How to Keep Windshield Ice Free?

It is never an easy morning when you wake up and get so much snow and ice besides digging out the car to get it out on the street.

This is the time when the car looks like it is wearing some big white hats.

The windshield is all covered and the question that follows is: how to keep the windshield ice free?

It will ever be a great feeling to start your day by clearing up this icy windshield. In case you are running late for work, you will not have to face this similar issue again after going through this guide.

You can try some simple ways that have been provided so as to learn on how you can prevent frost and ice in your windshield.

Remember that even as you become knowledgeable on dealing with ice on the windshield, the best way is to get the best blades for the winter – a perfect match for your windshield and problem.

As you contemplate over the same, let us consider other simple ways to use in preventing ice and frost on the windshield.

Preventing Frost and Ice on Windshield Without Chemical Spray

Using chemical spray has also proved to be one of the definite ways of resolving this whole issue, but there are other techniques for preventing the windows and windshields.

Let’s do it.

Keep the Car Covered at Night

This is effective and again simple.

When the windows and windshield are kept covered, more so with an aluminum foil, it will keep you from dealing with this issue of icy windows in the morning.

Other materials to use would include a towel, folded sheet, or some piece of cardboard.

These all will help in doing the trick. Make sure you place the cover tightly over the windshield so as to prevent dew from forming in any loose spaces left.

Consider using vipers to keep the cover in place on the windshield.

In most cases, it has been recommended that waterproof covers over the windshield would be of benefit and advantage and hardly will any dew or ice accumulate and the problem will definitely be nil.

The closer the cover will hug the shield, the better – consider this. This is the best option when you are looking for how to keep windshield ice-free in winter.

You have to remove the covers carefully in the morning. In case you don’t, they may wet get wet and by throwing them into the trunk, this may cause another damage.

Use things like water light barriers to remove them.

Also, something like a tarp will as well be of benefit when it comes to this work. Make use of a plastic scraper in cases that you find some icy spots on the windshield.

More importantly, this is where not the best wiper blades for the winter will help you. Because of the curved nature of work on the whole windshield, they will actually help you in fixing this issue.

At the same time, you must be sure to incorporate some wiper fluid in clearing anything that might obscure your vision as the wiper blades help out.

Make Windshield Cold

Another better way to help out your windshield from the ice trouble is to make sure that the shield is cold before any snow falls on it.

Ideally, this would mean that you park your car and let it cool for a few hours before the snow starts to fall. When it is very cold outside, you can get a way of speeding up this process.

Do you want a clue?

Turn off the heat and open the windows for the last part of your drive home. This would quicken the cooling process of the windshield.

This will however not be the best method to deal with the night frost and ice but it will only serve you for some time.

In cases of thick ice, don’t try this, because it will not work and you will be disappointed.

Use Garage If Possible

Another best solution is getting the car into a garage or the carport as quickly as possible – only if you are near one when the problem starts. This might only be advised to first-time drivers who still do not have much clue on the windshield cleaning.

Even as you seek this, make efforts to get the best windshield for winter to be comfortable of wiping ice and snow without a lot of technicalities.

If all the solutions mentioned above are inappropriate or unavailable, then there is still another option to explore.

This is something natural like a shelter, for instance, large trees could be helpful or parking near ventilation and air condition vents for some warmer air.


The above-mentioned tips will help you to keep the windshield ice-free when your car is parked. But, if you drive in snow and ice make sure to have the best wiper blade.

Ice debris will be wiped off with a lot of ease and without any damage to the windshield.

It is high time to try them out, and this will be an added advantage to dealing with ice on the windshield.