Bad Spark Plug Symptoms

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  • Post last modified:August 4, 2021

Spark plug is a crucial part of the car. Without it, there is no way you can start the engine. But most of the time when an engine problem arises we forget to check the spark plugs. As most of us have a very little knowledge about bad spark plug symptoms, we cannot notice that the problem is in the spark plugs or someplace else. Normally a spark plug runs up to 100000 miles. It can warn out before that time period. It mainly depends how you take care of the car. There will be 4 to 8 spark plugs in your car depending on the cars models.

Now let me come to the point. We all need to know about the symptoms that indicate the spark plug is worn out and need changes.  So now dig in.

A problem to start the engine

Most of the time when the engine does not start we guess that we have some problem in battery or run out of gas. But the truth is it can be the spark plug also. Spark plug gives the fire which is needed to start the engine. If the spark plug cannot produce enough sparks then the engine will not start or it will start late.

Bad fuel economy

Well, the cause of bad fuel economy or low mileage can be a lot of different things. Even the tire air pressure is one of the reasons bad fuel economy. The bad spark plug is one of them. If your car’s spark plug becomes bad then it can increase 30 percent of fuel consumption. When the sparks plug work properly, it helps to burn the fuel efficiently. And that’s how a properly working spark plug gives you better mileage. Another note here irregular sparks in the plug causes the main problem in this matter. It means that the spark is either too early or late. So if your car’s mileage drops too much then the spark plug can be the reason for it. It is also the sign that indicates you need to change the spark plug.

Engine misfires

Car’s engine misfires mostly because of problems in ignition chamber. But this can also happen because of sensor malfunction. This the main reason for misfires in most of the modern cars. But this can also happen because of the spark plug. As I said before as the spark plug can make an irregular spark, this can also make engine misfire. This also indicates that there is something wrong with the spark plug.

Engine surging up

This happens when engine sucks more air in the combustion chamber than usual. This also makes the car jerk more. Sometimes it constantly stops and starts the engine. This happens because car engine is not working properly. Spark plug is also responsible for this. This can lead you to a dangerous situation. If you have this problem changes the spark as soon as possible.

Slow acceleration

Slow acceleration is mainly caused by the problem in the ignition chamber. Most of the modern cars have the electrical sensor in them. These sensors send the signal to the spark plug to light the spark. But if there are any problems in the sensors then the spark plug will not spark at the right time. But that is not only the case. Some time your spark plug can be the main culprit in this.

A spark plug is made of composting material that works with the whole system to make a hot spark in the ignition chamber to instigate the air-fuel mixer. If that does not happen or there is an irregular spark then the car will not get enough power from the engine.  Hence there will be slow acceleration. If your car starts to accelerate

The engine gets rough idling

Normally car will start and off smoothly. But sometimes car stop or start with a lot of jerking and the engine will make a rough sound. And vibration of the car will increase. If you observe this kind of problem in your car you must check your spark plug 1st.  If you do not check it out quickly, this problem can lead your car to costly damage.

Hope you guys find my article helpful. Keep your car well maintain and diagnose your car in every 4 or 5 month. By doing this you can find if there is something wrong with your car. Feel free to comment and ask me any related question to this topic.