If you calculate the operating costs of your business, you will realize that fuel consumes a large part of the expenses. Hence, it is necessary for you or any business houses to keep a close watch on its consumption. You can take care of this with an efficient fuel card much conveniently. You may not need to pay the retail price for gas.

Some gas stations offer significant rebates because of your inclination towards a specific brand. Then, some vendors charge you a lower cost per gallon for paying instant cash.

No matter whatever of the two situations you come across, there is one guarantee that you will be able to save a vast sum regardless of the fee that applies to these types of credit cards.

The market is chock-full of the gas cards, of which Speedway Superfleet Mastercard is an ideal example. You can choose it or something else to run your business like a pro. However, whatever you select, make sure you are not clueless with your choice. For help, you can consider the points given below.

Price factor

You may not have to pay the same price as others at the pump when you use a fuel card. Some cards allow you to spend on volume basis within a particular time frame so that you don’t have to make payment for every single purchase and you can also save a decent amount of money.

But the only downside is the fees that may apply to this facility. However, you can take advantage of this situation if you know your current fuel requirement well and where you get it fulfilled.


You need to be clear about the locations where you go and where using a particular choice of the card can be beneficial. Some fuels cards have their validity limited to specific regions and countries, while others work at only a handful of gas stations. Choosing a card with fewer options of stations may not be wise as your drivers will end up using more fuel in trying to find out the suitable location. Generally, it is better to use a Visa or Mastercard that has more extensive application.

Abuse control

Unlike credit cards, you can put a restriction on your fuel card, limiting its use to a pump or gas-station-cum-convenience-store or for automotive service. It allows you to keep full control over the usage of the cards. So, make sure to learn about the security features a card provides you in this respect.


You should pick a card that offers you better connectivity in terms of fleet management. You can obtain complete information about your vehicle, such as how much fuel consumption happened over a particular time and its cost per mile, etc. This data can be more useful for you than the monthly statements. It can be a critical consideration in terms of decision-making and assessment.

In essence, what this suggests is that you should examine your fuel card choice from every angle before committing a purchase.