Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Should You Really Buy One?

It is true that buying an electric bike conversion kit is a much better option than buying an electric bike. Your regular bike can be transformed into electric-powered beast simply by having the right type of bike conversion kit installed.

While the option sounds quite impressive, there are situations when you may have to rethink before buying.

Do you have what it takes to assemble the kit?

It is certainly not easy to fit the different parts together. For all you know, it may not work even after your best efforts.

You could struggle at any stage from converting your bicycle with a motor in the wheel hub or fitting the electrics and the controller to making it perfectly working later.

You need to know the basics of disassembling and assembling and be confident about it. You cannot mess around with the parts whether mechanical or electrical if you are not confident about making the move.

You should be equipped with how to attach the kit and what to do in case something goes south.

Even if you are taking help from others one time, you never know when you may need it again. Does that mean an electric kit is not for you?

Of course, not – you can find professionals who would help you with the installation. Yes, they will charge you some but that is still nothing compared to what you would otherwise pay to buy a new electric bike.

However, as mentioned already, it is possible that something goes wrong and you have to meddle with the kit. Therefore, it is always better to rely on yourself. Know it and then do it.

“Let’s do it over the weekend”

So, you got the kit, you are all excited and everything, but then you realize it’s going to take time. You postpone it to this weekend, but then some other commitments come up, so you postpone it to the following weekend and so on. All the while, the kit will lie around gathering dust.

It means that even if you know how to install a kit, you will still need time to handle the process. Unless you are passionate about machines and are strongly motivated to do it all by yourself, a kit may not suit you the most.

Therefore, if you are buying the kit, know that you will have to spend a few hours getting everything in working condition.

The Truth – everything may not work instantly

When you are at it, fixing the parts and putting everything together, you may realize that some parts are not fitting properly, or some parts are damaged and new ones need to be bought.

Small parts may be lost here and there while working and you may have a tough time searching and assembling.

It can certainly put you in trouble, but again, that does not mean you should avoid using a conversion kit.

You just need to learn how to pay attention to the instructions and follow them to the dot to install your kit and get your bike up and running.