Is It Worth Paying More for Premium Fuel?

There is a huge discussion on premium fuel in recent days. Drivers are kind of divided into two groups. One group says premium oil is the best and everyone should use it. On the other hand, some say it has no visible effect on most of the cars. It is kind of confusing for us. So lets us be clear on this topic.

What is Premium Fuel?

Before using the fuel you need to understand what premium fuel is! Premium fuel contains higher octane rating. Octane is a chemical compound that remains in the fuel and ensures that the engine gives better performance. Higher octane fuel works much better than low-quality fuel.

The standard octane rating is in-between 96 to 98. It can vary from country to country. In European countries, the standard is 97. In the UK the standard is 95 and in the USA you will find premium fuel in 98 rating. But some companies even demand that they sell 102 rating octane. But in some 3rd world country, you will find octane ratings below these are sold as premium fuel and from personal experience, those fuels are not bad either.

How Much Premium Fuel Costs?

We all know fuel market is going through some hard times. Back in 2010-11 premium fuel price raised up to $4 per gallon. But, now the price has come down due to financial bad patch. Now you can get premium fuel in $2.5 per gallon. You will find less in some state of USA. In European countries the average price of super 95 rating fuel is £1.2 and 98 rating premium is £1.3.

Benefit of Using Premium Fuel

There is an endless discussion about the topic. The oil companies of premium fuel say that premium fuel increase mileage and keep the engine fine. On the other hand, the experts say that if you have an engine that can run on super 95 fuel there is no need of using premium fuel.

You will get few extra mileages in one gallon. Its effect on the engine is good but not that much good to make you change your fuel. Overall, there is no visible effect both on fuel economy or performance. So, I suggest that you do not need to change to premium fuel.

But, there are some supercars and sports cars that especially need premium fuel. If you drive one of them, you must use premium fuel. There is some company directly suggest certain fuel company’s premium fuel. Like Ford Company suggest BP ultimate premium oil for their cars. So, find out that if your car manufactures give similar kinds of suggestions. You will find it in the owner manual.

How to Know Which Type of Fuel You are Purchasing 

In the gas station, you will find the sign before each fuel dispenser like 98 premium or 95 super. And you will also find a sign like 98 or 95 in the hose pipe.

Should I Use Super Fuel for New Cars?

You will find the suggestion on the owner’s manual. But, there is a tendency to the new car owners to go for premium fuel. But, most of the car experts say that it is a waste of money. Use the fuel suggested by the manufacturer. That will be enough for your new car.

Can Premium Fuel Increase the Performance of an Old Car?

If you buy an old secondhand vintage car, then in this matter using premium fuel is a not a waste of money. This will off course give you a better mileage and engine performance. It will help to keep the engine in a better condition. Keep that in mind that the old car needs more care than the new ones.

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