7 Reasons You Should Have a Dash Cam Installed Today!

Installing a dash broad camera or dash cam has become very popular nowadays. It became popular because of the advantages it gives in numerous situations. Still, there are some confusions and questions among the car owners.

As some people are still hesitating to install dash cam in their cars I have come here with seven big reasons why you should install a dash cam in your car and the benefit it will give you in long run.

Reason 1: Keep Record of Your Accidents

The dash camera normally makes a record of your driving in both audio and video. Many times the insurance company declines the statement of the driver. Drivers also give a different statement or partially wrong statement about the incident and that makes it hard for both parties to find a common ground of trust. But, only if you have proof that you are calming the right things then it will be easier for you to claim the insurance benefits.

Especially, if you drive a commercial truck, you must have a dash cam. Make sure you choose the best dash cam for truckers which can record in a wide angle view. Note to be taken if you are in an accident then you have to prove that you’re the victim and the accident is not your fault to claim higher auto insurance.

Reason 2: You Can Prevent Insurance Fraud

A false claim in auto insurance is the most common scenario after accidents. This kind of claims not only costs the insurance company but also costs the honest car drivers. These fake insurance claiming people also ask for compensation for their loses and also the medical bills.

On the other hand, the innocent party or drivers do not have the evidence to prove his innocence. But if you have a dashboard camera then you will have evidence of the accident and can claim that you are the victim. These people are criminals. Beware of these scammers and install a dashboard cam today to save yourself from all these problems.

Watch this video (You will laugh for sure):

Reason 3:  Get Out of a Ticket

It is a common matter fact that you will get a ticket for a traffic violation that you did not commit. If any law enforcement officer stops you for these types of the incident then show him or her cam video before they give you the ticket. And even after they gave you the ticket then go to the court with video and prove your innocence.

If you get more than a certain number ticket in a year than your insurance premium will increase. Dash cam can be a good way to get away from the traffic tickets.

Reason 4: Watch Over Your Teenage Child’s Driving

We parents remain always anxious about our teenage children driving. This is an age where people make stupid choices and that can rush driving or engage in a road race. We cannot follow our children all day long but if we put a dash cam on their car we can surely observe how they are driving on the road. Well, I am sure that most of you guys never thought you using the dash camera as a parenting tool.

Reason 5: Can Record Undisciplined Driver and Report Them

Half of the road accidents happen because of undisciplined driving. Thought most of the traffic signals and roads are now days protected by CC cameras, but that is not enough to find these bad drivers. Road rage is also a common matter of fact.

Many times road rage turns into a violent matter. So you must have something that proves that you are the victim here. Also reporting bad drivers to the law enforcement can make our street safer.

Reason 6: You Can Record the Whole Road Trip

Sometimes we give memorable road trips. But it is not possible for us to take video or picture while driving. Dashboard camera can be a great source of capturing the road trip video. You will see a lot of good video on YouTube of a road trip. You can take 1080 Full HD video by using these dash cams.

Reason 7: Prevent Parking Accident

Parking a car in reverse is always challenging to both experienced and inexperienced drivers. Many times we stuck in the worst possible parking spot. We need help from someone else to park the car without making a coalition with another parked car. But it is hard to find some at the parking space every time you need help. A dash can save you from all these problems. It will help you to park the car properly.


If you still think that is not enough to convince you to buy the dash broad camera then just find out the average price of the dash cam. You can get a very good quality dash cam under $100. Just think how much advantage you can get from a $100 dollar product. It can save you a lot of money.

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