Auto Enthusiasts’ Guide to Carbon Fiber Car Parts [Infographic]

Carbon fiber is a popular material for car part modification to reduce the car’s overall weight and improve performance, especially its speed.

Many DIY car enthusiasts can install a carbon fiber part using a fiber kit, which includes all basic materials to repair, reinforce, or skin a car part.

Carbon fiber is also an attractive option to improve a car’s aesthetic appeal and style points. In addition, carbon fiber is durable due in part to its fiber and resin combination.

Although prices may need to further drop for its wider adoption, the carbon fiber market, especially in automobiles, show potential growth in 2021 with an expected 10.4% compound annual growth rate.

For regular care of carbon fiber, washing, and drying with high-end products and techniques will lessen the chance of wash-induced imperfections.

Carbon fiber can also be waxed and polished the same way as any other regular paint job, which will make it look attractive for a longer duration.

To know more about carbon fiber car parts and some interesting facts and figures on this contemporary material, check out the infographic below.

Auto Enthusiast Guide to Carbon Fiber Infographic