How Often to Change Oil Filter with Synthetic Oil?

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  • Post last modified:August 4, 2021

One simple question can have many different answers. But, if you seek any professional answer, then the answer will be yes. Actually, this is not a suggestion from any of us, it’s recommended by the car manufactures. So, if you have any hesitation or confusion, this information should clear that.

“You need to change the oil filter every time you change the engine oil.”

Now let me explain why you need to change the oil filter every time you change the engine oil.

But before that, you must understand what an oil filter is and what it does?

Please read the whole article properly. It will answer every question you may have about the engine oil and oil filter.

The oil filter is made of paper and fabric. This combination of paper and fabric makes a trap and that collects the micro darts from the oil.

Engine oil goes into the shaft that rotates and makes this movement smooth. If there is only a single piece of micro dirt in the oil then it can damage the engine.

Why Do We Need to Change the Oil and Filter?

Nothing in this world is absolute. You cannot expect that synthetic oil will work forever. Its viscosity gets hampered with time. Engine oil gets hot when your car hits the road.

There are so many parts working at the same time and that makes the engine hot. The viscosity of synthetic oil reduces due to this heat.

When you stop the car the oil cools down and gets back its viscosity. But, after a certain period of time, the oil loses its viscosity. So, you should change the oil before that point come.

(Note:  Synthetic oil viscosity is very important for the engine. Keep an eye on the engine oil after you drive the car for 3000+ miles. Engine oils start to lose viscosity after that)

The oil makes sure that all engine parts work smoothly as it keeps the combustion chamber cool and does not let the carbon and varnish stuck in the engine. Clean oil is the best for the engine.

The oil filter does not let the dirt go inside of the engine to make sure that the car engine gives its best performance. That is why oil filters remove the particles from oil to protect the engine from pollutants.

But, every oil filter has an expired date. If the filter becomes old and dirty it will let the dirt, clog go straight through the filter.

This can heavily damage your car mileage and engine. It will also block the free flow of oil inside the engine.

And the carbon and varnish inside the engine will get stuck. The smooth movement of the engine will be gone. The car will face many problems.

It is quite easy to change the oil filter. If you are wondering how to change the oil filter, my suggestion will be to let the mechanics take care of it.

Myth Vs Reality

The most common question I hear from the consumers “does I need to change the engine oil after every 3000 miles”. Well, this “3000 miles” rule is a complete myth.

Every car is different from another. Unless you drive an old or vintage car, you do not need to change the engine oil before 3000 miles. I have seen some of the cars gone up to 7500 miles before it needs any change of engine oil.

As I said before that every car is different, so it is hard for me to say the exact miles to change the engine oil. You will get the right answer from your owner’s manual of the car.

You may ask why this myth gets so popular. Actually, the mechanics are the main culprits here. Every time you went to change the engine oil they get money.

So, if you have less knowledge about the car then the mechanics will rob you. Hence, be aware of the fact and do your own research to understand your car’s needs.

Costly or Cheap, Brand or Non-Brand

For changing the engine oil most of the time we went to our nearest motorhome. The mechanics will suggest some brand or costly oil filter for you. But the question may arise in your mind that if there is any specific oil filter you should use.

Well, I have found this from the writing of one of the most well-known people in the automotive world Denis Mott. (Professor of automotive, Central College Toronto)

“A filter is a filter, it does not matter what kinds of oil you are using”

What he means to say that you can use any oil filter. It can be costly or cheap or brand or non-brand, it does not matter that much like engine oil.

Some mechanics say that you should use the same brand of engine oil and oil filter. But the truth is that it does not matter a bit.

You should use a brand or long-lasting engine oil. There is some synthetic oil company that gives grantee that their oil will last more than 5000 miles. I have even seen some of the engine oil even last over 10000 miles.