4 Handy Tips for Car Import in Europe

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  • Post last modified:February 22, 2021

Buying things online has never been easier. Simply find the item you want and within a few clicks, it will be on its way to you.

Thanks to the internet, this even applies to cars. Why compromise on your dream car when you have access to car markets in so many other countries?

Buying online means it’s easy to shop around and get the best value for money, as well as having a wide selection to choose from.

So, together with NOVORA, we want to share some of our tips for importing cars in Europe so that you have the knowledge to feel confident in buying your dream car online.

4 Tips for Car Import in Europe

Shop Around to Get the Best Deal

As we’ve already mentioned, online shopping is a quick and easy way to buy a car. However, you still need to do your research.

With so many options and so many service providers, it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay.

Having access to such a huge market means that you won’t have to compromise on what you want, so don’t rush into things.

Take your time to make sure you are getting exactly what you had hoped for. So, once you have a clear set of criteria in mind for your new car, use the breadth of the internet to your advantage to find the best value for money.

Using NOVORA means that when you have found your dream car, they take care of the sales talks (including price negotiations), as well as evaluating the seller to make sure that you are getting what you pay for (although please note that NOVORA cannot enter into existing negotiations and agreements between you and the seller).

This is a great option because all you need to do is choose a car, then you can be confident that NOVORA will help to get you the best deal with a great seller.

Have the Car Inspected

One of the downfalls of online shopping is that it is not generally possible for you to go and inspect the car yourself.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of independent experts who are available to go to the site of your future car and carry out a comprehensive and independent inspection.

This means that you will be certain that the description you have seen online is accurate and you will have the security of knowing that your new car will match the quality you are expecting.

With NOVORA, arranging a reliable and independent inspection is easy, and you will find out whether or not the car is reliable and matches the description before you have parted with your money.

No-fuss and no unwanted surprises!

Look Out for Hidden Costs

Importing a car, as well as the bureaucracy that often comes with buying directly from a dealer online, sometimes incurs hidden or additional charges.

If you purchase through NOVORA, they will buy the car from the seller, and then sell it to you directly.

This means that you will know exactly what the whole process will cost you before you make your decision. All you need to do is copy the URL from autoscout.24.de, mobile.de, hey.car or romoto.de and paste it into NOVORA’s Car Import Calculator and press ‘calculate’.

This will show you all the costs associated with purchasing and importing your car so there will be no surprises later down the line.

If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, either request the import or order directly and NOVORA will take care of the rest. From this point, all you will need to do is register the car at the end.

It’s that simple!

Returns Policies

Obviously, we hope you will love your new car as much as you had imagined, but we also know that things don’t always go according to plan.

For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure that wherever you are buying the car from has a clear returns policy, so you have the freedom to change your mind without losing your money.

It may seem daunting to make such a significant purchase without physically seeing the item first, but with a good returns policy, you will not need to worry about changing your mind.

If you purchase a car from NOVORA, you will benefit from their 14-day, hassle-free returns policy, meaning that if the car is not quite what you are expecting, you won’t be financially disadvantaged.

Hopefully, these tips have given you the knowledge you need to feel confident in buying and importing a car from the internet.

If you’re looking for a reliable platform for car import in Austria, then check out NOVORA. They have all the information you need, and their service is simple and efficient, making importing a car completely secure and hassle-free.