5 Car Repair Tasks You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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  • Post last modified:September 11, 2021

With rising car repair costs, a growing number of car owners are taking matters into their own hands and doing the repairs themselves.

There is nothing wrong with that, and there are several tutorial videos and articles on the internet guiding car owners on DIY repairs.

Repairing your own car makes sense sometimes, and can save you significant amounts of money, but it is critical to know when to turn things over to a car repair expert.

Some car repairs are just too complex to be handled by an amateur, and you may end up making things worse. Read on to learn five car repairs should not attempt yourself. 

5 Car Repair Tasks You Shouldn’t Do At Home

#1. Replacing a Windshield

windshield replace

The television commercials make it seem easy, but windshield repairs and replacements are one of those car repairs you should dread.

It’s a highly specialized task that requires specialized skills and tools that most likely you don’t have, and that’s why hiring an auto glass repair specialist is the only sensible thing to do. 

#2. Bodywork and Paint Job

car paint job

A paint job and fixing damaged body panels are messy, time-consuming, and expensive tasks.

Between the required training and all the fumes, they are among those car repair tasks for which car mechanics are the obvious choice.

By doing the bodywork yourself, you are likely to end up with an awful job with sanding gouges, bubbles, and several other issues.

A paint job isn’t much better. Doing it in a makeshift paint garage, you are likely to end up with insufficient clear coats, terrible coverage, and overspray problems.

We understand that these tasks are expensive, but they can hurt your pockets even more if you do them yourself. 

#3. Air Conditioning Repair

car ac

Your vehicle’s AC system is more complex than you might think.

If it’s experiencing problems, your local auto shop will gladly sell you a DIY AC repair kit, but do you want to get up close and personal with a hazardous chemical?

Your car’s AC system contains hazardous chemicals and recharging or repairing it yourself can be dangerous. You’ll be better off paying a professional to do the job right. 

#4. Transmission


The transmission is the heart and probably the most complex part of your vehicle. It has several complex parts and plays a critical role in engaging the vehicle in forward drive or reverse.

It requires delicate care, and you should never be handled by an average backyard mechanic, leave alone a car owner with little or no knowledge of how it should be repaired.

Transmission repairs are highly specialized procedures and should only be left to highly qualified mechanics. 

#5. Brake Rotors

brake rotor

You may be able to replace some brake parts like the brake pads, but if you replace them yourself, you need to get it right.

Your brakes are one of the most crucial safety features in your vehicle and you don’t want to put your life at risk with a shoddy job.

While some brake parts are easy to fix at home, brake rotors are not quite so simple. Rotors should only be re-machined and repaired by a professional. 


Doing these repairs yourself can put you and your vehicle in danger. Rather than attempting them, take your car to a professional.