A Beginner’s Guide To Maintenance Of Car Exteriors

When you buy your dream car, you will want to ensure that it looks as good as new down the years. After all, you will want value for your money and a vehicle that you can flaunt around with its shiny new looks.

However, it is easier said than done because the vehicle’s exterior bears the brunt of exposure to the elements, and you cannot avoid it no matter what.

While exterior coatings on vehicles go a long way in keeping them shiny over time, you have to do your bit with proper care and maintenance schedule.

When it comes to exterior maintenance, professional services are essential, but you need not rely totally on them. There is much you can handle on your own, even without spending a lot of time or burning a hole in your wallet.

6 Simple Ways to Car’s Exterior Maintenance

Just a little care and regular maintenance of the exterior of the vehicle go a long way in retaining the beauty of the car and saves you a lot in the long run.

Here are some simple tips you can follow for the maintenance of your car’s exteriors.

#1. Be Regular With Washing

car detail

Even as washing is the easiest way to ensure that the exteriors are always clean and shiny, most owners miss out on doing it regularly. It sounds too simple to be a part of the maintenance of an expensive car, but it makes all the difference.

However, wiping the surface clean every day isn’t enough. You need to wash it thoroughly once a week, whether you do it yourself or get a professional service.

Not doing so will make the surface lose its luster as dirt and debris accumulate over it. Wash the metal, glass, wheels, and tires to ensure thorough cleaning and work on the interior too.

#2. Pick The Right Cleaning Materials

use the right equipment

When you spend a fortune on the car itself, spending a little on buying materials for keeping it new isn’t a lot to ask. Use a specialized cleaning material that does not affect the shine and color of the paint.

Avoid using regular detergent or soap because these can cause more harm than good. These have harsh chemicals that can strip off the wax and even compromise the surface coating.

Also, be careful with the cleaning tools as you wouldn’t want to scratch the surface with a rough cloth or brush.  Clean mitts and microfiber towels are the best choices to dry the surface.

Make sure that you dry the surface properly because leaving it damp can result in mineral deposits and spots.

#3. Don’t Go Slack With Waxing

car waxing

Waxing the surface of your vehicle goes a long way in protecting its paint and finish over time. Wax seals the exterior and keeps it safe from the elements, UV rays, and bird droppings.

Since the car has to bear exposure to these elements every day, regular waxing gives it all the coverage and protection it needs. Rely on a quality product that offers the right level of protection for an optimal period.

Wax is available in paste, liquid, or cream forms, and you can pick according to your preference or expert recommendation.

A single application lasts nearly six to eight weeks. Ensure that you note the dates and get it done on time because you cannot compromise with surface protection.

#4. Invest in Teflon Coating Treatment

car coating

Apart from regular washing and cleaning, a periodic paint protection job with surface coating can do wonders for your car’s exterior. Teflon coating treatment is the right investment to assure the longevity of the paint.

The automotive industry relies greatly on Teflon Coating Applications to form a protective layer over the surface paint as a part of the manufacturing process.

Over the years, the vehicle surface loses its shine and gloss, and you can replenish it with treatment. It retains the surface shine and also prevents corrosion even in extreme temperature conditions.

#5. Get Professional Scratch Repair On Time

repair dent

Even if you are extremely careful with driving and parking your vehicle, it is susceptible to scratches.

While these lines on the car surface look ugly, they also expose the underlying metal and increase the risk of rusting due to the moisture in the air. Leaving them untreated for prolonged periods is the worst thing you can do.

As rust begins to form on the surface, it can spread and even cause the paint to scratch. If the vehicle has scratches, visit a detailing workshop at the earliest and get them repaired on time.

Timely action can save you a fortune because rusting can lead to major damage and expensive repairs.

#6. Go The Extra Mile With Weather Protection

weather protection

Cleaning, detailing or washing, and surface protection goes a long way in retaining the looks of your vehicle over the years. But you cannot be complacent about protecting it from the elements considering that it faces exposure every day.

Ensure that you park it in a covered spot to prevent exposure to harsh sunlight in summers. The harmful ultraviolet radiation oxidizes the surface, which can result in fading and losing its shine.

If possible, park the vehicle in the garage to protect it from rain and snow. It will also protect the car from bird droppings and animal scratches, which are unavoidable if you park in the open.

Renting a garage space is a worthwhile expense if you don’t have it in your house.

Last Words

Taking care of your car’s exterior is quite easy and wouldn’t cost a fortune, provided that you are regular with maintenance and quick to get a repair when there is a need.

Just keep an eye on the condition and take action at the earliest, whether it is about only washing the surface or investing in a major repair.

Apart from the right timing, a little effort and time can keep the vehicle looking new and shiny and retain its value over the years.

Also, never cringe at the expense of professional services because they are completely worthwhile when it comes to keeping your car in top shape.