How to Prepare Your Car For Summer?

The winter has passed and the summer is coming, and you are restful because you changed the tires and turned off the lights?

Do not be quite sure, even if you do not look at the condition of the vehicle, on the control panel, or on the standalone, as small things can easily create big problems.

Hence, you should prepare your car for summer.

We often see a situation that some people in winter pulled the cardboard behind the refrigerator mask because they had a problem with the thermostat, and then with the coming of spring they forgot about that, started their own way, and the car crashed.

We had such an intervention when the engine of an old car, which was dragging the trailer, completely canceled, and that’s just because of the carton inside.

Because of this, among the other things, most of the people who are working as a technical adviser said that for one car is very important to be prepared not only for the winter but also for the summertime as well.

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer?

Air Conditioning

Not only comfortable but safe item.

always use air conditionerEvery one or two years, you need to make a climate service, no matter what you may think that the climate is doing well.

Checking the gas pressure and oil, compressor oils, ventilation filters because the climate is not only a comfortable driving factor but at high summer temperatures, if it does not work, it can also become a security problem.

Because, if it will stop working, it will surely happen before the extreme temperatures.

Don’t forget to keep the air conditioning vent clean all the time, use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the inside of the vents.

Spare Wheel

Make sure it is properly replenished with the pressure.

Some drivers often forget to put the spare wheel in the trunk, as long as they do not need it, and then what happens, they get surprised when they find it empty or if the spare wheel is useless.

If the wheel is with small dimensions, you have to pay particular attention to the pressure in it, as people often automatically replenish it with the pressure air prescribed for the normal wheels, and in many cases, it should be a little bit more.

Well, if the pressure is not correct, a spare tire can be blown apart very soon.

Coolant liquid

Use a special liquid, not only water.

The coolant fluids in the system always have to be enough. According to the experience, it is known today that some drivers consider antifreeze to be used in the winter, while in the summertime it is quite sufficient for water.

This is, however, a very big mistake because today’s cooling systems work at quite high operating temperatures, and the antifreeze has a bit more boiling point and it’s certainly much better if you use it not only in winter but in the summer as well.

Brake System

Take care of the liquid.

A warning about the need to replace the brake fluid can often be learned by some drivers, but immediately ignored, because on the technical inspection it was not a precondition for passing.

However, this must not be ignored, especially if the car is pulling the connecting vehicle, so the downhill brakes are subject to additional loads.

Then the linings are further tightened, and if the brake fluid still reaches the boiling point, the brakes will easily be canceled, and then, everybody knows what happened.

Windscreen Wipers and Washers

One of the things that are easily overlooked by regular car maintenance is the timely substitution of windscreen washer fluid because as winter has freezing resistance, summer has better properties at higher temperatures.

The wiper blades are smart to change every other year, and more often, and even if you find it good, there are yellow indicators that appear to have been replaced.

Required Equipment

Filled up and do not stuff up with luggage.

Bulbs, triangles, vests…you should always have these things in the car. Drivers usually have them, but many still can not get the spare tire inside the trunk, because of the luggage they use when they are going somewhere.

If you have already used the bulbs in the kit, refill it in time, or, take another with you as a spare bulb, and if you have one of those sluggish triangles with the car, better replace it with another one that is made of better material, and it will not crash close to you when the first car passed close to you.

Reflective Vests

keep a reflective vestSimilar to the rest of the required equipment, some drivers often overlook the importance of keeping a safety vest or keeping it at an always accessible place in the cabin, in the glove compartment, or under the seat.

In a case of need without the waistcoat, do not even think about leaving the car and get out on the busy road, because, this can be extremely dangerous for you.

Instead of having only one, get more of them, for each passenger in particular, because it is not a big investment and also can save lives.


Experiences show that most of the drivers are expected battery failure mostly in the winter, but the failure can be in the summertime as well.


It is important to maintain the vehicle through regular services, but regardless of the summer, it is not bad to go to a multi-point test. Some seasonal reviews are often offered free of charge in various services and your life can be much simpler.

The people who are working in the services can check almost everything on the vehicle, also the condition of the tires, batteries, brakes, and coolants, the windscreen fluid, check for some gaps, and possibly increased fights on the tonsils, balls, etc.

And of course, if you are in the category of good drivers, you can check at least some of these elements, if not already, at least before going on the road.

The servers also advise never to underestimate the importance of having the proper and complete equipment, as well as to be supplied with fuel, food, and liquids, especially when you are going on vacation or maybe traveling with the children or pets.

In the trunk, in addition, it’s never bad to have a spare liter of oil and some fluids to keep your windshield clean, because even if you’re driving a brand new modern car it does not mean that you can not get stuck somewhere in the colony, stay without the fuel or just facing another problem.

Checking the engine oil level in the system is one of the simplest actions that can save you from serious problems. In addition, it is never bad to have an extra liter in the trunk.