This will improve the timing, the mixture of the fuel and air, and everything that your horsepower needs to increase energy.

By reflashing your car’s computer memory, you’ll be resetting it to a new one. The good thing about reflashing your car’s memory is that it can be undone if there’s ever a reason to undo it.


Increasing your car’s horsepower could take several methods; however, the above-listed ways are some of the easiest methods to improve your horsepower.

Enhance your cold air intake, replace your exhaust, swap your air filter, use some forced inductions by introducing a supercharger or turbocharger to your engine, tweak your tires, and reflash your car’s computer memory.

You can employ one or more of the above techniques to boost your car’s horsepower and increase its speed.