Environment pollution is increasing at a alarming rate. And one of the byproduct of pollution the global warming is also rising. We all must do something to stop pollution. But we cannot reduce pollution to the zero but we can reduce it to some level that is less harmful to us and the earth.

We must play our role at the war against the global warming or pollution.There is an old saying charity begins at home. We must start with our home and car. By changing some day to day work and habits we can reduce the pollution. The study shows that most of the pollution causes by the cars in the big cities. In 2017-18 years pollution index shows that people who are live in the big metro cities are the people who get affected more by the pollution.  Today I will tell you how to make your car environment friendly or make it a green car.

Driver less

The first habit that I will suggest to change is that using the car unnecessarily. We have a habit of drive for even one block distance while you can travel on foot. And with the fuel cost is low now we see that happening more than ever. Try to use the car only if necessary.

Drive Vehicles with Low Fuel Consumption Rate

We all want to save on fuel cost. We cannot think a better way of saving both money and stop pollution at the same time. By using a fuel efficient car you can do both.

Now come the main question what are the fuel efficient car in the market?

You can use electrical car and hybrid cars. Though only Tesla Company has successfully lunch electrical car in the market yet there are some unsolved issues with the car. Despite of that it is one of the most technologically advance car in world.

Hybrid cars are the new sensation in the market. This car runs in both fuel and battery. Hence it saves a lot fuel. It can save up to 50 percentage of fuel. Normally a hybrid car can give you up to 100 miles per gallon. Although hybrids car is in the market for a long time it only become popular in last 5-6 years. Most of the car manufactures now a days make hybrid cars so you can choose from any on them.

Keep your car well maintain

If you have faulty car engine or any part of the car there is a chance that you car will burning more fuel than regular. Not only faulty engine produce black smoke which very harmful to nature and human body but also reduce the service life of the car. A well maintain car always reduce the pollution. So you must check your engine in every 3 month and change the engine oil at the right time. Check if car engine light is on. If it’s on than check your car and find the reason and fix it.

Keep right amount of air pressure in tire.

Well this will fell kind of awkward to you. Many may ask how right amount of air pressure in tire can effect air pollution or make your car a green car. Now my friends this information may come to you bit odd  or surprise that proper air pressure in the tire can give a car 10 to 15 percent extra mileage.

You must check the car tire every morning and add or reduce air pressure as needed. Two product will come in handy in this matter, one is air pressure gauge and another one is portable air compressor. But if you have a tire pressure monitoring system then you can save your self form all the problems. And one more tips you must take air pressure at the morning when the tire is cool. Air pressure has a close relation with the temperatures.

Use premium Fuel

Study shows that premium fuel is better for car engine and nature. Though I will not say it is cost effective. I have different opinion on premium fuel but when it comes to less pollution, the premium fuel is better than regular fuel. There is argument in the car experts society either we all should use premium fuel or not. But when it comes reduce pollution there is no better option than premium fuel.

That’s all fro now my friends. Hope you guys find my article help and reduce the air pollution that is caused by cars.