How Long are Windshield Wiper Blades Supposed to Last?

Most of the time we no dot recognize the importance of wiper blades in our daily driving. Wiper blades clean the windshield; remove the ice, snow, and bugs to give perfect visibility.

It cleans the windshield at the time of rain and gives us a clear view of the road. This is how windshield wiper blades have become a safety gear in our car.

“A Good Quality Wiper Blade Last Over 2 Years”

With time, the parts of every vehicle wear off. So, does the wiper blades. After sometimes we find that the wiper blades not performing their duty properly.

This can be very dangerous for our driving. There are some signs that show you need a pair of new wiper blades.

Let us discuss the signs here.

What are the Signs?

The common sign for bad wiper blades is that it will make clogging sounds. Sometimes the blade frame is broke as well. The metal will make resentence especially on the claws and joints.

The most important sign is that the metal parts of the wiper will expose. The rubber of the wiper blades will wear off. There will be some visible cracks.

If the metal parts are exposed to the windshield, it can make permanent damage. It will make scratch and spot on the windshield. These scratches and spots cannot be removed and you will end up changing the windshield.

These are the visible error, but there are some other signals too. Like, if the blades are skipping while cleaning then it means that there are cracks in the blades. There will be vibration on the windshield. Streaking also can accrue.

When to Change the Wiper Blades?

There are no fixed time limits for changing the wiper blades. Normally wiper blades run for 1 to 2 years. But, if you live in an area where the weather is a little bit extreme then you should change the wiper blades every six months.

Most of the time people change the blades from season to season. However, you can increase the lifespan if you maintain it properly.

Wiper blades service depends on the materials and weather. It is quite simple that the wiper blades that are made of ordinary materials will have a small lifespan.

For extreme weather, you must look for good and quality wiper blades. Moreover, ordinary wiper blades cannot tolerate extreme and rough weather. And one more thing is those excellent products do not come at a cheap price.

Importance of Quality Wiper Blades

First, you need to understand that the wiper blade is a safety feature. If it is not for the wiper blades you could not drive in rain and snow. Back in the old days, there was no wiper blade in the car.

An English gentleman who is a soccer fan had the first idea of making wiper blades. He is coming back from a soccer match and due to rain, it became very hard for him to drive.

Back at that time you need to stop the car and clean the windshield. Just think what would have happened if there is no wiper yet?

So, he became very concerned about this problem and he was the first person to think of something to keep the windshield clean from the rain. And with time there has been a revelation of wiper blades.

We cannot see properly in winter while driving. Our view gets blocked by fog, rain, and snow. In winter we remain at the mercy of weather and wiper blades to get a clear view of the road.