How to Take Care of Your Car Engine?

The engine is the heart of the car. If you want your car long last without any problem you must maintain it well. Lack of proper maintenance is the main reason our cars do not last long. You can keep your car’s engine in good shape by doing some normal things.

7 Ways to Keep Your Engine Last Long

#1. Change the Engine Oil on Time

Changing engine oil on time is the most important part of maintenance.

Inside the engine, there are lots of parts, and those parts move and rotate. These parts need good lubrication to function properly. The work of the engine oil is to lubricate these parts. But, we forget to change the engine oil on time. It really hurts the engine.

change engine oil on time

Over time engine oil quality drops and the effective rate drops also. Most of the experts say that you need to change your engine oil after driving 5000KM to 1000KM depending on the type of engine oil you are using. But, you may need oil before that. You must check the engine oil at least once every week.

The use of good quality engine oil is also important. Good engine oil keeps on running for a long time. Do not go cheap on engine oil. If the engine is the heart of the car then engine oil is the air to the heart. It is the most important thing for the engine of a car.

#2. Check Tire Pressure

The right amount of air pressure gives more control over the car and gives extra mileage. Incorrect air pressure can cause many problems including a flat tire, instability, less mileage, etc. The instability of a car causes great problems for engines. It makes the car works more.

Normally, if the air pressure is low it will rotate more to reach the same distance. So, that means more fuel consumption and put pressure on the engine.

So, keep the right air pressure in the tires. Check tire air pressure every morning before you take out the car, or at least once a week.

3#. Change the Air Filter Every Year

If the engine is the heart of the car then the air filter is the lung of the car. The air filter works just the same way the lung does for us.

It controls the air passing in the engine and prevents any harmful object to enter the engine. A dirty air filter can hurt the acceleration of the car.

replace dirty air filterThe dirty air filter will make your car less efficient in many ways. The end result will be a piece of bad news for the engine. This is the reason you must check the air filter regularly. No air filter can run properly for more than one year if you use your car regularly.

#4. Make Sure the Car is Properly Stored

We went on holiday every year. We need this for ourselves. But, while we plan our holiday many times we forget about the car. Before going on a holiday, we must store the car properly.

As we know that the car will sit idle for a week or more. You must make sure that someone starts the car every week. If no one is around to start the car, then you can buy a battery tender to stop the discharge.

#5. Change the Spark Plugs on Time

The spark plug is an important part of the engine. Normally a car has four spark plugs and they run for a long time. But, if any one of the spark plugs is damaged then you need to change all four at the same time. As all of them is work as a single unit. If one is out and a full set of four is out.

change spark plug on timeSo, how long spark works?

A spark plug lifetime is more or less 60000km but most car experts say that you need to change the spark plug after 30000 km. If your spark plug does not work properly it will hit the engine in a bad way. Your car will give horrible mileage and acceleration.

#6. Keep the Engine’s Temperature Balanced

This is an important thing that you need to keep the engine temperature stable. Antifreeze and coolant are two products that keep the engine away from getting too hot or too cold. Nowadays, most of the company produces these two products as one single unit, making it way cheaper.

Overheat destroys the seals and gaskets of the engine and causes an oil leak. This kind of engine repair is very costly. Only $10 product can save you $1000.

#7. Use Good Quality Fuel

always use quality fuelFuel is engine food. If you eat bad food then you will get sick. The same goes for the engine. Bad quality fuel can damage the engine and also can reduce car service life. Always use the best quality fuel in your car.


If you maintain these things, be sure that the engine will run for over decades. It will make your driving experience a pleasant event.