VW T-Cross – The Smallest SUV with Turbo Engines

Volkswagen T-Cross engine line-up comes with turbo units and MQB Platform

Finally, VW has introduced its long-awaited smallest SUV in the lineup, it is VW T-Cross SUV. The T-Cross SUV is one of the most modern vehicles on the VW model lineup for sales in 2019. VW has used the modular transverse matrix MQB Platform to build the overall body of the vehicle and to couple it with the chassis system and drivetrain.

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Four turbo engines

VW has finally announced the Volkswagen T-Cross engines family and they confirm that the model would get three petrol engines and one diesel engine, where all of them would be smaller units but would get power from forced induction system, the turbochargers in command.

Let’s start from the petrol engines, VW T-Cross can be bought with 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine, a three-cylinder turbocharged engine with two power variations – a 95hp and a 115hp. However, if you need a bit more power and you are not found of three-cylinder engines anymore, there would be an option of 1.5-liters TSI four-cylinder T-Cross engines. These four-cylinder units would be offered in 150hp variation.

The fourth and final engine is the only offered diesel engine, it is a VW T-Cross engine range completing unit. It is 1.6-litre TDI four-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of generating 95 horsepower but never mind if it has a lower number of horses, it leads the range in higher numbers of torque.

All the four T-Cross engines are introduced as the most fuel-efficient engines on the new and VW Used engine lineup as all four engines comply with the euro-6 D-Temp emission standards, the highest most engine emission standards so far in the UK and Europe.

The new T-Cross project has been started by the automaker at the Navarra manufacturing facility in Spain with an investment of 1 billion euros in the manufacturing facility. The entire investment would be made by 2019 and the production would start.

The teasers were already introduced and then the test driving versions came in to test the vehicle. The new model hints at a crossover design and it is said to be the smallest SUV revealed at VW. Again! It’s remembering able that these four-cylinder units would be offered in 150hp variation only.

VW-T-Cross.EngineWhat is it?

The all-new T-Cross model is one of the best models to be bought in 2019 as according to the experts, it is practicality coupled with the funky design and backed by the entire family of strong and fuel economical turbocharged engines.

Practicality is at its peak with all the right boxes on a driver’s wish list, the body design is most modern while the engines line up complies with the toughest emission standards. The model is due to sales by next year and the prices would start from somewhere 19,000 GBP.

The T-Cross would follow most of the design cues and get overall inspiration from the T-Roc models as these models are planned to grow to 12 by 2020. But it would be the cheapest model line up in the VW SUV lineup. The T-Cross would rival the Hyundai Kona, Nissan Juke, but it is expected that the model would get the most of the sales chunk in all its markets.

All the engines would come with seven-speed dual clutch transmissions or they would get exclusively admired six-speed manual transmissions a standard.

The DSG transmissions are easy to shift gears and they are swift. The T-Cross would be made available in front-wheel drive version only. During the road tests so far, the diesel cars are interestingly better to drive than the petrol counterparts. All the models including diesel and petrol would be on 17-inch wheels. All this setup is evidence of vague setup and variations between these small SUV models.