Car Insurance for Women Drivers

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  • Post last modified:January 8, 2021

Does it really make sense to have a special kind of car insurance for women? It seems quite unreasonable since both men and women can understand and actually drive a car. However, research has shown that women are less likely to be involved in car crashes and in the event of the unexpected; they are less likely to sue.

For these reasons and more, it has become important that women opt for special women car insurance.

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Why is Auto Insurance for Women Cheap?

  • Most women who drive opt for cheap car insurance and reasonably so. Having men and women pay the same premium may not completely favor women since they are more conservative when it comes to the use of cars.
  • Research has that men are more enticed by newer models of their favorite cars as well as choice rides which cost a whole fortune. And while this looks like a routine for the average male, a woman will consider it rather extravagant to buy multiple cars and the accompanying multiple insurances.
  • Women hardly acquire cars as frequently as men. Where a man would consider adding another ride to his garage, a woman would consider changing her wardrobe.

How to find an Affordable Insurance Policy?

Now that you have known why special car insurance was created for women, we may proceed with knowing how to find the very best of these deals.

For as long as anyone can remember, car insurance has always been on the affordable side. This is because women have proven to be more careful on wheels than men, hence the fewer incidences of accidents and auto insurance claims.

Though many countries will discontinue considering women especially when it comes to car insurance, some other countries still give women the advantage including the USA. Interestingly, age is a more important factor when estimating what each woman pays as premium. Generally, the younger the woman, the higher the premium she pays and vice versa.

The idea is that younger women are many times more likely to be more reckless on the road than the older ones. They are also more likely to make claims.

To get the cheapest car auto insurance as a woman, what you simply have to do is to compare rates from various companies offering the same service. A simple search online will provide you with a list or even a directory of car insurance companies within your neighborhood.

Car Insurance for Younger Women

Insurance companies make more money off younger women than the older ones. Though some companies offer competitive rates, many other are just bent on ripping you off with exorbitant premiums. Until you turn 25, you will continue to pay a significantly higher premium to your company.

However, there are a couple of ways you can reduce the costs.

The Grades Matter

Generally, insurance companies believe that finishing from college with good grades come with a certain degree of highway intelligence. For students who have great academic records as well as impressive driving skills, lower premiums are almost always inevitable.

Pay on As-You-Drive Basis

If you have an impressive driving record, you can save as much as a fourth with some companies who offer discounts for excellent driving. If, however, your driving records have been mired with irregularities and some DUI offenses, this won’t work for you.

Claim Big if You Must Claim

Bear in mind that your car insurance was never intended to cover that minor scratch on your windscreen or repair a tire that bursts in the middle of the highway. Do not waste your time and resources haggling for little claims that can easily be overlooked.

The unwritten rule here is that if you must claim, claim big! Constantly making little claims month after month quickly piles up in just a few years; the effect being that your insurance company may either raise your premium for good measure or decide to end business with you.

The Type of Car Matters Too

It is common sense to know that except in special insurance cases such as the broad form auto insurance which covers the driver only, all cars cannot attract the same premium. As expected, the more expensive your car is, the more you will pay in premium and vice versa.

Now that’s for the exterior and social appeal so to say.  But if the care has inbuilt mechanisms such as a good airbag and automatic transmission systems, they will help you negotiate a lower premium; saving you money in the process. However, no matter the perceived value of the insurance you want to buy, ensure you don’t pay above one-tenth the cost of your car.

Compare Rates Once in a While

All auto insurance companies in the United States cannot have the same package for women. Without giving in to biases, some are way better than the others. This is so, why stick with one company for forever when there are better companies out there?

Shop around at least once every year as there is a chance you could discover that your company has been ripping you off. As always, the internet is a good place to start searching.

Cash in on All Available Discounts

Depending on your vocation, age, gender and social affiliation, insurance companies have a couple of special discounts which you could tap into. There are packages for physicians, teachers, engineers and military officers. If you are comfortable with your insurance company, do well to find out if they offer discounts to long-term customers.

If positive, consider sticking to the same company taking advantage of discounts every time you renew your insurance policy.

Other possible discounts include:

  • Ensuring multiple cars with the same company.
  • learning defensive driving
  • Having an excellent driving record in the last 3 years etc.


Getting cheap car insurance is possible if research is done well. It all depends on how much information you get and this only comes via research. Irrespective of your age, car or driving, you can still get a great deal if you shop around.