Why Your Truck Needs a Bedliner

No matter how glossy a finish your truck has and how sleek it initially looked, the truck bed will most likely scratch and chip over time, especially if you often transports goods or cargo in the back.

With spray-on, roll-on, drop-in bedliners readily available on the market, there is almost no excuse why your truck isn’t protected. Let’s take a look at all the good something so simple can do for your beloved.

Protection for Your Truck Bed

The first point is a no-brainer. No matter the type of bedliner you choose (drop-in, spray-on, roll-on), it will protect your truck bed from dents, scratches, chips, corrosion, and almost anything else you can think of. Rain, hail, snow or sleet, you wouldn’t need to worry about rust, which a top killer of vehicles.

Not to mention, the truck bedliner also protects your cargo from getting scuffed up. You may be asking which kind of bedliner is the best and what brand, but that’s really up to your needs.

Line X vs Rhino liners is a hotly debated topic amongst truck enthusiasts. Spray on and roll-on liners are also notoriously convenient and easy to repair.

Protects Your Cargo

It not only provides a skid-proof surface that holds your cargo in place, it also dampens the thumping and bumping that inevitably happens on the road. A lot of spray-on liners have a textured/grainy finish that acts as an anti-slip mat. This is sought after for those who often need to transport fragile items.

The bumpy and pebbled surface may not be ideal for drivers who often need to be on their hands and knees loading and unloading the cargo. It could be tough on your joints after a period of time.

Sound Dampening Properties

Yes, a thicker bedliner will help deafen the jostles that happen on uneven roads. It kind of acts like an insulator and keeps the sound contained. Hearing the bumping and thumping of the cargo on your truck bed is enough to trigger anxiety.

Now you no longer have to wonder what damage is being done to your truck bed or your precious cargo when you’re driving in harsh conditions.

It Looks Good!

Also think of it as an aesthetic improvement. The bedliners make your truck look pretty! A nice new paint job for your handy vehicle will mean nothing if the truck bed is all scuffed up! Not only that, it also extends the life of your

A Smart Investment  

Not only will it protect your truck and your cargo, it also dampens noise and looks great. One other thing a truck bedliner can do is increase the resale value of your truck! So everyone wins (well, you mostly)!


There is almost no shred of doubt about it, a truck bedliner is a smart investment. If you love your truck and would like to prolong its life (who wouldn’t?), then a truck bedliner is the way to go.

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