Cabin Clean – How To Give Your Car A DIY Valet?

When thinking about auto detail it is easy to get fixed on the exterior of the car. But seeing how we spend most of our time in the driver’s seat it makes sense to focus some energy on the interior.

Known in auto detailing as the cabin, the interior of the car can see a lot of use. Holding the safety and comfort of the automobiles passengers as well as the operational tools with which to control the vehicle, the cabin can require a lot of maintenance.

But Where to Start?

Firstly, if you are seeking to valet your car at home you will need to gather some basic supplies. Items will include polishing clothes, brushes, stain removal chemicals, and a vacuum.

Before you start cleaning, however, it is important to ensure that the car is parked with the engine off and the keys removed from the ignition. Whilst it might be nice listening to the radio as your scrub the upholstery, it is better to be safe than sorry when bending over the gear stick!

Start by removing all loose debris from the car seats and foot wells. This may come in many forms, such as crumbs from dropped food and stones from shoes, but by removing the worse of it, your clean will go a lot faster. Also take this time to empty the car of unnecessary personal items, such as CD’s or sunglasses. Store all items in the correct compartments, so they are safely lodges when the car is operational.

Next wipe down the dash and door trims with a clean cloth, using warm water and a gentle soap if required to remove stubborn build up. Then use a clean paint brush to clean the inside of the vents and around the controls. Finish off by buffing the surface with a very small amount of polish to produce a dust resistant shine on the plastic, those this is not recommended on all surfaces.

Use a microfiber cloth and a glass solution with no added ammonia for the windows to ensure a safe and streak-free finish. This is also a good time to check that your window sponge is clean if you carry one in the glove box.

When hovering the car, you will want to start at the top first and work your way down, paying particular attention to the seams on seats and under the mats. A toothbrush can be used along seams to remove stubborn dirt or to apply stain remover. If you have leather seats you may wish to wipe these down or treat with leather soap after vacuuming. For fabric seats, a stain remover may be required for marks on the upholstery and a lint roller can be highly useful for removing stray pet hairs.

Final Words

And finally, add the classic final touch to your interior with a new air fresher. Not only can this make your car smell pine fresh but can add to the internal aesthetics and personality of your motor.

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