7 Mistakes People Make When Detailing Their Cars

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  • Post last modified:September 11, 2021

We all try to keep our car nit and clean. Most car-loving people try to clean their car every weekend or once in every 3 or 4 weeks.

Keeping your car clean is important as we spend quite a bit of time driving or behind the wheels. So you must keep our car both clean both outside and inside.

There are lots of people who do car detailing all by themselves. But most of them do it in the wrong way.  Yeah, it can hit you hard but none the less it’s true.

They work hard on cleaning the car but do not get the same result as professional cleaners. But only if they knew what they are doing wrong they might have done it in a proper way.

I will discuss 7 mistakes people do with car detailing here.

7 Mistakes People with Car Detailing

Using the Wrong Tools

This is the most common problem of all. We all know that is the right tool for the right job. Car washing or clearing is not different from that, you need the right tools for the right job.

I have seen people washing the wheel of the car with a sponge or washing mat, but what they really need is a brush to clean the dash from the wheel. I also see people use the napkin to clean the dirt inside the car.

But there is a lot of narrow place in the car where you can not use the hand to clean the dirt. If you have a vacuum cleaner you can clean those narrow spaces very quickly.

Cleaning Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Well, truth to be told I have done the same mistake when I was a young car owner. You may think what harm can it do.

First of all, you will find it very hard to spot the dirty streaks. And the heat will cause the water you are using to remove the dirt from the car to evaporate before you clean it properly and therefore leaving nasty dirt spots all over the car. So wash your car in a place where you have shade.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Agent

This one is my favorite. I have seen people cleaning the car with dishwashing powder while you can buy car washing agents at a very cheap rate.

And if you buy one gallon of car washing fluid it is well enough for the next 3 to 6 months depending on your use of it. If you use detergent from clothes or dish cleaner to wash your car, the paint of the car will fade in a short time. Use the right chemical compound to wash your car.

Not Giving the Chemicals Enough Time to Work

You cannot think that just after you put the chemical on the body of the car it will start to work. You must give the chemical compound some time to work.

This waiting period is called the dwell time. These are for that chemical that needs time for reaction. And most of the car cleaning agent needs that. Read the direction on the product’s manual properly to know the time needed before you clean the car cleaning compound.

Not Cleaning from Top to Bottom

This is not rocket science that dirty water will travel to the bottom, but most people do this mistake as they clean the door and windshield first as it is hard to each top of the car.

If you leave the roof for the last one to finish, no matter how hard you clean the car, all that dirt from the roof is going to trickle down all over the car and ruin your hard work.

Clean your car tire at the last. So start from the roof and finish at the tire. Some people forget about the tire. So keep that in mind that you need to clean the car tire also.

Use a Clean Towel

To me, this is the funniest one. I have seen a lot of times that people drop the towel on the ground while cleaning the car. And the funniest thing is that they use it again to polish the car.

Actually what they are doing is rubbing the dirt all over the car aging. You have to make sure that the clothes or towel you are using to clean the car must be nit and clean.

Do Not Use Too Much Wax

Most people love the shining object. And if our car looks new it will make us all happy. To give us this joy the wax is introduced to us and we use it to make the car look more classy and shiny.

But when we use it too much it will not help at all. Using extra wax will not shine your car like a diamond. And if you use too much wax then next time when you try to clean the car it will be harder as wax observed the dirt 100 times than the normal car body. So, stop using too much wax and try to be within the limit.