Fixd Vs. Bluedriver: Which One Should You Use?

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  • Post last modified:September 11, 2021

Everyone looking for the answer of the question which one to chose the Fixd or BlueDriver, in the end the of the day the war becomes hard to chose in  Fixd Vs. Bluedriver.

Fixd and BlueDriver are devices for car Maintenance. Those devices can detect a light problem in a Car. The device worked as a scanner of your Car Engine. It can diagnose Car’s Engine and notify you on the Application. The basic operation of those two devices is almost the same.

Although there is a little difference between the devices, knowing every detail of those two devices will help you pick the right ones. You will know which one you should use for your car maintenance.

Comparison Chart

The Technical details of Fixd & BlueDriver are below. If you want to compare, Have a glance at the chart.

Features FixdBlueDriver
Operating System iOSAndroid & iOS
VerifiedASE Certified MechanicsASE Certified Mechanics
Read & Clear ABS, aIRBAG & Transmission CodeYesYes
Mileage Detection

Freeze Frame DataYesYes
Product Dimension1.5 x 0.5 x 1.75 inches2.20 x 1.90 x 1.00 Inches
Weight0.96 Ounces 2.08 Ounces
Free App Updates Windows Based Devices Only LimitedYes
Functions To Gas-Powered carsMore Advanced

Features To Look For In A Car Scanner

Your OBD2 car scanner will help you to diagnose your car engine with a lot of features. According to Nerd Know Better an OBD2 car scanner which you should remember when you choose, are listed below.


Before you choose the OBD2 scanner, you should ensure the compatibility of the scanner. Sometimes many Scanners make for only an OBD2 port. Make sure your car has an OBD2 port.


Know the functionality of your device. Your device should compact with different latest features. It should read and erase data, basic adjustment, and should have a good precautionary method.

Survey the Market

Do more research about your desired model of Scanner. Read the real review from a real buyer. Make a comparison between its comparative devices. Compare the features and price among different devices.

Monitor Multiple Vehicles

Consider the multiple devices use facilities. These features will allow you to use the OBD2 scanner to monitor multiple vehicles. You can maintain all your family or business cars with a single device.

Continuously Monitor

Choose a device for your car maintenance that enables continuous monitoring. Sending you live data of your car engines helps to be more conscious about your car. The information should appear, including oxygen sensor, fuel trims, battery voltage.

About Fixd

Fixd, an OBD2 car tool to diagnose car health through hardware and software. You will get real information about your car on your mobile phone. The hardware and software are connected with Bluetooth.

When you connect Fixd on your vehicles, it will scan your car and notify you if it has found any error. You can save the information, and they will give you an outline of how to solve the problem.

The information you found from the notification will help the mechanic to fix the problem. Knowing the right reasons for the problem will decrease the time of repair.

The Fixd can decode the error message in plain English. All you need to operate is download the related software on your device.

About BlueDriver

BlueDriver is another tool for car maintenance that works with Bluetooth. This OBD2 scanner helps you to get real-time details about your car’s condition. Through BlueDriver, you can find all your needed information within a second.

The best part of the BlueDriver scanner is it will notify you when any emergencies happen. If any serious breakdown or damage happens, it will notify you instantly. This Bluetooth device is connected to a central database that has more than 30 million corrections.

This BlueDriver scanner is matched with all new and old model vehicles. It is thought-out as the hardiest and unfailing scanner for car maintenance.

Similarities: Fixd Vs. BlueDriver

The usefulness of Fixd and BlueDrives is almost the same. That’s why they have many similarities in their function.

Both Fixd and BlueDriver feature Hardware and software. And the Hardware and Software are connected with Bluetooth. Both applications are supported in iOS and OS operating systems. Fixd and BlueDriver work with an OBD2 port.

Those two devices’ functionality is the same—both devices diagnose a car engine’s condition and notify users of further damage.

Both Scanners are easy to use with a simple application. You only need to connect the device with an OBD2 port and connect it with your mobile phone through Bluetooth.

Difference: Fixd Vs. BlueDriver

Although they have similarities, they have differences also. The basic difference between those two devices is their dimension and weight.

The Fixd is a lightweight device that is merely simple to operate for a freshman. Where the BlueDriver is considered for professional uses. BlueDriver offers a greater number of features than the Fixd Scanner.

BlueDriver offers advanced features like climate control, ABS airbags. It also enables me to make a repair report for the user. The Fixd scanner can diagnose 5 vehicles at a time. On the other hand, BlueDrive is allowing one to fix one car.

Fixd Vs. Bluedriver: Which One Should You Use?

Before you buy a scanner for your car maintenance, check fixd-vs-bluedriver. Know every detail about the features and compare by yourself.

Between the two OBD2 scanners, I recommend using Fixd because I found it more suitable for my car. Because this is lightweight, small, and the price is affordable than BlueDriver.

Fixd Scanner is best for beginners. It can detect the small problems in cars and notify instantly. Fixd may have fewer features, but it is a  prime choice for numerous car owners.

For the professional car owner with excessive features, BlueDriver is perfect for them. The simple and non-professional car owner should use Fixd for maintenance. Another thing why I chose Fixd is that I found it at a cheaper rate than BlueDriver.

Final View

An OBD2 scanner is essential for knowing the real condition of a car. You may not be able to know the perfect condition of your car manually. Set-up an OBD2 scanner on your car may give you live information.

Those two devices come with almost the same basic features. It’s challenging to distinguish among them when the matter is about picking the right one.