How to Drive Safely in Snow and Ice?

Winter presents more challenge to the car drivers as handling the car becomes trickier. In winter roads become wet and slippery. Accident rate becomes higher than usual. As a driver, you must be more caution in winter.

Most of the new driver faces some horrible incident like stuck in the snow. Winter becomes a nightmare for many drivers. The view decreases, there are fog and mist everywhere. Roads get slippery due to snow and rain. And to add more danger on the road, there is black ice on the road which is very difficult to detect at low light or night.

To have a safe drive in winter, you need to prepare both your car and yourself. You need to winter-proof your car or motorcycle.

How to Prepare Your Car to Fight Snow and Ice in Winter

First, you need to put a car tire chain. It will give you a better grip on the road. Put new wiper blades if possible. There are some wipers blades that are made especially for winter season. You should put one of them. Always have washer fluid in washer fluid reservoir.

In summer you can use water for windshield cleaning but in winter you must use windshield fluid. Water may turn into ice on the windshield. On the other hand, the washer fluid had ethanol in it and it does not turn into ice.

Check your car’s tire air pressure properly. Make sure that there is no problem with the tires. Check the fog lights and emergency lights.

Use anti-freeze coolant. It will make sure that fluid in radiator does not get frozen.

How to Drive Safely in Snow and Ice

It is not possible to stay home even it is snowing badly. Hence, follow few rules and stay safe.

Drive Smoothly

Do not accelerate or break all of a sudden. Drive smoothly so that you have enough time to get your car out of any danger. Make sure that your car does not slide on the road. Put a sandbag in your car it will help you put some extra weight in the car. It will give some more control over the car.

Keep Safe Distance

In winter, break fail is a common matter. This can happen to any car in winter. So, better to keep a distance from the forward car and it will help you to avoid an accident.

Do Not Stop If You Can Avoid

Your car can slide any time. If you feel that your break is not working properly try to avoid the break and do not try to force stop your car. Take control of the wheel and try to avoid hitting other cars and brake slowly.

Keep Your Car Under Your Control

Do not lose the control over your car. While sliding lot of drive panic and lose control over the car. But if the driver does not panic and then he or she can avoid the accident and get back the control over car quickly.

Be Aware of the Black Ice

In winter black ice is a nightmare for every driver. You cannot see this ice as this is very thin. Actually, it is crystal ice; it does not have any color. So you cannot detect. It makes the road more slippery. It becomes hard to break and most of the time car speed increase as it becomes slippery.

Keep Some Emergency Tools

Put an ice pick in the car. It will help you clean the ice from the car body. Have extra warm cloth and blanket. Have some dry foods. This will come in handy if you get stuck in a snowstorm. Have an off-road light in the car and a whistle. Keep a portable stove and mobile charger. You must keep a toolbox with the necessary equipment to repair small malfunction of your car.

Always check the weather forecast online and make your plan of driving according to it. Always remember your safety is in your own hand.

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