Definitive Guide of Pressure Washing Your Car

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Are you looking for something that will make washing your car super easy? Then a pressure washer might be the answer for you.

The car loves you as much as you love your car. And a clean and fresh car is really something worth admiring. So, let’s learn how to pressure wash a car (effectively).

Whether you drive your car rarely or burn the tires daily, your car is going to get dirty. I hope you are not like me who is so lazy to wash the car regularly.

It is better to wash your car at least once a week depending on the amount of dirt. And I am going to tell you why pressure washing is the easiest way to clean your car like a charm.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Car?

In my opinion, why waste so much time washing your car rather than having fun riding it? Pressure washing is a process to make cleaning a lot easier and quicker. Well, this is not magic though. You need to follow some steps for proper cleaning.

Here are a few benefits of pressure washing your car:

  • Super Easy: Ever faced the problem of cleaning mud from behind the tires below the frame? That is really hard to clean properly. Just five minutes with a pressure washer will be enough for those dirty places.
  • Less physical work: Garden hose in one hand and a scrubber with detergent on other hand is the common scenario of car cleaning. This takes away a good amount of energy from your body. Using a pressure washer saves you the exact amount of energy.
  • Effective cleaning: You know pressure washing is so effective in cleaning stubborn dirt spots. The same thing happens while pressure washing a car. Proper distribution of water force and detergent produces a stunning shiny result.

Is It Safe Pressure Washing a Car?

This is like the most common question I get to hear from people all around me. And I know the fact. This fear of damaging your car is holding you from getting a great cleaning result. But let me tell you, knowing how to use it is the key.

Definitely, using a pressure washer for your car is safe unless you use it wrong. The pressure washer uses water pressure for removing stains or dirt from the surface.

All the surface is not the same. A different surface is made with different materials. That is why there is a pressure washer categorized for specific cleaning purposes.

Experts suggest using a pressure washer between the ranges of 1200psi to 2000psi. You will find lots of pressure washers for cars in this range. Most of them are electric pressure washer. Using a very powerful pressure washer can result in ripping off the paint.

The bottom line is to keep water pressure around 1500psi, which is enough for car washing, and keep the spray wand at least 8 inches away from the car body.

Pressure Washing Your Car: The Process

Eager to know how to pressure wash your car? Then here you go. Get a pressure washer for the car and follow these steps described below:

  • Place your car in the driveway and secure the electric connection of the pressure washer. Or if you are using a gas pressure washer make sure the pressure is set below 2000psi.
  • Connect the waterline with the pressure washer.
  • Start with cleaning your whole car with fresh water first before applying detergent. Removing the dirt from the surface will result in the more effective use of detergent.
  • Setup the detergent tank on the pressure washer. Liquid concentrated detergent is suggested for the best result.
  • Spray the whole car with detergent starting from top to bottom. Reach out to the bottom of the car too.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and let the detergent do its job. Wash the car again with fresh water before the detergent dries out.
  • Rinsing detergent off the surface is so important. You never want to have a dry spot of detergent on your shiny car surface.
  • Let dry for a while and wipe the car body with a dry towel.
  • You can use a foam cannon if you want a professional cleaning. Just plug in the foam cannon with the wand and start spraying.

Missing the Expected Result?

If you ever had professional cleaning of your car, you might not be satisfied with the cleaning done at home. Although you are doing it well, what could stop you from having the professional experience? This depends on a few factors.

The water used in the professional cleaning center is treated, in other words, it is softened. Your residential cleaning water might not be softened to that extent.

Other factors can be the detergent you are using for cleaning with a pressure washer. You can check out the detergent used by the professionals and try it for yourself.

Bonus Tips

  • Use a 40-degree nozzle for maintaining a delicate spray of pressurized water on the car surface.
  • Maintain a distance of 3 feet for the car body for starting the pressure wash. Close the gap as the stains get tougher.
  • Look for the fragile parts of your car like the rearview mirror. Never pressure wash them from a close distance.
  • If you have a sticker on your car, spray the water from the front instead of an angel preventing them from peeling off.

What are you waiting for? You finished the article, now get to cleaning. Cheers!

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