How to Increase Mileage of Your Car?

Is it safe to say that we all are fed up spending too much money on fuel? Keeping car fuel cost down is always been a big challenge for many car owners.  The new car always gives good mileage but with time it decreases.

We all want good mileage!

The question that keeps popping up in our minds is that can we keep the mileage like a new car? Yes, we can. We just need to follow some steps to keep our car mileage good.

11 Ways to Increase Mileage of Your Car

You can follow these steps and you will get mileage like a new car.

#1. Get Proper Inflation in Tires

Having right air pressure in the car tire is essential for proper control of the car. Vehicles connect to the road through the tires. If we do not have proper air pressure then a tire cannot rotate properly hence it costs more fuel.

Check air pressureEvery month your car tire can lose 5% of its air pressure. It can increase with hot temperatures or weather. You need to check your car tire air pressure every week. The properly inflated tire can save up to 3% of fuel consumption.

The perfect time for measuring the tire pressure is morning. While measuring the air pressure, the tire must be cold. This is the reason for choosing the morning time. You can use an air pressure gauge for checking the tire pressure. If you have a portable air compressor then it will be easy for you to inflate the tire properly.

#2. Check the Air Filter

Dust in the air filter can make a huge impact on fuel consumption. Dirty air filter reduces the airflow and forces the engine to work more which costs extra fuel.

Dirty air filterSo, you should check the filter condition every month. Even it can make fuel leakage while your car is idle. Try to avoid dust in the air filter and if not possible then change the air filter on time.

You can clean air filter also but there is expiry date of it. You will find it in the owner’s manual of the vehicle. Change the filter before it goes out of service.

#3. Drive Your Car Light

This is a common matter of fact that we keep a lot of unnecessary thing in our cars. Sometimes you need a thing in your car for a trip or need a seasonal protection tool but after sometimes, you forget about that totally. And it remains inside of the car and adds extra weight.

Like in the winter, sometimes we put a sandbag in our car so that we cloud to get better control over the car by gaining some weight. But we do not need that in summer.

Get rid of these things. Check your car trunk. Travel light as much as you can. This will give a better fuel economy.

#4. Use Premium Fuel

You need to use premium or recommended quality fuel in your car that keeps your engine in a good condition and also gives you better mileage.

#5. Try Not to Break Too Often

If we break your car every now and then, your car fuel consumption rate will become high.  Drive your car in a smooth way so that you do not need to break unless you really have to.

#6. Tune Up Your Car in Time

Every engine needs tuning. This kind of tuning gives the engine the chance to maximize the power and as a result of it, the fuel consumption becomes low.

Actually turning your car engine is not the only effect on fuel economy but also in all other ways. It gives you a better experience of driving.

#7. Check Your Spark Plug

worn spark plugThe faulty spark plug can increase fuel use. Hence, you should check the spark plugs. There are four spark plugs in the engine and if one of them breaks down, you may need to change all of them as all these four spark plugs need the same power to work properly.

#8. Try to Avoid Traffic Jam 

The traffic jam can increase fuel costs. We get stuck in a traffic jam and our engine keeps running. We lose fuel without moving the car. But avoiding the jam is not always possible. So, turn off your car engine if you get stuck in traffic for a while.

#9. Change Engine Oil

Engine oil is a very important part of the engine. But after a certain time, you need to change the oil and oil filter. Bad engine oil can severely damage the engine and as a result, it will cost you extra fuel.

It can cause all sorts of other trouble for you and the car. You need to check your car engine oil every 6 weeks. After driving a car over 10000 km, you have to change the engine oil.

#10. Try Not to Set Your Car Idle for Long

There are some other things that you should know.  Sometimes we keep our car idle for a long time. We went on a trip for 2-3 days. In the meantime, our car remains idle.

So after coming back, we will see that our car fuel consumption rate has become high. Unplug your battery form the car and that will help you to get rid of this problem.

#11. Calculate Your Car Mileage

Most of the people do not understand how to calculate their car average mileage. You can make a chart that can give you the right amount of the fuel consumption. Like you put the date, the distance you drive and fuel you need to drive that day.

At the end of the month, you will get a proper idea of how much fuel you need every month.  Also, this will help to find out the average mileage of your car.


In some cases, you will never be able to get mileage like a new car from your old one. Some also might say with time mileage decreases.

But this only depends on how you treat your car. If you take proper care of the engine then you will get good mileage for a long period of time.

But if you follow all these points you can surely get a better mileage from your vehicle. It will improve your car driving experience also.