How to Clean Your Wiper Blades

It seems that when you are driving in wet weather conditions or on dusty roads, your wiper blades are always streaking unless they are new from the shop.

This persists no matter the number of times you spray the washer fluid. The wipers, when they are dirty, will ever be leaving little lines of water and some sections of uncleaned spots on the windshield glass.

If you are not an experienced driver or a keen one, you might think that the wipers need to be replaced again. It is high time you learned that you always need a clean windshield and clean wiper blades so as to be able to clean everything that obstructs your view while driving.

How to Clean Your Wiper Blades?

So, let’s find the answer here.

Cleaning the wiper blades is an activity and procedure which is very straightforward and actually, it will take you just a couple of minutes.

You only need:

4 Simple Step of Cleaning Wiper Blades

Before your cleaning of the wiper blades, you should make sure the car is first clean. This you can do yourself but you can take it to the car wash to remove the general dirt. Once all this is done, now start the process of cleaning up the wiper blades:

  1. Lift the wiper blades off from the windshield glass first. I hope you had considered buying the best wiper blades from us.

  2. After this, gently apply the washer fluid, the exact amount, to the clean rags that you had prepared then start by wiping the edges of the wiper blades. In case you don’t have a washer fluid, you can use hot, soapy water to wipe down the edges of the blades. Make sure that you pass through the wipers frequently with this rag until there is no dirt that comes from the rubber edges of the wiper blades.

  3. Once you are through with the edges, now you can embark on wiping the hinged areas of the blades so as to ensure there is smooth fluid movement.

  4. Lastly, wipe the edges of the clean wiper blades with a little amount of rubbing alcohol. Remember the alcohol is not used to wash the blades, but it is only for washing so that it removes any soapy film and residue that would have been left on the rubber during the washing.

Why It Is Essential to Clean Wiper Blades?

Because the wiper blades are placed on the outside of the car, it is true that they are ever susceptible to all types of debris and dirt which are encountered as you drive.

All the splatters of mud, the bird droppings, and such dirt trace their portions on these auto parts. Since we cannot prevent these occurrences and therefore it is important to keep the wiper blades clean to ensure that the accumulated dirt does not make its way onto the car’s windshield.

Not keeping the blades clean can have effects because they will not be able to work efficiently. Therefore having regular maintenance of the blades would prevent all these issues and also consider to buy the best blades from us.

Remember that efficient wiper blades are as essential to the car’s safe operation as good tire pressure and clean oil. So, never neglect this basic maintenance.