8 Car Upgrades That Are More Common Than You Know

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  • Post last modified:May 20, 2021

Car owners make myriad modifications to their rides. While some are purely aesthetic, others are performance upgrades to improve the ride quality.

Yet, there are a few that are just fun to add, such as a strobe light in the cabin.

In this article, we have listed the 7 most popular car upgrades that nearly all consider having made to their cars. Or at least, would want to have.


One of the most popular and also the cheapest car modifications is brake upgrades. Though stock brakes are well to do when you’re a daily street commuter, they might not be good for faster driveways.

According to a daily publication, nearly one in every three car owners upgraded their brakes in the year 2019. Well, who’d have thought that brake upgrades could really be a thing among car enthusiasts?

Suspension Upgrades

Another common upgrade that most car owners like to get is suspension mods. Well, depending upon the kind of riding style and comfort you want, there are different suspensions to choose from.

For instance, if you wish for a high-rise ride, you can choose a long suspension. Likewise, if you wish for a stiffer but lower ride, you can go for hard suspensions.

It is worth mentioning that the most popular suspension mods amongst all are the air suspensions. You should read about it more if it interests you.

Turbos And Superchargers

When you think of performance cars, “The Fast & Furious” series should cross your mind, be it for a blink. And Torreto has influenced a vast population for his muscle car collection.

Well, if you can relate, it shouldn’t come up as a surprise to you – turbos and superchargers are also one of the most sought-after car upgrades.

They help push unburnt fuel back into the combustion chamber, along with a lot of fresh oxygen. In turn, this helps boost power and performance, while also saving on fuels.

Tires And Wheels

The most common of all is the tire and wheel upgrade. Well, unlike other upgrades, this one can be both- functional as well as aesthetic.

You can choose Rotiform wheels from Urotuning for a fresh custom look to your ride. And add high-traction tires to it for improved maneuverability.

According to the reports, every car owner chooses to upgrade their tires or wheels, or both, at least once throughout their ownership.

Paint Jobs

Contrary to the common belief, paint jobs are not illegal. Of course, unless you’re trying to impersonate a police car or an emergency vehicle.

And, notably, almost every car owner gets a paint job, or at least minor decal detailing to their rides.

While this one is purely an aesthetic upgrade, some manufacturers are trying to improve the paint or decal quality to help with the performance of the ride.


Another common upgrade that almost every car owner tries to get is the lights. From strobe lights to aggressive bumblebee designs, car owners are crazy after light mods.

Not to mention, lights are also one of the cheapest car upgrades to get. Besides, the right light can even improve visibility during hazy or dark conditions.


Last but not least is the exhaust upgrade. Depending upon the state you live in, there can be restrictions on the type of exhausts you can choose from.

But, in general, there are only limitations to the decibel value of the noise that an exhaust produces. Most car enthusiasts seek exhaust upgrades with performance improvement in focus.

While catalytic upgrades might be illegal in some states, generally, the exhaust upgrades are only meant for improving the exhaust note. Or better said the sound that the ride produces from its exhaust.

Window Tints

Well, who likes the bright sun shining right in the eyes when driving a car on a speedway?

Of course, nobody does. And this is why almost every car owner chooses to get a window tint.

Available in a variety of shades and darkness, car owners find it immensely appealing to tint their windows.

Besides, window tints also offer protection against the sun by keeping heat from entering the cabin. But, the heat resistance depends on the SPF value of the tint.

So, which upgrade would you choose? Would you go for these usual car mods or choose something extra-ordinary?

Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s all about improving your ride experience, be it aesthetically or performance-wise.

Indeed you can go a step further and add upgrades that would make your ride futuristic despite being your grandfather’s heirloom to you.

Let us know your choice down below in the comments section.

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