OnShowy 106w Portable Cleaner Review

The latest vacuum cleaner technology has been floating in the market for the automotive section. OnShowy 106w Portable Cleaner is one of the latest and popular choices of customers. It has earned a reliable customer base due to its commendable performance and entrusted power suction.

OnShowy 106w Portable Cleaner owns upgraded stainless steel technology that works with the power of 12V 106W. The additional features of dry and wet technique have made it more sought after choice as it can absorb the spilled liquid too in no time- a big relief to the parents who travel often with their kids in the car!

It is the complete family vacuum cleaner with its easy usage technique and requires no practice or training before the first usage too.

Superb cleaning effects and hygienic interiors of the car are assured outcomes with the use of this latest product in-car vacuum cleaning segment!


  • It is an upgraded automotive vacuum cleaner made of stainless steel material– no plastic.
  • The filter is easy to clean and wash after use.
  • Pocket-friendly: Saves expenditure by buying supplementary filters.
  • Low noise.
  • Can be used in dark too with built-in LED light facility- an add-on feature.
  • Dry and Wet technique ascertains cleaning of all type of trash as well as a spilled liquid inside the car.
  • 3 interface accessories i.e. long brush, long mouth, long tube make it easy to clean.
  • 76 ft long cable for reaching every near and far corner of the car.
  • Portable and smart handling with one carry bag to contain the accessories for easy carrying and management.
  • Certified with CE ROHS certification- 10A fuse- symbolizing it to be safe for the human body.
  • Attentive and responsive customer support.
  • One year guarantee for free service and replacement.
  • Supportive servicing module and tips along with the package.
  • Smart and compact storage- easy to keep in the car.

OnShowy 106w Portable Cleaner review


  • The brush head of the vacuum cleaner effectively cleans the mat and seats of the car.
  • Soft long tube cleans all the gaps and fissures with effectiveness.
  • Most of the customers satisfied with its handling and usage technique.
  • Very powerful suction pump for cleaning all the impurities in less time.
  • Long enough cable is a rewarding accessory (which is not often so long in other vacuum cleaners)
  • Saves money- no filter replacement needed- easy to remove and clean after every usage- stainless steel metal retains the shine and cleanliness.
  • Portable and suitable for daily cleaning purpose
  • Apt packing and storage- comes with the bag that helps to keep the accessories into it and make it look organized.

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The customers have been loving the OnShowy 106w Portable Cleaner for automobiles. The latest technology in its manufacture makes it handier and user-friendly. The most admirable aspects of this car vacuum cleaner are its stainless steel filter, long chord, multi-functional usage and strong power. The price is decent and customers have approved the product with the maximum rating- 5 stars!

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