5 Car Enhancements That Improve Fuel Efficiency

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  • Post last modified:September 11, 2021

With gas prices fluctuating, car owners like yourself will need to find ways to save money on gas costs.

Controlling your fuel consumption habits is not enough. You will also need to modify your vehicle in such a way that it reduces the gas it uses up during a commute.

By using the right improvements, you can effectively maximize your gas mileage and reduce your refueling.

5 Enhancements to Improve Fuel Economy

#1. Reduce the Weight

remove extra loads

An important factor that influences fuel consumption is weight. The heavier your car gets, the more fuel is required to push it forward.

The first thing you will need to do is to remove heavy parts or replace them with lighter ones. If your car has a steel front bumper, you would be better off with an aluminum one that’s just as durable and rust-proof.

You can also replace the rims, body, windows, and electronics with options that are scaled-down or made with lighter materials.

#2. Decrease Aerodynamic Drag

When you are speeding down the highway, wind resistance will put your engine to work. As a result, your vehicle consumes more fuel as it fights against drag.

Installing an aerodynamic body and other features is the best way to resolve this issue. Consider purchasing a new spoiler that’s made from lightweight carbon fiber or installing a front air dam.

You can also invest in narrower tires and remove the roof rack if you won’t be using it for a long time.

#3. Keep Track of The Mileage

keep track of mileage

It helps to monitor your fuel usage in real-time. There are devices that can help you determine if you are using too much gas.

If you notice that you are using too much fuel and the amount of money your driving habits will cost you, you might as well drive at consistent speeds.

#4. Switch to Organic Fuels

organic fuel

Fossil fuels won’t be around for too long, so you’d be better off opting for sustainable and more cost-effective alternatives.

Apart from solar energy, organic fuels such as waste vegetable oil, hydrogen, and ethanol are also widely available.

You just need to make sure to swap your engine for the type of organic fuel you chose. It may cost a lot of money but think about the savings you can earn in the long term.

#5. Get Quality Grounding Cables

quality ground cable

All electronics in your car are connected to the throttle via cables. When these cables wear out, your gadgets will require more electricity to keep running.

This affects throttle performance and increases fuel consumption. One way you can resolve this is by installing grounding cables, which won’t take too much money to purchase.

Plus, you won’t need a mechanic to install them for you since you can do it by yourself.


Gas costs can seriously eat into your budget, so keeping these enhancements in mind should help you maximize fuel efficiency and save you money.

Just be sure to get help from a professional if you are not sure how to handle each one.