How to Replace Rear Windshield Wiper?

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Being a small part of your car, a windshield wiper actually plays a big role in your car’s overall safety.

The main task of a wiper is to remove dirt, snow, rain, frost, pollen, and any other debris that can interrupt your view for safe driving.

But with time, just like every other part, wipers also wear out and need to be replaced.

If you haven’t ever changed your car’s rear wiper, then you might get confused while doing it!

So, we have come up with this detailed guide to explain how to replace rear windshield wiper to make your task easier.

When Do You Need To Replace The Rear Wiper?

All wipers have hinges at the base which help them to flex the wiper arm when needed. With time your car’s wiper blade wears out due to corrosion.

Rear windshield wipers easily get affected, since they are used pretty less compared to front ones. The more you use such parts, the more they are active and last longer.

Sometimes, the wiper blade rubber gets damaged due to physical damage or prolonged usage.

You will hear some noises every time you try to wipe the debris away from your back windshield as it can’t move smoothly due to the damage that has already occurred.

Even the wiper blade can put some stain spots while it moves.

As a temporary solution, you can oil the hinge, but doing this won’t support you for long. So, if you want a permanent solution for years without worries, you have to replace those wipers right away.

Finding The Right Wiper

Before you start replacing your back wiper, you have to first choose the right ones that will suit your car.

You will easily get these blades in most of the auto parts retailer shops. To find out the appropriate one, check out the catalog in the aisle of the wiper to know the model number.

So, you need to match the proper wiper according to the similar product number you will find in the catalog. If you find it difficult, the shop owner might help you out in this case.

Required Tools

There are basically two tools you will need to complete the whole process:

  • Ratchet/socket set
  • Flat blade screwdriver

4 Steps Of Replacing The Rear Wiper Blade

Step 1: Remove The Plastic Cover

First of all, hold the broader portion of the cover in a way that it gets easier for you to wriggle the fingers with gentle force.

When you keep doing this, after a while, there will be a ‘clicking’ sound and you will find that the broader part has moved from its firm position.

Now, you have to place your hand in the middle of that cover in a way that you find the hook that connects the wiper with the cover.

Once you reach that point, grab the center point of the cover and try to pull it back and forth. Don’t be too harsh, just go gentle and that will be enough.

At this point, you might feel something is holding the cover back from getting detached completely and that is the hinge of the cover.

You need to angle it in a way that the narrower part opens up more and then keep moving it in that direction.

Finally, you will find that the hook is detached and the cover comes off.

Step 2: Remove The Old Windshield Wiper

It’s time to elevate the wiper arm and you will notice that there’s a small distance between the arm and the blade.

In that wiper arm, you will find a pinchable end where it is hooked with the wiper blade.

Now, you have to push the blade in the direction of the screwed area and press that pinchable end up against the wiper arm.

Keep doing it until the blade gets detached from the wiper arm. Now you have the blade free to move from its place. Finally, pull the blade backward and the old wiper will be removed completely.

Step 3: Connect The New Wiper

Once you remove the old windshield wiper, you know it well that you have to reverse the whole process to install the new one back.

Set the wiper in its right direction where the arm and the blade get connected to the plastic joint.

Now move the wiper arm’s tip into the clinging gap and at the front of the plastic joint. Then you have to pull the thing backward to connect the tip’s hook to that plastic joint.

Then you will see there is a free end of the arm and you need to hold and pull it firmly away until you hear that clicking sound again.

This is how the new wiper will be connected to its arm.

Step 4: Reconnect The Cover

This is the final step to complete the whole process of replacing a windshield wiper on your car.

So, after you connect the wiper, you have to notice that there is a hook just at the middle of the cover. The hook is right between the gap of the wiper blade and wiper arm, right on the joining point of both of them.

Now, you have to adjust the hook’s direction and slide it in a way that it goes exactly into that gap and you will see that the wiper got covered.

There comes the final step, hold the broader end and keep pressuring it until and unless you hear the clicking sound, and then you know you have successfully replaced your windshield wiper.

Final Words

Though it seems technically a bit hard at the beginning, following these above-mentioned steps will make this whole thing easier.

You don’t need to go to a mechanic shop just to replace rear windshield wiper, you can do it by yourself within a minute or two.

Don’t forget to keep good care of your car parts including the rear wiper, clean them regularly.

Whenever you find them worn out or damaged out of accident or corrosion, replace the old ones easily with these simple steps.

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