How to Clean Your Car Windows and Keep Them Clean Forever

Washing the car windows is a real challenge for many vehicle users, especially when there are white marks and stains that remain after washing.

If you want to clean any glass surface on your car quickly and easily there are some super tricks you can use to make your car shine. You should always clean your car window perfectly for the best visibility.

There is no formula for the best technique of washing car windows but each of us does it in their own way.  And while some do it using the old – fashioned way – with the help of paper, others rely on the modern microfiber cloths or practical rubber wipers.

While the technique of washing glass surfaces and mirrors are all more or less equally effective, there is a common problem that occurs in each case which are the ugly stains that remain which are difficult to get rid of.

But the problem does not lie in the technology but in cleaning mistakes that we do during the cleaning process.

Tips On Cleaning Your Car Windows

Distilled Instead of Plain Water

Water in the cities can contain large amounts of minerals which are responsible for the white traces that remain on glass surfaces after cleaning. This is why using distilled water for the cleaning process is always a better choice.

clean car window with distilled waterBefore you begin to use a tool to wash the car windows, wipe the surface with a sponge dampened with distilled water. This will make the cleaning process much easier and there will be no spots on the windows.

When washing car windows, it is important to use a clean cotton cloth for drying. The biggest mistake is wiping the car windows with paper towels or cloths made of bad materials because they will create a smudge on the glass surface.

Use Vinegar

use vinegar instead of cleaning agentsWhite vinegar is a perfect addition to salads, but you probably didn’t know that it is great for cleaning glass surfaces. White vinegar can clean all types of stains and make the car windows shiny.

So, instead of buying expensive cleaning products, you can make your own at home using two simple ingredients that you already have: Water and vinegar.

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water in a ratio of 50:50. Spray the windows with the mixture and wipe them with a soft cotton cloth, and if they are very dirty, repeat the procedure again.

Use Magic Cloth

While the newspaper was once the definitive number one, now you can do the job much easier with the help of the so-called magic cloth. It is a multi-purpose cloth made of micro-fibers that absorb moisture.

use magic cloth for window cleaningThese cloths can also be used to polish the washed window. Once you dry the window with a dry cloth make sure you wipe them thoroughly one more time. It will remove even the smallest traces of water stains.

Now, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid while cleaning car windows:

Washing windows at the wrong time of day. Many people think that washing the windows during the day is the best time to do that, but they are making a mistake. The biggest mistake that we all make is when we are trying to wash the windows during the day, especially when the sun is shining.

The sun quickly heats the glass surface, which means that any product that is applied to the glass will instantly dry, and you will not be able to remove it from the glass. The cleaning product will remain on the glass as white spots.

Tip: Wash the windows in the morning or late in the evening.

Avoid Using Any Wrong Technique

As we all know, wiping the window is the final washing phase and the most complicated one, since that is the phase when boring stains appear on the glass surface. The biggest mistake we make is wiped the glass in a circular motion.

This technique is effective only when wiping the whole car while, but it doesn’t apply when wiping the glass surfaces on the car. Why is this technique not recommended? Simply because while using circular movements, you can collect dust and dirt on the cloth and then create spots and stains that are hard to remove.

Tip: The best move is the S-shaped, which can always provide you excellent results and keep the windows perfectly clean and shiny. Do not make the same mistake that many people do.

Wrap Up

Using the right type of products and tools is the ultimate solution to having clean car windows. It is not the technique, it is the tools and cleaners.

But, if you still find this a challenging task to complete, make sure you take your car to professionals to do the job for you. Having clean car windows is extremely important. Take good care of your vehicle.