The brake system is fundamental for the safety of the driver and other occupants since it has the function of minimizing the incidence of failures. To ensure its correct operation, check out some tips and care with the brake system.

Importance of brake system care

The care of the braking system reduces the risk of accidents and maintenance should include tablets, pads, hoses, discs, and drums.

To extend the life of this system, check out the material we have prepared.

Types of automotive brakes

Drum brake

The drum brake consists of a drum, made of cast iron and works with oil pressure, where there are two shoes with tarpaulins attached to them.

Disc brake

It is most commonly used for its efficiency and durability. It can be ventilated or solid is found on the front wheels.

Parking brake

Mechanical brake with a system of levers and steel cables lock the rear wheels by means of the drum brake.

Anti-lock brake system

It does not let the wheels brake, controlling the fluid pressure and allowing more efficient braking. It has a system to reduce the occurrence of skidding.

Brake System Tips and Warnings

Avoid sudden braking

Abrupt brakes increase the chance of disc warp and cause the brakes to wear out more quickly. So the trick is to keep your attention on traffic and the direction to brake more subtly.

Learn to use the engine brake

When on slopes, keep the vehicle in gear. This practice limits the acceleration of the vehicle, eases the brakes and also reduces the consumption of gasoline.

Properly take care of brake fluid

The brake fluid is synthetic oil that circulates through the system piping and transmits the pressure that drives the pads against the drums and discs within the operation of the brake system.

This oil must be checked weekly and, depending on the vehicle’s model, it is recommended that the total replacement be made annually or every 10,000km shot.

Attention to tablets and discs

One of the cares taken with the brake system must be during strong braking and with steep descents. If a light comes on or the parking brake light on the panel flashes, it is a sign that the brake pads are worn out, near the end, or there is a leakage of the brake fluid.

If it is necessary to change the inserts, the recommendation is to check if it is also necessary to replace the discs.

Brake Hoses

Every wheel normally has a rubber hose to handle the wheel and suspension movement. In the end, dirt and dust will wear away the hoses and ultimately they start creating problems. If you have damaged hoses, you can order themĀ on that website

Watch for car signals

Watch for signs that there are brake problems in your vehicle. Some symptoms that may indicate failures are:

  • Need to add brake fluid constantly in short time
  • Lack of power in the brakes
  • Lights on the dashboard

Furthermore, service in specialized workshops and follow the time frame indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.