Car Detailing vs Car Wash – Which One Is The Best?

If you are into the car detailing industry, you would find many clients of yours asking you the difference between car detailing and car washing.

Being the owner or employee of a car detailing shop in NY, you would easily understand the fact that for most non-automobile enthusiasts, there isn’t much difference between the two.

But they won’t realize the fact that getting the car detailed every now and then can altogether transform the entire looks of the car.

That is why to make the clients understand the importance of car detailing including ceramic coating paint protection of cars, we are going to discuss it in and out.

What is Car Detailing?

car detail

In simple words, when you get your car detailed, it means that your car would be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom, inside out by using specialized products and tools.

Usually, the car detailer will also give the vehicle a light cosmetic touch up that doesn’t involve the body repairs or paintwork of the car.

Cleaning and complete reconditioning of the exteriors, as well as interiors, are the vital parts of car detailing.

The goal is to refurbish the existing paintwork by removing the swirl marks or any kind of scratches. The end result is a vehicle that looks brand new just like the one that you got out of the showroom a few years back.

Car Detailing vs Car Wash

car wash

Now, as we have discussed the concept of car detailing, it is very important to highlight the major differences between car detailing and car wash.

First things first, when it comes to a car wash, it is going to charge you roughly around $10 to $40.

A usual car wash in NY includes just a small segment of the cleaning process that you can easily get from a car detailing process.

Thus, with car washing, you would get a fraction of the results.

Usually, the process of car washing is a ten to twenty minutes long process, starting with washing and ending on drying.

You can either opt for hand car washing or by drive-thru car washing machines that use bristles, car soap, and water to clean the grime from the car.

What are the Different Steps of Car Detailing?

The car detailing, if done in a proper manner, can be divided into two different parts: interior and exterior detailing. For your ease, we are going to describe each phase separately.

Exterior Car Detailing

  • Exterior wash with soap to remove the dirt.
  • Cleaning of the wheels by using special wheel cleaning products and brushes.
  • Washing and drying of paintwork using a soft microfiber cloth and washing mittens.
  • Claying of paintwork using an automotive clay bar.
  • Polishing of paint to remove the scratches and any oxidation mark.
  • Waxing of the paint.
  • Cleaning and polishing of windows and the rest of the parts.

Interior Car Detailing

  • Thorough vacuuming and shampooing of the upholstery.
  • Cleaning of plastics and vinyl.
  • Cleaning and polishing of interior glass.

With that being said, now you know all the essentials of car detailing and why it is better than the usual car washing.

So, next time you go to the service station, opt for car detailing rather than car washing.