Today, millions of people ride bikes for commute, exercise, or sports. Through the years, the numbers continue to increase all the time. With more rides continue to increase on the trails and roads, these are the tips for cyclists that will help you have a better and safer ride.

Find your Bike

There are basic tips that you should take note of when you wish to cruise on trails, races, or roads. The most important part is to do your research. Ask the help of a professional to know the bike that is right for you.

First, determine where you will ride. If you will stay on the pavement and ride the bike for exercise, then a fitness bike or a road bike such as xds bicycles are right for you. You can have a cruiser bike for your casual and short rides with the family. If you will be using your bike for your daily commute, then perhaps you should have a city bike. Check out the electric pedal-assist models. Meanwhile, if you will be using the bike for natural-surface trails and pavement, then a versatile gravel bike is the best choice for you. For your off-road adventures, then you can have a sturdy mountain bike.

Choose what to wear

You can find a huge range of cycling clothes on the market. There are a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from.

Make sure to find decent padded cycling short. This will prevent your backside from hurting. Next, wear a cycling helmet. A quality helmet will save your life. Today, it’s not hard to find that is light, comfortable, and affordable.

You will also want to have clipless pedals, gloves, cycling sunglasses, and kneepads. If you are going on a hardcore trail, then you can consider buying back protectors and elbow pads.

Be comfortable on your bike

Many professional cyclists who have been riding for years are still tweaking their bike fit. For other riders, bike fit is a never-ending process of adjustment that is according to your goals and other individual factors. However, there are basic rules that apply to all riders to ride comfortably in bikes and avoid injury.

Determine the optimum saddle height by placing the heel on the pedal of xds bicycles at a furthest away point. Make sure that your legs are straight so when you clip in, there will be a slight bend. You will also want a slight bend on your elbows. You will know when then reach is right whenever the front wheel of the hub disappears under the handlebars whenever you ride on the tops.

Change position while riding

From time to time, move your hands around the bars. Move your rear end around the saddle. This will keep your arms, hands, and rear from getting numb because of the prolonged time in one position only.

Know the rules

Finally, ride with traffic and obey all the road signs. Closely watch the cards ahead of you so you can anticipate what they will do next.