How to Detail Your Car Interior Like a Pro

Taking good care of your car is essential. You not only need to take care of the car engine but also need to take care of the car’s body and interior. An American drives his or her car for at least 91 min per day.

So, you should keep your car interior net and clean. Taking care of your car not only makes it a good place to be but also makes sure that you get a good to resell price.

You can change every part of a car but you can’t change the body of the car. On the other, you can some parts of the interior of the car but you cannot change it completely.

So, keep them in a good condition is totally worth it.

We can go to the cheap car wash and clean your car every now and then, but this kind of cheap wash is not good for the car body.

They can do some damages to the car. And interior cleaning is a bit of hard work but nothing impossible to do.

If you take your car to a professional car washing shop for interior cleaning they can charge you up to $500.

Cleaning the outside of the car is easy. All you need is a washing shampoo, a hosepipe to spray water, and a microfiber towel.

But you cannot say the same for the interior. You need some tools to clean the interior.

Here are the tools you need to clean your car interior.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Essential oil
  • Brash
  • Washing element (Different kind of washing product like detergent, polish)
  • Spray bottle

Now, Let’s Start Cleaning the Interior Like a Pro

Start with Vacuuming the Dirt

You need a vacuum cleaner for this job. You do not need the bigger one. Working with a bigger vacuum cleaner inside the car is not ideal.

To use the vacuum cleaner in a small place you need to have a smaller one.

To avoid any misunderstanding about the size of the vacuum cleaner, I have recommended a product here for you.

There are some vacuum cleaners in the market which are made for this kind of usage. Get one of these if you do not have one. Read our review of vacuum cleaner for auto detailing.

First, start with cleaning the car seat. We seat on them and it contains most of the dirt. You must clean it properly.

There are narrow gaps beside the car seats and I can guarantee you that you will find a lot of dirt there. But the problem is this narrow space can’t be cleaned without a vacuum cleaner.

Now collect the dirt from the dashboard and door pads. At last, you should start cleaning the floor. You can take out the floor mat and clean it outside of the car.

After doing this you can find that there is dirt under the floor mat. You clean them with a brush and a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning the dirt properly you should start the next round of cleaning.

Start Washing and Polishing Your Car Interior

After collecting your car dirt now it is time for washing the interior. There are different parts of the car’s interior that need different kinds of cleaning.

There is an air conditioner’s vent. They are very small in size. So, you need to wash it carefully.

cleaning dashboardThere are dashboard cleaners in the market, use them on the dashboard. After you spray the dashboard cleaner, you need a brash to give proper wash.

You can clean the dash to your heart content. Use the dashboard cleaner and your dash will look like new.

Now move forward to car seats. This is the hardest part to clean. There is much dirt and as we seat on them and that can make us feel very uncomfortable.

You can remove the seat cover and clean the outside of the car.

But, not all the car gives the chance to remove the seat covers form the seats. If you cannot remove the seat covers then you can wash them inside the car.

Spray the washer fluid on the car seat and then use the vacuum cleaner to collect the dirt. It is the easiest way to do this. Take some polish and put them on seats and dashboard.

Now massage the dashboard and car seats until it shines like new. Clean car floors as well with the washing fluid.


As you can see this is a bit of hard work but there are lots of benefits of this. You do not need to clean the interior daily.

Normally, you can clean your car interior every 2-3 months.

As car expert says that it’s mandatory to clean your car interior 6-7 times a year. Hence, you can do it on the weekends.

On the other hand, if you clean the interior 6-7 times in a year by professionals then you will spend almost $3000-$3500.

But, you can save all this money if you just spend one weekend cleaning every 2-3 months.