Things You Should Look For in a Volvo Truck Dealer

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  • Post last modified:April 8, 2021

Volvo is the maker of one of the world’s biggest, heavy-duty trucks. More than 90% of the trucks built by Volvo are way over 16 tonnes.

The trucks and vehicles sold by Volvo are serviced and sold in more than 100 countries around the globe.

To date, Volvo trucks are available in more than 2,100 workshops and dealerships worldwide.

It is Volvo’s goal to always observe safety, quality, and environmental care in all their dealings with their stakeholders.

Also, they promise to be a just, equitable, and attractive employer to their internal stakeholders, while always satisfying their external stakeholders.

If these are all that the company stands for, then it is also right to demand the same treatment and values from its authorized truck dealers.

Whether you are looking for a truck for business or helping your group carry out your humanitarian missions in different parts of the world, here are essential things you should look for in your Volvo truck dealer:

Authorized Dealer by Volvo

Some people would think that if it carries the same brand, it does not matter where you buy, it is all the same.

While this may sound practical, to protect your interest, work only with a Volvo-authorized truck dealer. Checking whether you want to work with the dealer is easy.

All you have to do is visit Volvo’s website and go to the “Find your local dealer” page. From there, you can turn on your location and start the search.

You can also drag the “range” icon and move it to the right side to widen your search.

Once your search yields results, you can also see the details of the dealer, such as their shop name, address, website, business hours, contact details, services offered, and directions to get to their shop.

Carries a Wide Array of Volvo Trucks

There are two kinds of buyers – those who know exactly what they want and those who only understand their needs when they see the product.

In any of these cases, the dealer must have a wide array of trucks to suit the customers’ needs.

With such a considerable number of options, a buyer who already knows what he wants might find something better and settle for the latter.

And those who are still unsure of what they want will have plenty of time to make up their minds.

Warranties, After-Sales Service, and Parts Availability

After you have taken your truck for a test-drive and once you are sure that it is really the truck that you want to purchase, check for the added service like warranties, after-sales servicing, and spare parts availability.

For one, warranties will protect you from any hidden defects you might discover after you take your truck home.

This will assure you that the money that you paid for will not go down the drain in case of damages and defects.

After-sales servicing, on the other hand, is as necessary because some sellers’ responsibilities to their buyers end after the sale is consummated.

Because of that, it is harder for the customer to reach them for post-sale questions and inquiries.

And lastly, also check if the dealer you are working with also carries spare parts for your purchased truck.

Should there be any emergency later on, which requires replacement of parts, you will no longer need to look farther.


Finding the right truck dealer surely takes some effort on the buyer’s part. Then again, considering the amount of money you will part with in exchange for the truck, a simple push, and due diligence are worth a truckload of savings.