How to Choose the Number Plate of Your Car?

The license plate works as the vehicle ID. It is with this record provided by the Vehicle Registration department that it is possible to obtain specific information such as fines, year of manufacture, any accidents suffered or caused by the car and also the history of resale.

It also serves to differentiate cars of the same model and color, even it helps the owner easily locate it in a crowded parking lot, for example. Order the anti-theft number plates for your car today at CarReg.

In the USA, plating occurs with a certain order and combination, varying from state to state. The signs indicate how the models were distributed in the national territory, the period in which this occurred and in a chronological sequence of licensing.

There are also specific colors for each type of license plate, and for zero kilometer cars, it is already possible to choose the combination of the owner is willing to pay an extra fee. Know more:

Plate Colors

In the USA, the license plate is regulated by the Department of motor vehicles, which also established the colors for each type of license plate. Private vehicles, for example, have gray plates. Already the officers have a whiteboard. Taxis, buses, and trucks must be red-plated.

The blue plates are intended for vehicles that are still undergoing testing at automakers. When they go to the dealership stores, the sign changes to green. Official vehicles, such as those used for the transportation of governors and presidents (among others), are green and yellow.

Lastly, the black plates are reserved only for older collector’s vehicles with over 30 years of manufacture and original parts.

Board Choice

If you just bought a zero kilometer car or are thinking of getting one, the combination of the three letters and the four numbers may be customized by you. However, such a combination must be available and within the alphanumeric options compatible with the state in which the plating will be performed.

Many people dream of having their birthday in their car, for example. To check if your choice is possible, you need to drive to your city’s office. The rate may vary.

The drivers may choose to choose the combination of letters only, numbers only, or the full license plate, provided it is in the range available to the state.

If you do not want to choose the exact combination, you can continue to choose from the 20 random combinations.

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